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101IK1BBC2012ISO LP 15M (T)96,51522819919.2 
102SV1UT2008SVSO LP 15M (T)94,96626020615.3 
103N5DTT2012W5SO LP 15M (T)94,27220219212.2 
104W7UPF2005W7SO LP 15M (T)90,35623119620.8  
105K1ZO2013W1SO LP 15M (T)86,99619218213.4 
106JA2MOG2011JA2SO LP 15M (T)81,62719116912.0 
107WW6OR/42016W4SO LP 15M (T)80,33722218313.0K6JAT
108OV3X2011OZSO LP 15M (T)79,5141881669.4OZ8AE
109W7UPF2016W7SO LP 15M (T)78,58120417923.1 
110DL1MHJ2011DLSO LP 15M (T)76,42418516411.7 
111MU0GSY2010GUSO LP 15M (T)75,98523716720.2 
112YO3FOM2015YOSO LP 15M (T)74,29019717014.6 
113VE3RCN2002VE3SO LP 15M (T)74,06018016112.5  
114IT9IZY2014IT9SO LP 15M (T)73,63223220812.4 
115YC1BAH2011YBSO LP 15M (T)73,62817515817.5 
116K7XE/62012W6SO LP 15M (T)71,78618114317.8 
117BY4IB2014BYSO LP 15M (T)71,44921517319.8BH4KAQ
118YC2ECG2005YBSO LP 15M (T)70,7382181139.5  
119JF1PYJ2015JA1SO LP 15M (T)70,24018016013.9 
120S52Q2013S5SO LP 15M (T)69,59719717117.5 
121W7UPF2012W7SO LP 15M (T)68,71617516410.3 
122DU2BOQ2013DUSO LP 15M (T)67,01417014623.3 
123UR5VAA2013URSO LP 15M (T)64,32819717221.5  
124OK1CLD2011OKSO LP 15M (T)63,93616614810.3 
125VE7NS2010VE7SO LP 15M (T)59,3601701406.7 
126YB1UUN2011YBSO LP 15M (T)58,2411531398.4 
127IZ5FDD2011ISO LP 15M (T)58,20115514311.3 
128LZ7A2013LZSO LP 15M (T)56,60120617119.3LZ3TL
129OK5SAZ2002OKSO LP 15M (T)52,39816514230.1  
130IK0EIE2007ISO LP 15M (T)51,22114513110.1  
131EC4DKL2001EASO LP 15M (T)51,192250162  
132BA1SN2016BYSO LP 15M (T)48,68816013616.5 
133AE6YB2010W6SO LP 15M (T)46,33223414326.0 
134RN4ACX2016UA-4SO LP 15M (T)44,53617815217.0 
135UN9PQ2013UNSO LP 15M (T)44,35213512613.6 
136OM8JP2013OMSO LP 15M (T)44,07015213011.9 
137JF1GZZ2014JA1SO LP 15M (T)43,39214112816.9 
138RV9YK2015RA9SO LP 15M (T)42,3681281288.4 
139JE2BOM2012JA2SO LP 15M (T)41,08214012315.1 
140SC6M2016SMSO LP 15M (T)41,0401311149.3SM6FKF
141LR4W2014LUSO LP 15M (T)41,01912712114.2LU4WG
142ZM3T2017ZLSO LP 15M (T)40,70015510011.2W3SE
143N2GA2011W2SO LP 15M (T)40,6801261133.4 
144W7UPF2007W7SO LP 15M (T)39,78012911710.0  
145W7UPF2008W7SO LP 15M (T)39,55813211414.0 
146YC8AO2017YBSO LP 15M (T)38,85014711116.6 
147EW4EW2014EUSO LP 15M (T)38,48215314211.6 
148WA4AXT2013W4SO LP 15M (T)36,9601391209.4 
149AE6YB2012W6SO LP 15M (T)36,70414512418.1 
150W7UPF2009W7SO LP 15M (T)36,27013611712.9 
151OM8JP2014OMSO LP 15M (T)36,04614913412.7 
152WE6EZ/72011W7SO LP 15M (T)35,94113812716.6 
153OM8JP2015OMSO LP 15M (T)34,77615112613.9 
154VA6RA2001VE6SO LP 15M (T)34,76015811026.6  
155BG8INK2017BYSO LP 15M (T)34,57416111820.0 
156OK4NN2016OKSO LP 15M (T)34,5611171078.5 
157N5DTT2010W5SO LP 15M (T)33,9881201169.2 
158JA7HYS2017JA7SO LP 15M (T)33,96613711118.7 
1597K4VPV2013JA1SO LP 15M (T)33,93013511711.0 
160OZ8AE2005OZSO LP 15M (T)32,7041261125.3  
161JN3VQM2014JA3SO LP 15M (T)32,56012411015.4 
162PT2AW2015PYSO LP 15M (T)31,9201101057.4 
163K7MY2009W7SO LP 15M (T)31,57012111010.4 
164JJ1LBJ2017JA1SO LP 15M (T)30,7891339913.8 
165OH6JYH2011OHSO LP 15M (T)28,71013111011.9 
166IV3XZG2014ISO LP 15M (T)27,0221221189.6 
167LY2PAD2013LYSO LP 15M (T)25,93512110519.1 
168KN6Y2003W6SO LP 15M (T)25,6511341138.1  
169BG8IL2017BYSO LP 15M (T)25,35113010114.1 
170JA2PFO2011JA2SO LP 15M (T)24,459100935.6 
171RA0UJ2015RA0SO LP 15M (T)23,96812111212.6 
172K4EU2006W4SO LP 15M (T)23,7001001005.8  
173W6ZZZ2003W6SO LP 15M (T)23,27813011316.5  
174JH4FUF2016JA4SO LP 15M (T)23,220101905.7 
175EA5TN2002EASO LP 15M (T)23,199119111  
176ED4T2016EASO LP 15M (T)23,085102953.4EA4CWN
177N2JUS2011W2SO LP 15M (T)22,96893888.5 
178WU9B/72011W7SO LP 15M (T)22,692100934.4 
179S52Q2012S5SO LP 15M (T)22,1191121019.3 
180EA8CZK2016EA8SO LP 15M (T)22,09894876.2 
181AJ5DX2007W5SO LP 15M (T)21,3151038711.0W0VX 
182KA9JAC2011W9SO LP 15M (T)21,3121029613.7 
183UA9FGJ2015UA-9SO LP 15M (T)19,9471091095.6 
184TA2IB2015TASO LP 15M (T)19,65688785.9 
185RA0UJ2016RA0SO LP 15M (T)19,0821029412.1 
186JH9CEN2016JA9SO LP 15M (T)18,38797819.2 
187SM6FKF2010SMSO LP 15M (T)18,38797815.5 
188DL4JYT2012DLSO LP 15M (T)17,889898914.3 
189F5VMN2017FSO LP 15M (T)17,550887814.8 
190IW0ECV2015ISO LP 15M (T)17,16089888.0 
191IZ5CMI2017ISO LP 15M (T)17,08283735.6 
192YO5AXF2016YOSO LP 15M (T)16,650897411.7 
193YV5KXE2004YVSO LP 15M (T)16,640808016.1  
194YE4IJ2014YBSO LP 15M (T)16,35077756.2 
195KN8D2010W8SO LP 15M (T)15,456928418.6 
196JA2VSU2010JA2SO LP 15M (T)15,405847916.1 
197WM5R2002W5SO LP 15M (T)15,1061079127.9  
198K4NVJ2012W4SO LP 15M (T)14,87475742.4 
199RD3AJB2012UA-3SO LP 15M (T)14,508969312.4 
200JR4LRY2012JA4SO LP 15M (T)14,129957118.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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