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1801JA6CYL/6JA6SO LP 10M20,667898312.9  
1802SP9RPWSPSO LP ALL20,66492729.0  
1803JR9NVBJA9SO QRP 15M20,5748881  
1804DU1SANDUSO LP 10M20,32591753.1  
1805WA5SWN/0W0SO LP 10M (T)20,3208880  
1806EA6ACZEA6SO LP ALL20,114101896.3  
1807JR3NDMJA3SO LP ALL20,00096807.7  
1808EZ8CWEZSO LP 10M19,9529886  
1809AA8UPW8SO QRP 10M19,908897928.9  
1810JA4BAAJA4SO LP ALL (T)19,703150113  
1811JH7CJMJA7SO LP 10M19,6628987  
1812SM7ESMSO LP 20M19,5701281036.2SM7BHM 
1813PU2TESPYSO LP 10M19,20110091  
1814N3VOPW3SO LP 10M19,12088809.2  
1815WT6TTW6SO LP ALL18,800106946.0N6NZ 
1816HB9CQSHBSO HP ALL18,6969082  
1817JK6ISKJA6SO LP 15M18,64085808.7  
18189H3K9HSO LP ALL18,531988727.9  
1819OK1KZEOKSO QRP 10M18,403917714.8OK1XYZ 
1820EA4CUEASO LP ALL (T)18,33010794  
1821SQ5BPMSPSO QRP 20M18,018116996.4  
1822SP9DEMSPSO LP ALL17,92584759.7  
1823KF9YRW9SA HP ALL17,92091803.2  
1824DF5AUDLSO HP ALL (T)17,75088715.9  
1825OK1CAZOKSO LP 20M17,622100893.7  
1826UR5NXURSO QRP ALL17,3401221026.6  
1827LY3BYLYSO QRP ALL17,0141149411.4  
1828VA3PLVE3SO LP ALL16,92085724.8  
1829EA1AUTEASO LP 80M16,800104844.9  
1830RA1ARUA-1SO LP ALL16,74492924.2  
1831RW3PNUA-3SO LP ALL16,6431078929.4  
1832UA1ATZUA-1SO LP ALL16,5441068826.3  
1833JK1BIIJA1SO LP 15M16,34085767.1  
1834RX3MMUA-3SO LP 10M16,20680737.5  
1835OH7TOOHSO LP ALL16,1981048930.7  
1836SQ9AORSPSO LP 15M15,808887628.4  
1837II8AISA LP 160M15,795100817.4IC8JAH 
1838SP3BLTSPSO LP ALL15,470846511.9  
1839UX1ILURSO LP ALL15,228988127.5  
1840KA0EICW0SO LP ALL15,13284785.4  
1841WM5RW5SO LP 15M (T)15,1061079127.9  
1842TA3EMTASO LP 40M15,0525553  
1843K7MZW7SO HP ALL15,048747229.4  
1844SM6CDGSMSO HP 20M14,850101907.0  
1845KU6TW6SO LP 40M14,850756610.4  
1846OY1AOYSO LP 10M14,79010685  
1847K0XEW0SO LP ALL14,62076689.7  
1848JH1OLBJA1SO LP 10M14,60678674.3  
1849HL3AMOHLSO LP ALL14,46067602.8  
1850JA9NOFJA9SO LP ALL (T)14,4578161  
1851W6QUW6SO QRP 40M14,144826814.6W8QZA 
1852US0YAURSO QRP ALL14,076766930.0  
1853KB6RHMW6SO LP ALL14,013958112.7  
1854EA3AAWEASO LP ALL13,984907627.8  
1855W6ZZZW6SO LP ALL (R)13,944958315.0  
1856W6OATW6SA HP ALL13,89685723.1  
1857SP9IKNSPSO LP ALL13,7808280  
1858SM7TKRSMSO LP 10M (T)13,72076703.5  
1859OH5HCKOHSO LP ALL13,61294825.2  
1860EU6NNEUSO LP ALL13,330106869.7  
1861VA7LCVE7SO LP ALL13,32083725.4  
1862OK1XCOKSO LP 10M13,1447262  
1863JG5VIAJA5SO LP 10M12,8807070  
1864SP6DHDSPSO LP ALL (T)12,6387671  
1865PU4EYEPYSO LP 10M (R)12,628807711.1  
1866K6CSLW6SO LP ALL (T)12,5257875  
1867T95AE7SO LP ALL12,432807427.2  
1868UA6YAGUA-6SO LP 20M12,4038579  
1869JR1WYVJA1SO QRP ALL12,39571678.8  
1870SM3TSMSO LP 20M12,35010295SM3RUJ 
1871IZ2EIDISO HP ALL (R)12,285696531.2  
1872UU5YLURSO HP ALL12,276726627.6  
1873YO7LDTYOSO LP 10M12,152806229.4  
1874LZ4BULZSO LP ALL12,11075708.5  
1875KI0IIW0SO QRP ALL12,006786919.0  
1876OK1DPOKSO LP 10M11,89567654.7  
1877OH6RCOHSO LP 10M11,8597567  
1878SP9EMLSPSO LP 20M11,8579371  
1879AK6DVW6SO LP ALL11,780846215.4  
1880WQ4UW4SO LP 10M11,50274711.6N4PK 
1881TF3VSTFSO LP 15M11,02083766.2  
1882DN1MADLSO HP 20M10,935978126.0  
1883W8NGOW8SO LP 15M10,86067603.9  
1884DJ5IWDLSO LP ALL10,78773673.2  
1885KC8PEAW8SO LP ALL10,653796710.1  
1886PY3AJBPYSO LP 15M10,3708661  
1887PA0RBSPASO LP ALL10,354676227.5  
1888PY7ZYPYSO LP 80M10,29646448.5  
1889CX2TGCXSO LP 10M10,29262626.5  
1890OE1TKWOESA HP ALL10,251716726.9  
1891K3GWW3SO LP 10M10,23064623.3  
1892W4TDBW4SO QRP ALL9,971695929.2  
1893LY2BETLYSO LP ALL9,91264564.6  
1894UA0JDDRA0SO HP ALL9,89174633.8  
1895LY2OOLYSO LP ALL9,702756627.2  
1896HS0ZDRHSSO LP 15M (T)9,57767619.1N4CT 
1897DK7MCXDLSO LP ALL9,238686219.7  
1898SQ5ABGSPSO LP ALL9,0888271  
1899W0AJW0SO HP ALL8,835735711.2  
1900W4OGGW4SO HP 15M8,8166058  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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