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20201IT9CGR2018IT9SO HP ALL1,06419191.7 
20202DF5AU2000DLSO HP ALL1,0642019  
20203UA3IDT1980UA-3SO HP ALL1,0582423  
20204SB3W2015SMSO HP ALL1,05625241.4SM3RAB 
20205EA4ETW2008EASO HP ALL (T)1,05624242.6 
20206K4XO1982W4SO HP ALL1,0541917  
20207K6DGW2013W6SO HP ALL1,05026250.8 
20208JA2QVP1998JA2SO HP ALL1,0441818  
20209DJ5IW2018DLSO HP ALL1,04020200.7 
20210VU2TO2018VUSO HP ALL1,04030202.7 
20211EA7HGX2016EASO HP ALL1,04027264.9 
20212LZ2PL2009LZSO HP ALL1,04020201.1 
20213JH4WVQ1978JA4SO HP ALL1,0372117  
20214EA5BK1988EASO HP ALL1,0352723  
20215UA6AKT1982UA-6SO HP ALL1,0352523  
20216Y32WN1988DMSO HP ALL1,0343022  
20217Y51TG1982DMSO HP ALL1,0342422  
20218OK1AMB1980OKOMSO HP ALL1,0342322  
20219F1PNJ2018FSO HP ALL1,03226241.2 
20220NQ7V2003W7SO HP ALL1,03218936.0  
20221Y20JHW1986DMSO HP ALL1,0292521  
20222JG3LGD2016JA3SO HP ALL1,02619181.0 
20223ZB2CJ1975ZBSO HP ALL1,0262118  
20224K0JJL/72014W7SO HP ALL (T)1,02526253.7 
20225EA2ADJ2006EASO HP ALL1,02526253.2  
20226Y73XH1985DMSO HP ALL1,0252525  
20227Y51TG1988DMSO HP ALL1,0202320  
20228PP5DT1982PYSO HP ALL1,0202020  
20229F3NG1988FSO HP ALL1,0122323  
20230Y34OL1988DMSO HP ALL1,0122423  
20231SA0BMV2017SMSO HP ALL1,00828282.1 
20232AA3VA2003W3SO HP ALL1,00822181.9  
20233JA1POS1991JA1SO HP ALL1,0082121  
20234AA1M1989W1SO HP ALL1,0082424  
20235PY2VJ1977PYSO HP ALL1,0072219  
20236BG4GGS2011BYSO HP ALL99023223.2 
20237Y23FK1984DMSO HP ALL9902018  
20238KA6UOB1983W6SO HP ALL9902827  
20239UA9AED1976RA9SO HP ALL9901915  
20240EA1BZI1985EASO HP ALL9882019  
20241DM3CTF1977DMSO HP ALL9882019  
20242Y55LA1987DMSO HP ALL9802120  
20243FG8OJ2015FGSO HP ALL97616161.6 
20244UA0CW2000RA0SO HP ALL9761916  
20245KJ6UVQ2018W6SO HP ALL97229271.2 
20246AA3VA/42001W4SO HP ALL97219181.3  
20247K1FDP2014W1SO HP ALL96919191.2 
20248W8MET2011W8SO HP ALL96917171.4 
20249RK6CM2003UA-6SO HP ALL96919191.9  
20250UB5AAF1981URSO HP ALL9691919  
20251OK30BBJ1975OKOMSO HP ALL9662723  
20252OH1EB1979OHSO HP ALL9622826  
20253JA8AZN2014JA8SO HP ALL96016162.6 
20254SP9AUV2012SPSO HP ALL96024244.1 
20255SN9D2011SPSO HP ALL96021202.3SP9FOW
20256JJ2SHW1987JA2SO HP ALL9602016  
20257UB5ABY1982URSO HP ALL9602320  
20258SM5FBL1978SMSO HP ALL9602120  
20259TY5MR2006TYSO HP ALL95220171.6IK1PMR 
20260W9RZW1990W9SO HP ALL9524834  
20261JH6GHZ1979JA6SO HP ALL9522017  
20262OK2TH1984OKOMSO HP ALL9493323  
20263W8CAR1981W8SO HP ALL9452121  
20264K9IAP1978W9SO HP ALL9452221  
20265JI1NIK2017JA1SO HP ALL94025202.7 
20266JO1SIM2011JA1SO HP ALL93620181.3 
20267N8RLG2011W8SO HP ALL93621181.1 
20268OZ1FAO/a1986OZSO HP ALL9362626  
20269JE7FMW1982JA7SO HP ALL9362018  
20270SM5DQC1980SMSO HP ALL9361818  
20271DK9IP2007DLSO HP ALL93517174.1  
20272N0GVT1988W0SO HP ALL9283532  
20273JR6HNE1978JA6SO HP ALL9282216  
20274PA2A2012PASO HP ALL92525251.1 
20275TF3SG2008TFSO HP ALL92525256.1 
20276YO5KAP1985YOSO HP ALL9242922YO5AAA 
20277OY9R1984OYSO HP ALL9242422  
20278UA3VEF1984UA-3SO HP ALL9242222  
20279JA4FJL2015JA4SO HP ALL92020203.0  
20280WD8RWI2015W8SO HP ALL92022231.4 
20281W7JAM2008W7SO HP ALL92023232.9 
20282KB2FMH2018W2SO HP ALL918282722.6  
20283RN3FS2015UA-3SO HP ALL91819181.9 
20284DK6EA2012DLSO HP ALL91819182.7 
20285SP9DEM2018SPSO HP ALL91217161.9  
20286JA1JPM2014JA1SO HP ALL (T)91220195.2 
20287JR2PAU2014JA2SO HP ALL91217162.1 
20288W3FTG1990W3SO HP ALL9121716  
20289FG1PP2008FGSO HP ALL91017131.9 
20290LA5TBA1983LASO HP ALL9022422  
20291YO2MPG2015YOSO HP ALL90019201.8 
20292JA1FBH2004JA1SO HP ALL900201827.4  
20293JG3WCZ1999JA3SO HP ALL9001715  
20294W6BYH1983W6SO HP ALL9001715  
20295JH4DVV1976JA4SO HP ALL9001918  
20296OH9TD1977OHSO HP ALL8962828  
20297OH2NRG2008OHSO HP ALL89320192.3OH2LRE
20298EY7AF2004EYSO HP ALL89319190.8  
20299JA7ETU2017JA7SO HP ALL88221213.1 
20300LA9TY2010LASO HP ALL88218182.2 

Page 203 of 209

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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