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101JO1CRA/AH0KH0SO HP ALL312,474905114  
102AA4MNW4SO HP ALL308,700431294  
103Y38YKDMSO HP ALL302,572548268  
104GM4GPNGM/sSO HP ALL301,924605287  
105UW6LCUA-6SO HP ALL295,514522278  
106Y36UEDMSO HP ALL293,090543265  
107JA8RUZJA8SO HP ALL292,824420249  
108Y58WADMSO HP ALL291,282474258  
109Y32QDDMSO HP ALL288,774647262  
110C21NIC2SO HP ALL288,333545181  
111LZ1KNPLZSO HP ALL286,893528251Ilko 
112Y44PFDMSO HP ALL278,506612262  
113JE1AERJA1SO HP ALL268,400450244  
114ZY4BAPYSO HP ALL266,787282248  
115PY6AZPYSO HP ALL263,280382240  
116UA4NCUA-4SO HP ALL259,740512222  
117DF1SDDLSO HP ALL258,680395290  
118KS6HW6SO HP ALL258,024530312  
119SM0DJZSMSO HP ALL257,964462259  
120OK1BBOKOMSO HP ALL255,386388298  
121W3ARKW3SO HP ALL253,275397275  
122OZ5EVOZSO HP ALL243,380358283  
123UW9AGRA9SO HP ALL242,310362205  
124W6OKX/4W4SO HP ALL240,846349274  
125Y32KI/PDMSO HP ALL225,944500244  
126UA9XABRA9SO HP ALL225,910360205  
127HL1LWHLSO HP ALL221,730809190  
128IO0KHPISO HP ALL218,202423246  
129SP5DYO/5SPSO HP ALL211,239394227  
130UV6AYUA-6SO HP ALL205,751426221  
131OK1KZOKOMSO HP ALL202,496421224  
132KB4IW4SO HP ALL201,940454270WD4RCO 
133EA1AWEASO HP ALL200,340358252  
134OX3KMOXSO HP ALL199,820297206  
135K1CLNW1SO HP ALL199,410335230  
136EA7FUREASO HP ALL196,830465270  
137SP9IGYSPSO HP ALL195,585406221  
138Y33UJ/PDMSO HP ALL195,567435219  
139J28EOJ2SO HP ALL194,220417249  
140UA3DRBUA-3SO HP ALL193,494320271  
141KE0DVW0SO HP ALL191,590719322  
142UA3TNUA-3SO HP ALL190,744364226  
143NS0BW0SO HP ALL189,504372252  
144K6JGW6SO HP ALL189,054286243  
145UC2WBMEUSO HP ALL186,303482221  
146AI8SW8SO HP ALL184,055392281  
147VE4RPVE4SO HP ALL183,148312211  
148UA3PPUA-3SO HP ALL182,710441242  
149KZ1KW1SO HP ALL180,750419250K1PLX 
150JF3CCNJA3SO HP ALL179,861339197  
151UT5RYURSO HP ALL177,422386203  
152GM4WENGMSO HP ALL177,000353236  
153N5UAW5SO HP ALL176,137316221  
154HA4XXHASO HP ALL175,926404218  
155UC2AADEUSO HP ALL175,674400201  
156JR7OMD/2JA2SO HP ALL173,850317183  
157WW6OW6SO HP ALL172,592400268  
158UC2AIUEUSO HP ALL170,490402222  
159W8UPHW8SO HP ALL170,040355260  
160ZS4AARZSSO HP ALL169,168300194  
161OK3YKOKOMSO HP ALL164,065363209  
162Y43EODMSO HP ALL163,737362207  
163KC8EWW8SO HP ALL161,898311223  
164CR7AHUCTSO HP ALL160,420348260CT1AHU 
165RW3AUUA-3SO HP ALL160,384251224  
166EA6GPEA6SO HP ALL160,303434209  
167KA7EQSW7SO HP ALL157,986407262  
168JT1KAAJTSO HP ALL157,784652242  
169NA9JW9SO HP ALL155,589313239  
170DK5WQDLSO HP ALL153,397299211  
171OK1XC/JTJTSO HP ALL152,848554164  
172VE3BXYVE3SO HP ALL152,315256205  
173OH6NEVOHSO HP ALL150,282331198  
174KF4CIW4SO HP ALL149,035287205  
175UV3DNUA-3SO HP ALL145,318400226  
1763G2ZCESO HP ALL144,364309193CE2CQZ 
177KD2SXW2SO HP ALL143,868295228  
178K9JSW9SO HP ALL142,911286201  
179UI8ZAAUJSO HP ALL142,308279134  
180RV6AAUA-6SO HP ALL141,469360193  
181Y63VNDMSO HP ALL137,793343197  
182ZL1IMZLSO HP ALL137,672299158  
183DF2RGDLSO HP ALL137,610257198  
184UY5TEURSO HP ALL137,214372198  
185K0MVLW0SO HP ALL131,835260187  
186Y54ILDMSO HP ALL128,838335197  
187NE9IW9SO HP ALL127,078258203  
188W4WJJW4SO HP ALL126,801277193  
189JH3DEJJA3SO HP ALL119,964269156  
190KP4CZKP4SO HP ALL119,340284180  
191Y49LFDMSO HP ALL118,404303198  
192W2PHWW2SO HP ALL117,211262199  
193EA5FCOEASO HP ALL115,566287206  
194UA3ATVUA-3SO HP ALL114,903279153  
195KK0LW0SO HP ALL113,490322234  
196HP1XQGHPSO HP ALL113,232315168KB2AOG 
197YU5JAYUSO HP ALL112,832269172  
198W5LMGW5SO HP ALL112,112278196  
199W4WKQW4SO HP ALL109,682254173  
200Y23RJ/ADMSO HP ALL108,138309201  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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