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101WB0IWG2017W0SO QRP 40M (T)11,753857314.1 
102ES6KW2009ESSO QRP 40M11,748686610.6 
103JL6IPK2003JA6SO QRP 40M11,6646154  
104UA9FM1986RA9SO QRP 40M11,2805640  
105S53NW2018S5SO QRP 40M (T)11,13667646.4 
106SM5ARR1987SMSO QRP 40M11,0888063  
107IK8CHL1983ISO QRP 40M11,08812177  
108IK8CHL1988ISO QRP 40M10,9807761  
109LY2TS2007LYSO QRP 40M10,854676731.0  
110W6QU2001W6SO QRP 40M10,6796659W8QZA 
111IV3BCA2017ISO QRP 40M10,62675697.1 
112EA3FF2007EASO QRP 40M10,41657563.0  
113W8QZA/61994W6SO QRP 40M10,3667673  
114W8QZA/61997W6SO QRP 40M10,1647066  
115SP3BES2017SPSO QRP 40M10,07569656.6 
116DM4DX2008DLSO QRP 40M9,98472649.2 
117DD0VS2012DLSO QRP 40M8,976776815.6 
118JA2MWV2016JA2SO QRP 40M7,94244387.3 
1193Z6AEF2013SPSO QRP 40M7,81270636.8 
120UA6AK2017UA-6SO QRP 40M7,39556513.6 
121IO2S2018ISO QRP 40M (R)7,01163574.9IU2IGX
122YV6GM2017YVSO QRP 40M6,92942416.6 
123II7M2013ISO QRP 40M (R)6,61260575.8 
124XE2S2018XESO QRP 40M6,47439396.5 
125YD9KRD2017YBSO QRP 40M6,43745415.4 
126DH1AKY2018DLSO QRP 40M (T)6,38059556.8  
127YO9CUF/31983YOSO QRP 40M6,2006250  
128ON8NT2009ONSO QRP 40M (R)6,03259526.1 
129TG9ADQ2009TGSO QRP 40M5,81042351.1 
130BD4RDR2010BYSO QRP 40M5,670524511.3 
1319W2AHU20169M2SO QRP 40M5,56842323.7 
132UT4UEI2018URSO QRP 40M5,53751497.6 
133UY5VA1987URSO QRP 40M5,4405540  
134W8QZA/61996W6SO QRP 40M5,0764947  
135YB3MM/92008YBSO QRP 40M4,89831315.7 
136RA4FWA2018UA-4SO QRP 40M4,68040403.1 
137W1TW2013W1SO QRP 40M4,42034342.3 
138K9FOH1997W9SO QRP 40M4,3203430  
139YO5COJ1988YOSO QRP 40M4,3205045  
140DL2SAX2008DLSO QRP 40M4,13441393.3 
141YO8DAR2010YOSO QRP 40M4,12845433.8 
142NZ5A1987W5SO QRP 40M4,1046257  
143UC2WBP1987EUSO QRP 40M4,0804140  
144JK1RJQ1985JA1SO QRP 40M4,0303431  
145Y24EE1989DMSO QRP 40M3,7626033  
146DH1AKY2017DLSO QRP 40M (T)3,60040405.2 
147JA2MWV2017JA2SO QRP 40M3,56433334.8 
1488S5A2004SMSO QRP 40M3,53439382.5SM5AJV 
149OK2NMA2009OKSO QRP 40M3,440474312.4 
150N1TM2012W1SO QRP 40M3,10432322.4 
151KQ2RP2017W2SO QRP 40M3,02641344.4 
152JN1LSB1983JA1SO QRP 40M2,8703835  
153PD4S2018PASO QRP 40M (R)2,80036354.5 
154YO4US2006YOSO QRP 40M2,1463229  
155RA1AL1985UA-1SO QRP 40M1,8723936  
156SM5ARR1984SMSO QRP 40M1,7003025  
157M6OXO2018GSO QRP 40M (T)1,68021213.2 
158SP9BMH2002SPSO QRP 40M1,6523028  
159WB7OCV2003W7SO QRP 40M1,6382221  
160OK1CJN2016OKSO QRP 40M1,62525252.1  
161JA1KFX1986JA1SO QRP 40M1,5502925  
162JR9GXQ/91993JA9SO QRP 40M1,2002120  
163DD0VS2017DLSO QRP 40M1,18828273.7 
164G3ZNR2018GSO QRP 40M1,15226248.5 
165YO6CFB2010YOSO QRP 40M1,13421214.3 
166UT3EK2013URSO QRP 40M1,05624242.5 
167JR2EKD2018JA2SO QRP 40M1,05015152.3 
168SG6A2013SMSO QRP 40M96824221.4SA6AQP
169LU8EGS2005LUSO QRP 40M960151527.5  
170JA2HUN2000JA2SO QRP 40M9521414  
171W8QZA1992W8SO QRP 40M9002625  
172UB5JNQ1985URSO QRP 40M7202018  
173JA2MWV2018JA2SO QRP 40M70814121.6 
174K9JWV/72016W7SO QRP 40M (T)62416162.2 
175UB4JO1988URSO QRP 40M6002215  
176JL6IPK1993JA6SO QRP 40M5604335  
177RZ3AIA2010UA-3SO QRP 40M54015151.4 
178JF2LTH1988JA2SO QRP 40M4941919  
179PA2CHN1994PASO QRP 40M4622322  
180YF3DAE2018YBSO QRP 40M (R)40014100.6 
181RA0AY2009RA0SO QRP 40M36010101.0 
182UB6HBY2011UA-6SO QRP 40M (T)31911113.3 
183YC1HBP2015YBSO QRP 40M31213133.2 
184KW9L2008W9SO QRP 40M28816162.8 
185TB8BZ2015TASO QRP 40M266770.6 
186YO9CUF/31982YOSO QRP 40M2641512  
187KH6CP/WW11990W1SO QRP 40M2261717  
188SM5AR02006SMSO QRP 40M200101025.5  
189SM5ARO2006SMSO QRP 40M200101025.5  
190JP6FCF1998JA6SO QRP 40M2001010  
191UT4UI2013URSO QRP 40M192661.7 
192KE4HUD2010W4SO QRP 40M (T)19213121.3 
1939W2KEY20189M2SO QRP 40M (R)1301554.4 
194DD1MAT2010DLSO QRP 40M126770.1 
195UR5KBP2018URSO QRP 40M (T)120881.5 
196YD1IHE2017YBSO QRP 40M (R)66660.2 
197YG3EJV2018YBSO QRP 40M60430.5  
198F4GWM2017FSO QRP 40M (R)60650.3 
199BA3CE2007BYSO QRP 40M565425.0  
200YC3LKD2017YBSO QRP 40M40440.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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