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1901K9XB2016W9SO QRP ALL77919192.4  
1902M3ZJO2010GSO QRP ALL (R)75925234.1 
1903PA0FAW2004PASO QRP ALL (T)71325232.4  
1904DL1JB2009DLSO QRP ALL (T)70021203.0 
1905US1UU2018URSO QRP ALL68418181.0 
1906VU2GUR2012VUSO QRP ALL68418185.2 
1907UR5EDO1999URSO QRP ALL6801717  
1908IZ4BKK2014ISO QRP ALL66519191.9 
1909YB0ANN2016YBSO QRP ALL64620171.1 
1910OM3CUG2015OMSO QRP ALL63015144.9 
1911M6TTZ2018GSO QRP ALL (R)62417162.7 
1912EA3GYE2016EASO QRP ALL62416163.2 
1913HS2JFW2007HSSO QRP ALL (T)61617143.7  
1914YL8M2014YLSO QRP ALL61219180.6 
1915BD9ATY2015BYSO QRP ALL (T)60819163.9 
1916DL3JRA2000DLSO QRP ALL6002020  
1917DH0JAE2008DLSO QRP ALL58020204.1 
1918SP6PLH2017SPSO QRP ALL57620183.5 
1919UA1CAK2006UA-1SO QRP ALL57020153.3  
1920W1CEK2005W1SO QRP ALL57017151.0  
1921KA7PLE2008W7SO QRP ALL56023205.9 
1922OK1JOC2007OKSO QRP ALL540161525.8  
1923UA3TW2012UA-3SO QRP ALL53220190.9 
1924N8ET1994W8SO QRP ALL5041414  
1925M1K2016GSO QRP ALL50021201.1M1KTA
1926EA3GYE2012EASO QRP ALL49516154.3 
1927US2YW2000URSO QRP ALL4951515  
1928YO3BDP1988YOSO QRP ALL4952315  
1929UB5AAQ1982URSO QRP ALL4931917  
1930KD2FJQ2015W2SO QRP ALL (R)48113132.5 
1931VA3RKM2013VE3SO QRP ALL48113130.7 
1932UT4UFZ2014URSO QRP ALL (R)46818135.0 
1933AF4KL2006W4SO QRP ALL46416163.1  
1934UR5EAW2001URSO QRP ALL46213112.2  
1935W7PW2004W7SO QRP ALL44218171.9  
1936F5NYK1997FSO QRP ALL4351615  
1937SP4CUF2018SPSO QRP ALL42017143.0 
1938UN7FZ2005UNSO QRP ALL42014140.8UN7FZ 
1939UR2HB1985ESSO QRP ALL4201714  
1940DJ0MY2016DLSO QRP ALL40814121.1 
1941IW0GTA/52014ISO QRP ALL39618181.8  
1942M1KTA2013GSO QRP ALL39117171.2 
1943M1K2018GSO QRP ALL39015150.8M1KTA
1944W1MJ2016W1SO QRP ALL39015151.6 
1945UT4UYF2015URSO QRP ALL38412122.2 
1946DL1JB2006DLSO QRP ALL38417161.1  
1947G6CSY2014GSO QRP ALL (T)37417171.1 
1948K9GY2009W9SO QRP ALL36413131.3 
1949OE1SBA1979OESO QRP ALL3641414  
1950DL9NDV2007DLSO QRP ALL350141425.0  
1951LA5QC1980LASO QRP ALL3481816  
1952N1JEO2016W1SO QRP ALL33813132.3 
1953N6HI2018W7SO QRP ALL33618143.0 
1954F6BZG2012FSO QRP ALL33613121.1 
1955KG7WZ2013W7SO QRP ALL33015150.8 
1956OK1DMP2001OKSO QRP ALL3069925.3  
1957IV3SGJ2010ISO QRP ALL30012122.0 
19587K1CFN1994JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
1959JO1MCC1989JA1SO QRP ALL3001010  
19607L1AVS2014JA1SO QRP ALL29914131.8 
19614F9AM2016DUSO QRP ALL29713110.1 
1962SP3BES2016SPSO QRP ALL28813121.4 
1963N8QE2010W8SO QRP ALL (T)28014140.8 
1964RA7R2016UA-6SO QRP ALL25214140.9 
1965LZ3FN2007LZSO QRP ALL252121229.0LZ2ITU 
1966J37T2013J3SO QRP ALL25010101.2 
1967MM0BQI2009GMSO QRP ALL24211110.4 
1968Z33SS2018Z3SO QRP ALL24013121.9 
1969I3YYY2014ISO QRP ALL (T)23117114.3 
1970JH1HDE2017JA1SO QRP ALL2161092.6 
1971W7BAK2018W2SO QRP ALL (R)19213121.2  
1972KF6ZYD2017W6SO QRP ALL (T)18712111.9 
1973LA8OKA2013LASO QRP ALL (T)18012121.1 
1974AF4KL2008W4SO QRP ALL180990.9 
1975IW0HNL2014ISO QRP ALL17611111.6 
1976NO2D/02013W0SO QRP ALL17611110.8 
1977JK1TCV2007JA1SO QRP ALL171992.3  
1978K6MI2007W6SO QRP ALL1711497.0  
1979WB3LGC2016W3SO QRP ALL16512113.1  
1980SP9DEM2017SPSO QRP ALL16010100.6  
1981G4VPD2011GSO QRP ALL15612122.1 
1982K6MEC2014W6SO QRP ALL15411111.1  
1983M0NIA2014GSO QRP ALL1531090.9 
1984OH6GFI2003OHSO QRP ALL150101036.0  
1985IK3XTY2010ISO QRP ALL (T)1441090.4 
1986HB9TJW2005HBSO QRP ALL1449925.5  
1987UA3TT2003UA-3SO QRP ALL1448626.3  
1988Y30CTL1983DMSO QRP ALL1401010  
1989W5KWB2002W5SO QRP ALL1381210  
1990RW3VZ2006UA-3SO QRP ALL1359925.1  
1991SP5NOG1994SPSO QRP ALL12888  
1992EA3GYE2017EASO QRP ALL119772.0 
1993UR3QOD2016URSO QRP ALL115651.0  
1994UA0SBQ/P2017RA0SO QRP ALL90761.0 
1995PA0FAW2006PASO QRP ALL (T)901090.6  
1996LA8FHA2013LASO QRP ALL84771.7 
1997EA3DNC1984EASO QRP ALL8477  
1998JI7NHE1998JA7SO QRP ALL8065  
1999PA0TV1983PASO QRP ALL7555  
2000AC2RJ2017W2SO QRP ALL72883.8 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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