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101N4NXW4SA HP ALL1,601,57289165825.5 
102UA0SRRA0SA HP ALL (T)1,574,32190662320.0 
103RA22ALUA2SA HP ALL1,481,8721,11670724.5RA1AGL
104N3QEW3SA HP ALL (T)1,451,08489856226.0 
105RM0FRA0SA HP ALL1,421,21291760416.0 
106KA4SFDW4SA HP ALL (R)1,409,2821,11960230.0 
107W4KWW4SA HP ALL1,404,74192054332.4 
108DM5TIDLSA HP ALL (T)1,398,1251,06162519.0 
109DL/SP3LPGDLSA HP ALL1,388,9261,11062229.0 
110DK2ATDLSA HP ALL1,378,7911,07364123.5 
111LY3BLYSA HP ALL1,368,1141,08362721.2 
112LZ1QNLZSA HP ALL1,301,9201,11563220.6 
113VR2XMTVRSA HP ALL1,289,4901,23353022.1 
114NK3YW3SA HP ALL1,277,06884453333.2 
115DL4LAMDLSA HP ALL (T)1,272,14584666519.1 
116NB3RW3SA HP ALL (T)1,244,04387051924.8 
117WP4SKKP4SA HP ALL1,220,19285254415.1  
118BD5FFKBYSA HP ALL (T)1,219,8101,02454732.5 
119IZ8FWNISA HP ALL (T)1,188,0681,07360410.3 
120DR800BIDLSA HP ALL1,174,34390162921.3DK1QH
121HZ1TLHZSA HP ALL1,166,88078751020.3 
122JF9JTSJA9SA HP ALL (T)1,127,49178849313.3 
123YP5AYOSA HP ALL1,127,16091560613.6YO5AM
124XE2CQXESA HP ALL1,125,48086049816.4 
125RT80KEDRUA-9SA HP ALL1,118,40095660024.1RU3DNN
126EI8GXBEISA HP ALL1,113,94894663829.6 
127DL7ONDLSA HP ALL1,102,80682862212.3 
128N0FCD/9W9SA HP ALL (T)1,085,14877251619.4 
129DK0RXDLSA HP ALL1,083,62498055434.7DL1GWS
130N6QQW6SA HP ALL1,080,00070960015.8 
131ND8LW8SA HP ALL1,041,76867454612.8 
132N0KEW0SA HP ALL1,041,26479550428.8 
133K5OA/6W6SA HP ALL1,036,56982650129.3 
134W0JMW0SA HP ALL1,011,14275745121.2 
135W1KQW1SA HP ALL1,005,28070448819.2  
136EA7JWEASA HP ALL999,01696660424.3 
137RS80KEDRUA-9SA HP ALL994,87399360733.3RG5A
138LU5VVLUSA HP ALL977,91979040915.5 
139W1MAW1SA HP ALL964,78269449416.7 
140YO3APJYOSA HP ALL958,44778450914.6 
141W4JAMW4SA HP ALL956,04471245714.3 
142N2MUNW2SA HP ALL (T)949,80871646426.3 
143ES5MGESSA HP ALL940,55584053932.7 
144UA9YERA9SA HP ALL936,26962456319.4 
145IK0XBXISA HP ALL936,02474951615.5 
146EN0UURSA HP ALL923,7127745449.5UT5UDX
147VE3ZZVE3SA HP ALL (T)923,50567643525.8 
148WA2OAXW2SA HP ALL922,15265649912.3 
149DB2BDLSA HP ALL906,15079752521.6DL8OBF
150CT3HFCT3SA HP ALL876,6226834379.6 
151IK4VETISA HP ALL855,20777750111.0  
152SM6BZVSMSA HP ALL845,85277947622.6 
153DK6AHDLSA HP ALL845,25674449220.9 
154W8GNMW8SA HP ALL (T)819,19867142624.5 
155RU9CKRA9SA HP ALL810,4325823787.9RY9C
156M5BFLGSA HP ALL799,27376443717.4 
157S57DXS5SA HP ALL799,00070447010.2 
158S53MMS5SA HP ALL757,1326664287.8 
159N6ETOW6SA HP ALL749,37361443925.5 
160R9AMRA9SA HP ALL749,21060338520.2 
161PY5VCPYSA HP ALL747,84057848017.9 
162OZ2PBSOZSA HP ALL745,80367647916.5 
163KF7DXW7SA HP ALL732,06863446123.1 
164K1FJ/8W8SA HP ALL (T)719,79354347724.4 
165K5MVW5SA HP ALL (T)710,79069343012.8 
166K7RB/5W5SA HP ALL (T)699,40866143221.4 
167TC2CTASA HP ALL689,01052135721.2TA1HZ
168K5GKCW5SA HP ALL684,20470344414.6 
169AI4WUW4SA HP ALL676,99262138415.1  
170W2YE/4W4SA HP ALL672,91559139716.3 
171UN7RLUNSA HP ALL672,07859337433.4 
172LI3CLASA HP ALL (T)671,83089152913.5LA9DFA
1739L1A9LSA HP ALL665,00163733314.0 
174KV7DXW7SA HP ALL663,37967546112.0AA7V
175KB0EOW0SA HP ALL662,8786074317.5 
176RY22RZUA9SA HP ALL659,18654541812.8  
177ZP9MCEZPSA HP ALL654,1926193968.5 
178KD3TBW3SA HP ALL651,65159040316.5 
179W1MD/4W4SA HP ALL646,15249549414.6  
180WR5G/7W7SA HP ALL (T)642,12556446719.6 
181AB2EW2SA HP ALL (T)633,97570139511.4 
182YO2DFAYOSA HP ALL (T)633,82472646419.9 
183WC3W/4W4SA HP ALL633,29057241522.0  
184RA22FFUA2SA HP ALL629,35671453216.3R7FF
185GM8SBHGMSA HP ALL (T)613,48070249018.5GM0FGI
186WR1TCW1SA HP ALL599,8725704126.2 
187JH1EAQJA1SA HP ALL599,67852436715.8 
188TA3IWTASA HP ALL585,75057537517.8 
189WA1DRQW1SA HP ALL582,98156135723.0 
190N6AR/4W4SA HP ALL577,1505303506.8 
191VE7XFVE7SA HP ALL (T)576,18052138814.0 
192NQ5KW5SA HP ALL567,0406044439.0W5ASP
193DL5LYMDLSA HP ALL (T)557,27054541911.9 
194NW0MW0SA HP ALL (T)551,75464740611.0 
1953G3OCESA HP ALL (T)531,76054836821.8CE3OP
196VA2WAVE2SA HP ALL529,4275323374.3 
197KB1WW1SA HP ALL524,9655233719.9 
198KJ4RAQW4SA HP ALL522,76749539123.2 
199ED4AEASA HP ALL (T)503,93758242113.0EA4TV
200DF2RGDLSA HP ALL501,29651038812.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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