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1801NR1H2016W1SO LP 20M9,04858582.5 
1802WA1DRQ2015W1SA HP ALL9,00657572.9 
1803W1MJ2011W1SO LP ALL8,92558513.1 
1804W1CEK2003W1SO QRP ALL8,84079683.4  
1805KE1CY2012W1SO LP ALL8,83564574.3 
1806W1TO2015W1SO HP 15M8,74561531.3 
1807KA1VMG2007W1SO LP ALL8,73275596.8  
1808KB1JUF2008W1SO LP ALL8,680736210.4 
1809KB1CJ2007W1SO LP ALL8,62463564.6  
1810WB1EDI2008W1SA LP ALL8,55061575.8 
1811K1YM2010W1SO LP ALL8,468585811.5 
1812N1NQD1993W1SO HP 10M8,4186861  
1813N1KWJ1996W1SA HP ALL8,3005550  
1814WV1M2017W1SA HP ALL8,29462581.7 
1815N1QD2012W1SA LP 15M8,23256563.1 
1816W1YK2015W1MULTI-ONE HP8,14262593.4W1YK NS1A KC1COQ AB1S...
1817WJ1R2009W1SO HP 40M (T)8,06453485.9 
1818K1TR2011W1SO LP ALL8,05656530.8 
1819KK1X2012W1SO LP 10M7,95657512.7 
1820KF1D2010W1SO LP ALL7,93069615.0 
1821KA2RVO/12012W1SO LP ALL7,88458546.2 
1822KJ4DHB/12009W1SO LP ALL7,87569639.5 
1823K1YSY2008W1SO LP ALL7,84460534.5 
1824KA1PRD1992W1SO LP 10M7,8108171  
1825WA1ZYX2012W1SA LP ALL7,70058552.6 
1826W1OHM2006W1SO LP 20M7,668545427.6  
1827W1BUR2012W1MULTI-ONE HP7,56056562.7KE7UBS KB1VWX
1828K1IG2015W1SA LP ALL7,55051507.2 
1829N1VVV2013W1SA LP 10M7,24255516.2 
1830W1KLM2004W1SO QRP 15M7,2246556  
1831KA1EAP1993W1SO LP ALL7,2157065  
1832KA1NXT1988W1SO HP ALL7,0567372  
1833KZ1L1989W1SO HP ALL7,0505647  
1834WW1N2010W1SO LP ALL (R)7,02056524.4 
1835NX1T2011W1SO LP 160M6,84061455.8 
1836AA1O2018W1SA HP ALL6,81654481.6 
1837W1PEF2017W1SA HP ALL6,80042406.5 
1838K1DVL2018W1SO HP ALL6,78459539.0 
1839K1HAP2012W1SO HP 160M6,765715514.3 
1840KK1A1983W1SO HP 10M6,7608265  
1841WJ1R2017W1SA HP ALL (T)6,72058562.2 
1842K1MC2015W1SO LP ALL6,672514811.1 
1843W1RM2013W1SA HP ALL6,62448480.9 
1844K1DM2014W1SA HP ALL6,57854464.9 
1845W1CAA2014W1SO LP ALL6,53348476.8 
1846W1WY1983W1SO HP 15M6,5284848  
1847WK1P1992W1SO HP 15M6,4986157  
1848K1KNO1983W1SO HP 160M6,46614961  
1849W1CRK2004W1SO LP ALL6,42662547.0  
1850K1VSJ2004W1SO LP ALL6,3215449  
1851AE1P2011W1SO LP 10M6,25855422.6 
1852WA1Z2008W1SA HP ALL6,25464531.7 
1853KC1EDE2018W1SO QRP ALL6,24056525.6 
1854W1FYM2015W1SO HP ALL (R)6,17156516.0 
1855K1TR1986W1SO HP 40M6,1566054  
1856N7FYO/12010W1SO LP ALL6,04856545.4 
1857KB1PLN2008W1SO HP 20M (R)6,02751495.2 
1858KB1BMF2017W1SA LP ALL6,026494611.7  
1859WC4E/12016W1SO LP ALL (T)6,00050481.0  
1860N1GKI2005W1SA LP ALL (T)5,95255482.9  
1861K1AIR2012W1SO LP ALL5,95050502.8 
1862KA1C2012W1SO LP ALL5,92858522.9 
1863NE1RD2012W1SO LP ALL5,92252472.2 
1864W1OHM2007W1SO HP 20M5,88059565.5  
1865W1PLJ1979W1SO HP ALL5,8805042  
1866WK1J2017W1SA HP ALL (T)5,85046451.2 
1867W1WEF2011W1SO HP ALL5,80547450.6 
1868KA1VMG2014W1SO LP ALL5,76047451.7 
1869K1VU2009W1SO LP ALL5,664554812.7 
1870AB1BX2018W1SO LP ALL5,65061506.3 
1871W1OHM2017W1SO LP ALL (T)5,65059506.0 
1872KT1O1984W1SO HP ALL5,6447668  
1873WC4E2017W1SO LP ALL (T)5,61058512.1  
1874W1CNU1978W1SO HP ALL5,5865038  
1875W1PLJ1980W1SO HP 10M5,5605040  
1876K1RB1978W1SO HP 20M5,5044843  
1877AB1YH2016W1SA LP ALL5,50044445.6 
1878K1DBO2017W1SA HP ALL5,37648485.0  
1879W1MK1995W1SO QRP 80M5,3045751  
1880KE1CY2011W1SO LP ALL5,17548453.4 
1881N1EEK2016W1SA LP ALL5,15250469.1 
1882WA1BR2018W1SO LP ALL5,15055503.1 
1883KB1NRI2008W1SO LP ALL5,076534710.0 
1884N1DBL2017W1SA LP ALL5,00438361.8 
1885K1IG2016W1SA HP ALL4,90240387.8 
1886KB1WEZ2016W1SO LP ALL4,83047463.7 
1887N1VVV2011W1SA LP 10M4,77051458.2 
1888W1LRY2007W1SA LP ALL4,77051453.4  
1889N1JI2013W1SO LP ALL4,74752475.8 
1890AA1KM1998W1SO HP 20M4,7305955  
1891W1TTL2017W1SO HP 40M4,68079522.5 
1892W1JIW2017W1SO HP 20M (R)4,64648464.9 
1893K1HAP2014W1SO HP 160M4,590514512.8 
1894KD1OG1994W1SO HP 15M4,5544846  
1895W1TO2004W1SA LP ALL4,485463927.6  
1896W1TW2013W1SO QRP 40M4,42034342.3 
1897N7FYO/12012W1SO LP ALL4,40044403.6 
1898N1UNH2017W1SA LP ALL4,20041402.3  
1899NX1Y2009W1SO LP 20M4,18139376.3 
1900N1SXL2010W1SO HP ALL (T)4,14048453.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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