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101IQ6TISO HP ALL2,442,7101,587685  
102EA5DFVEASO HP ALL2,428,1881,582633  
103E41/OK1DTPE4SO HP ALL2,392,2101,508565  
104JA2FSMJA2SO HP ALL2,349,3121,377608  
105P29NBP2SO HP ALL2,291,2891,430539  
106W6TKW6SO HP ALL (T)2,273,6451,415617  
107NW6S/4W4SO HP ALL (T)2,245,6281,301634  
108DJ5BVDLSO HP ALL (T)2,235,1201,440695  
109W6QEUW6SO HP ALL2,234,9921,438656  
110CE8SFGCESO HP ALL (T)2,228,2971,323607  
111IK4AUYISO HP ALL (T)2,206,4641,439676  
112KR4QIW4SO HP ALL (T)2,201,8881,334632  
113WO8CCW8SO HP ALL2,201,2581,296622N8NR 
114KT1OW1SO HP ALL (R)2,186,4841,240618  
115IK6JNHISO HP ALL2,133,5581,066574  
116K5ZD/1W1SO HP ALL2,084,4371,232587  
117LU1BRLUSO HP ALL2,045,9721,167617  
118UF3CWRUA-3SO HP ALL2,021,3341,499714  
1198S4ZSMSO HP ALL2,008,6551,399649SM4SET 
120KE5OGW5SO HP ALL (T)1,946,0041,431631  
121OM3IAGOMSO HP ALL1,920,1331,357631  
122S56RS5SO HP ALL (T)1,896,4491,368547S53R 
123VE3OIVE3SO HP ALL1,879,7851,171555  
124DF6QVDLSO HP ALL (T)1,843,1701,312655  
125UA4LUUA-4SO HP ALL1,815,0541,364687  
126RA6LBSUA-6SO HP ALL (T)1,805,4541,394623  
127LZ5QZLZSO HP ALL1,802,5561,600622  
128EA2CLUEASO HP ALL (T)1,785,1871,197607  
1294Z1GY4XSO HP ALL1,773,0551,279505  
130V73UXV7SO HP ALL (R)1,756,6641,075494  
131VR2MYVRSO HP ALL1,748,4241,500554  
132DJ8UVDLSO HP ALL1,739,6941,351613  
133ZP5SATZPSO HP ALL1,736,4111,065571  
134W7WWW7SO HP ALL (T)1,715,4721,249594  
135NN6XXW6SO HP ALL1,657,0601,170580  
136KZ1KW1SO HP ALL1,643,3621,033574K1PLX 
137WB8TLIW8SO HP ALL1,627,9201,087532  
138S55AS5SO HP ALL (T)1,622,8801,320588  
139KI9AW9SO HP ALL1,619,9041,081572  
140RK3DHUA-3SO HP ALL1,608,1521,301611  
141OH4KZMOHSO HP ALL (T)1,594,5271,261633  
142KC3TLW3SO HP ALL (T)1,582,7961,066538  
143W3BGNW3SO HP ALL1,581,9441,054533  
144AA8PAW8SO HP ALL1,558,9841,129574  
145AI6VW6SO HP ALL1,547,8001,164568K6GT 
146RV9BBRA9SO HP ALL1,480,024876532  
147UV5UURSO HP ALL (T)1,476,7471,269603UX1UA 
148RV9SVRA9SO HP ALL1,475,0561,003493  
149SM6WQBSMSO HP ALL (R)1,455,6641,123574  
150SP2JMRSPSO HP ALL1,439,9731,112579  
151K0GASW0SO HP ALL1,394,9251,039525  
152K4ZWW4SO HP ALL1,390,540997502  
153SP6CZSPSO HP ALL1,362,500946625  
154TA1FATA1SO HP ALL1,326,8981,117698  
155AM3DUWEASO HP ALL1,318,1121,353544EA3DUW 
156UA1QVUA-1SO HP ALL1,312,1551,200585  
157DL9DYLDLSO HP ALL1,309,984993536  
158PA0KHSPASO HP ALL1,254,9601,128560  
159VE9MYVE1SO HP ALL1,251,312861524  
160VE7INVE7SO HP ALL1,220,1121,004444  
161LY2OXLYSO HP ALL (T)1,218,0161,029544  
162SM6FUDSMSO HP ALL1,215,2961,000544  
163KT0RW0SO HP ALL1,179,350895515  
164AN1FBUEASO HP ALL1,173,9161,170538EA1FBU 
165EU5AEUSO HP ALL (T)1,170,1151,007545EU4AB 
166DJ9MHDLSO HP ALL1,161,4841,018556  
167AN5DCLEASO HP ALL1,097,8761,115559EA5DCL 
168DL6DCXDLSO HP ALL1,081,832900499  
169EW5OEUSO HP ALL1,075,3681,126518  
170WR4FW4SO HP ALL (T)1,073,709869483  
171K2FRW2SO HP ALL1,067,838796493  
172ES6PZESSO HP ALL1,067,744996488  
173UT4EKURSO HP ALL1,055,3761,032504  
174VY2LIVEYSO HP ALL (T)1,050,090775435  
175OH5NEOHSO HP ALL1,041,6981,049518  
176VK8HZVKSO HP ALL1,028,146822434  
177WW6OW6SO HP ALL1,027,712806496  
178W4GMMW4SO HP ALL1,011,264802458  
179AF2KW2SO HP ALL1,008,420808490  
180N3HXQW3SO HP ALL (T)995,280832464  
181W6IXPW6SO HP ALL992,842785467  
1828P6EX8PSO HP ALL969,252809444  
183K6IIIW6SO HP ALL (T)896,368808463  
184HB2CICHBSO HP ALL870,716776514HB9CIC 
185OK2ABUOKSO HP ALL (T)868,224871476  
186KE6ZSNW6SO HP ALL (T)857,394755414  
187HB2AAAHBSO HP ALL851,904700493  
188N0UUW0SO HP ALL (T)841,940687445  
189KI6TW6SO HP ALL795,564741441  
190N5ZKW5SO HP ALL775,072680457W5ASP 
191JR1LEVJA1SO HP ALL766,115660413  
192VA3SWGVE3SO HP ALL758,190663398  
193F6FYDFSO HP ALL738,840767470  
194VE4IMVE4SO HP ALL718,365660415  
195LZ1BJLZSO HP ALL713,377864457  
196RZ9CXRA9SO HP ALL712,920663390  
197F5UTNFSO HP ALL (R)707,544603372  
198OE7AJTOESO HP ALL703,818625366  
199W4NTIW4SO HP ALL688,364616382  
200GM3BCLGMSO HP ALL686,512735428  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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