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1901ZY5XFR1982PYSO HP 80M2,4962624  
1902UC2RZ1975EUSO HP 80M2,4385623  
1903JA2DLM1999JA2SO HP 80M2,4363028  
1904UP2OQ1984LYSO HP 80M2,4003630  
1905AC8BI1976W8SO HP 80M2,3945663WB8IAY 
1906RA6CZ2007UA-6SO HP 80M2,387313124.9  
1907KL7DVE1975KLSO HP 80M2,3682916  
1908OZ6IC1979OZSO HP 80M2,3403930  
1909JA2AAQ1975JA2SO HP 80M2,3043018  
1910Y23DH1980DMSO HP 80M2,2604035  
1911UK5ECV1975URSO HP 80M2,2364326  
1912OK1MNV1984OKOMSO HP 80M2,2203830  
1913OK1ARH1976OKOMSO HP 80M2,2203730  
1914JH4UYB2001JA4SO HP 80M2,20022221.2  
1915YO2CBF1983YOSO HP 80M2,1783433  
1916KG9Z/82014W8SO HP 80M (T)2,16029273.8 
1917EA3ELM1988EASO HP 80M2,1123532  
1918Y48VH1988DMSO HP 80M2,1084231  
1919EA5CXL1986EASO HP 80M2,1003330  
1920YO6BTY1983YOSO HP 80M2,1004030  
1921OK2BBQ1983OKOMSO HP 80M2,0883729  
1922PY2TTV1981PYSO HP 80M2,0582221  
1923DM2FJM1979DMSO HP 80M2,0163328  
1924YO4ATW1977YOSO HP 80M2,0163628  
1925LA8CJ1975LASO HP 80M1,9503725  
1926KH6QJ2012KH6SO HP 80M (T)1,938191719.3 
1927NZ4B1983W4SO HP 80M1,9385651  
1928OK1MIZ1978OKOMSO HP 80M1,9143529  
1929YO2CBF1982YOSO HP 80M1,9115013  
1930YO6BTY1981YOSO HP 80M1,8903527  
1931AA4NC1978W4SO HP 80M1,8563629  
1932PY3OC1992PYSO HP 80M1,8042322  
1933UB5EEP1984URSO HP 80M1,8003625  
1934YO2CNY1981YOSO HP 80M1,7923428  
1935NN6DX2017W6SO HP 80M1,76430281.1W1PR
1936OK3UG1985OKOMSO HP 80M1,7345243  
1937SP1MHS1984SPSO HP 80M1,7163333  
1938SP8DYY1984SPSO HP 80M1,7163326  
1939VE1AIH1975VE1SO HP 80M1,6922018  
1940DL2RM1976DLSO HP 80M1,6804028  
1941OH1XX1976OHSO HP 80M1,6642826  
1942HA5KP1978HASO HP 80M1,6503825  
1943Y23XF1983DMSO HP 80M1,6203830  
1944SP9ADV1975SPSO HP 80M1,5123227  
1945DM2CUJ1978DMSO HP 80M1,5082926  
1946YO8DOI2018YOSO HP 80M1,49634342.2  
1947SP7MTH1984SPSO HP 80M1,4502925  
1948DM2CJF1977DMSO HP 80M1,4503029  
1949OK7GU2016OKSO HP 80M1,42020200.8  
1950UA3XBB1982UA-3SO HP 80M1,4043026  
1951PY5AB2011PYSO HP 80M1,38619183.1 
1952JA9DOF1992JA9SO HP 80M1,3601917  
1953SP9HRP1977SPSO HP 80M1,3522726  
1954Y27HL1980DMSO HP 80M1,3442824  
1955UP2BAE1976LYSO HP 80M1,3443221  
1956G0MBA2018GSO HP 80M1,32025241.3  
1957OK3TAJ1979OKOMSO HP 80M1,3203222  
1958Y25MG1984DMSO HP 80M1,2961818  
1959UA3DDF1975UA-3SO HP 80M1,2542319  
1960DM5YVL1975DMSO HP 80M1,2243418  
1961Y31WC1983DMSO HP 80M1,2002624  
1962W4OZF1975W4SO HP 80M1,2002420  
1963PA2REH1991PASO HP 80M1,1903634  
1964PU5FBS1995PYSO HP 80M1,1762721  
1965HL3AMO2003HLSO HP 80M1,08820171.4  
1966OH3JR1978OHSO HP 80M1,0562622  
1967LU2DVI2009LUSO HP 80M1,04418182.2LU2DVI/H
1968YO8BFB1992YOSO HP 80M1,0082221  
1969SP6EUD1975SPSO HP 80M9885619  
1970OK1DNM1976OKOMSO HP 80M9682522  
1971EW8DJ2010EUSO HP 80M92423211.0 
1972OK1OPT1986OKOMSO HP 80M9242322  
1973SP2FAS1984SPSO HP 80M9242222  
1974SP9IKN1986SPSO HP 80M8965616  
1975JA7DOT2017JA7SO HP 80M88414132.8 
1976Y23LD1985DMSO HP 80M8822321  
1977OK2LN1984OKOMSO HP 80M8802320  
1978KH6QJ2013KH6SO HP 80M (T)845131315.4 
1979SM3CER1986SMSO HP 80M8402120  
1980K0ARY2016W0SO HP 80M79213122.0 
1981OZ3ZK1979OZSO HP 80M7602020  
1982DH8AAC1985DLSO HP 80M7202120  
1983SM4JLU1982SMSO HP 80M7202018  
1984SP9MDY1988SPSO HP 80M7142217  
1985SP4LXE1985SPSO HP 80M6842119  
1986YU1SF1976YUSO HP 80M6802117  
1987DM3YKD1975DMSO HP 80M6722814  
1988SP2IBS1975SPSO HP 80M6242413  
1989YO5BQQ1985YOSO HP 80M6121812  
1990DM0SWL1978DMSO HP 80M6002020  
1991DM6AJ1975DMSO HP 80M5762016  
1992N4DW2009W4SO HP 80M57415140.9 
1993YB1TJ2018YBSO HP 80M56010101.0 
1994JH1APK2010JA1SO HP 80M (T)56010101.5 
1995N7RK2017W7SO HP 80M (T)54417170.5 
1996SP5EVN1977SPSO HP 80M5441917  
1997DM2FDO1975DMSO HP 80M5442016  
1998VK3XB1975VKSO HP 80M5401510  
1999UR2CW1976ESSO HP 80M5041514  
2000IK1UGX2015ISO HP 80M48113130.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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