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101JK1PZYJA1SO HP 10M105,294238161  
102SM6FAXSMSO HP 10M100,521274153  
103UP2PAQLYSO HP 10M99,760269145  
104DM3HFDMSO HP 10M99,385280139  
105UA6ACKUA-6SO HP 10M99,306340162  
106DM3WMJDMSO HP 10M98,020295130  
107JL1EEFJA1SO HP 10M94,146245142  
108IT9RYJIT9SO HP 10M93,790323166  
109C5AANC5SO HP 10M92,158263118DJ6QT 
110JH1UUTJA1SO HP 10M87,354227138  
111VK3NFVVKSO HP 10M87,120240121  
112WA4YBVW4SO HP 10M84,564304162  
113JA6PLJA6SO HP 10M84,042231138  
114WB4KRHW4SO HP 10M82,360255145  
115W6YMHW6SO HP 10M80,388231154  
116VE3KQSVE3SO HP 10M79,728288132  
117UA0UBGRA0SO HP 10M77,056500112  
118JA5PEEJA5SO HP 10M74,100215130  
119DK7DNDLSO HP 10M71,442239147  
120UA4CZUA-4SO HP 10M68,474276146  
121JH0BDKJA0SO HP 10M67,639202121  
122K4UTEW4SO HP 10M63,910209154  
123UA3PAZUA-3SO HP 10M62,906232142  
124VU2EAVUSO HP 10M61,046207119  
125VK4NJQVKSO HP 10M52,780158116  
126WB4VQOW4SO HP 10M51,972194142  
127OK3PMOKOMSO HP 10M51,660179123  
128SM5EMRSMSO HP 10M51,076181113  
129JA1AATJA1SO HP 10M50,398159113  
130K3NDW3SO HP 10M48,928178139  
131UA6LEVUA-6SO HP 10M48,374235134  
132UA6AKBUA-6SO HP 10M45,347212137  
133YO5BQYOSO HP 10M45,31217896  
134RJ8JCFEYSO HP 10M45,01216893  
135WB2QEUW2SO HP 10M42,920192145  
136HG0DU/9HASO HP 10M42,837157109HA0DU 
137AI6ZW6SO HP 10M42,598195118  
138DM3RBMDMSO HP 10M42,402160111  
139AL7YKLSO HP 10M40,215154105  
140JA1EHAJA1SO HP 10M39,140130103  
141KA9CQMW9SO HP 10M38,512180116  
142JR6DULJA6SO HP 10M37,91713699  
143RB5IWFURSO HP 10M37,375162115  
144G3XFWGSO HP 10M37,05017195  
145UA9FDWRA9SO HP 10M36,45314587  
146HA6NPHASO HP 10M34,236140108  
147JR6CMSJA6SO HP 10M31,41012690  
148HG8UTHASO HP 10M31,110138102  
149WB0OTAW0SO HP 10M30,84613897  
150DK4IODLSO HP 10M30,59115599  
151IS0MVEISSO HP 10M29,896190101  
152DM3NMEDMSO HP 10M29,40014584  
153WB8VPAW8SO HP 10M29,116156116  
154N8IIW8SO HP 10M28,531144103  
155JH7BRGJA7SO HP 10M28,22011983  
156OH1HSOHSO HP 10M27,192137103  
157DM3LFDMSO HP 10M25,97014270  
158UA4CDCUA-4SO HP 10M25,704175102  
159WD5GUPW5SO HP 10M25,60812797  
160JA9SVJA9SO HP 10M25,59611081  
161SM5DYCSMSO HP 10M25,45613286  
162K0NNW0SO HP 10M25,28414686  
163UW6CAUA-6SO HP 10M25,132202103  
164N6BCYW6SO HP 10M23,80813293  
165UB5VCDURSO HP 10M22,71312167  
166W9UI/6W6SO HP 10M22,51510995  
167JE1YLPJA1SO HP 10M21,96410576  
168W5OSJW5SO HP 10M21,95215398  
169GU3MBSGUSO HP 10M21,82514175  
170DM3EADMSO HP 10M21,58410671  
171UA9YBYRA9SO HP 10M21,46511881  
172OH7NWOHSO HP 10M20,76813988  
173UA0CDMRA0SO HP 10M20,44810172  
174UB5MDPURSO HP 10M20,33012595  
175WA5SOGW5SO HP 10M20,07610884  
176UA3TAGUA-3SO HP 10M19,90817279  
177ED1SQEASO HP 10M19,63519085  
178UK0SAXRA0SO HP 10M19,43415579  
179SM2BUWSMSO HP 10M19,06513193  
180SM5AZUSMSO HP 10M18,6489984  
181UM8MAOEXSO HP 10M18,5509470  
182PA3AESPASO HP 10M17,9829381  
183UA0AGIRA0SO HP 10M17,0439569  
184KB9AWW9SO HP 10M16,90610779  
185DM3UADMSO HP 10M16,89610266  
186UA4HADUA-4SO HP 10M16,88410084  
187WB3GXDW3SO HP 10M16,45011994  
188OK2BJROKOMSO HP 10M16,3208964  
189JR2MKVJA2SO HP 10M15,8207670  
190UB5AALURSO HP 10M15,64211679  
191UA3TAMUA-3SO HP 10M14,86313689  
192CT1TMCTSO HP 10M12,7929978  
193AL7OKLSO HP 10M11,4808056  
194OK1MPPOKOMSO HP 10M10,4946653  
195UV3APUA-3SO HP 10M10,3547962  
196K9LVKW9SO HP 10M10,0748569  
197WB7ALTW7SO HP 10M9,7207360  
198DM2EFGDMSO HP 10M8,9678149  
199UB5IIAURSO HP 10M8,6736459  
200OH1TDOHSO HP 10M8,6468466  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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