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1701KC9QVV2014W9SO LP ALL4,094474611.3 
1702K9AIH2009W9SO LP ALL4,09458468.1 
1703W9TC2017W9SO LP 15M (T)4,06643381.4 
1704K9AMP2018W9SO HP ALL4,02842383.7 
1705KC9QHL2011W9SO LP ALL (R)3,97742412.4 
1706W9TTY2015W9SO LP ALL3,96047444.9 
1707K9PG2012W9SA LP ALL3,93941391.6 
1708WR9Y2018W9SO LP ALL3,90646424.9 
1709WB9HRO1985W9SO QRP ALL3,9015147  
1710KC9EIG2010W9SO LP 20M3,82245424.9 
1711AI9I2017W9SO LP ALL3,78449434.1 
1712K9GWS2015W9SA LP ALL (R)3,77242417.3 
1713KA9DLZ1980W9SO HP 10M3,7204040  
1714KM9M2016W9SO HP 40M3,70636341.0 
1715K9TCD2012W9SO LP ALL3,67236363.1 
1716WA9KIA2016W9SO LP 10M3,66337376.8 
1717KD9XP2002W9SO LP ALL3,60036363.8  
1718WA9YXY1980W9SO HP 15M3,5974233  
1719AI9L2008W9SO HP ALL3,57050423.3 
1720K9MCK2018W9SA LP ALL (T)3,56947434.3 
1721WD9AHJ1982W9SO HP 160M3,56420381  
1722N9NBC2018W9SO HP 40M3,55253483.8 
1723KR9G1986W9SO HP 10M3,5364334  
1724KC9UNL2018W9SO LP ALL3,52847423.9 
1725WD9IGY2018W9SA LP ALL3,52052446.8 
1726KA9GDW2018W9SA LP ALL3,51046456.3 
1727KC9ELU2011W9SO LP ALL (T)3,51039398.0 
1728KC9DFU2010W9SO LP ALL3,50453489.8 
1729NJ0Y2017W9SA LP ALL3,49642386.2 
1730KC9VYX2017W9SO LP ALL3,492373610.9 
1731N0EOP/92013W9SO LP ALL3,48040405.1  
1732KW9L2007W9SO LP ALL3,47851473.5  
1733AC9LIH1976W9SO HP 20M3,4414031  
1734KF9SQ2005W9SO LP ALL3,38852444.6  
1735KD4ULW/92006W9SO LP ALL3,36739375.0  
1736AF9J2015W9SO QRP ALL3,34450445.4  
1737KC9HJO2007W9SO LP ALL (R)3,24349475.7  
1738N9TF2007W9SO LP 160M3,23952415.2  
1739WB9SMU1978W9SO HP ALL3,2194637  
1740K9PY2018W9SA HP ALL3,18541354.8 
1741WA9ZVF2018W9SO LP ALL3,16047406.7 
1742WD9DJD1999W9SO LP 20M3,150545  
1743KG9IL2003W9SO LP ALL3,15050422.7  
1744KB9O2015W9SA LP ALL3,12836345.3 
1745WB9LRK2008W9SO LP ALL3,12451445.8 
1746W9ILY2010W9SO LP 15M (T)3,11643381.9 
1747WD9HDT2009W9SO LP ALL (T)3,08051448.2 
1748N9YLZ2017W9SA LP ALL3,04539353.2 
1749K9OSH1989W9SO QRP 20M3,0424039  
1750KE9YA2010W9SO LP 20M3,03442413.4 
1751KC9AMM2007W9SO QRP 20M2,948524428.5  
1752K9DUR2018W9SA HP ALL2,94041351.0 
1753K9TCD2011W9SO LP ALL2,93734332.3 
1754N9EOA1987W9SO HP ALL2,8815043  
1755KJ9A2008W9SA LP 20M2,80044402.2 
1756K9AIX2016W9SO LP ALL2,73035354.6  
1757K9AIH2007W9SO LP ALL2,700473612.6  
1758N9LIS2012W9SO HP ALL (R)2,69535354.0 
1759AF9J2006W9SO QRP ALL2,68043406.6  
1760K9IAC2014W9SO LP ALL2,67333333.0 
1761KE9EX2013W9SO LP ALL2,66631313.3  
1762N8HWV2018W9SO LP 40M2,66436363.5 
1763N9GMM/T1988W9SO HP 10M2,6465442  
1764NX9M1988W9SO HP ALL2,6105045  
1765NR9Q2017W9SA LP ALL2,59037352.0 
1766W9IKU2015W9SA LP ALL2,58030303.4 
1767KA9CLP2009W9SO LP ALL2,55537354.9 
1768K9VQK1983W9SO HP ALL2,5414033  
1769K9EGS2016W9SO LP 20M2,52832327.0 
1770AC9IG2017W9SA LP ALL2,52040362.1 
1771KD9MS2012W9SO HP 20M2,52031302.2 
1772KC9ZTY2017W9SO LP ALL2,50838383.2 
1773W9IXX1996W9SO HP ALL2,4903030  
1774N9NBC2017W9SA QRP 80M2,47538336.5 
1775WO9S2002W9SO HP 160M2,448443628.3  
1776WU9D2013W9SA LP ALL2,43241382.7 
1777W9REC1987W9SO HP 20M2,4054037  
1778K9MJA2015W9SA LP 15M2,36838372.6 
1779KJ9C2002W9SO LP ALL2,343373328.1  
1780W9II2013W9SA HP ALL2,34032302.9 
1781N0ICV/92008W9SO LP 20M2,34038367.2 
1782K9UQN2009W9SO HP 20M2,31039351.6 
1783W9RE1979W9SO HP 15M2,3043524  
1784K9GDF1982W9SO HP ALL2,2964241  
1785K9UR1978W9SO HP ALL2,2773433  
1786K9EGS2018W9SO LP ALL2,26240393.2 
1787N9BRZ2016W9SO LP ALL (R)2,24439333.2 
1788K9IDQ2013W9SO HP ALL2,21035341.5 
1789ND9E2014W9SO LP ALL2,20429291.6 
1790WD9DCL1980W9SO HP 160M2,20012855  
1791WD9IAB1995W9SO QRP ALL2,1934543  
1792WB9HRO1981W9SO HP ALL2,1563228  
1793AF9J2016W9SO QRP ALL2,14640375.2 
1794KU9V2018W9SO LP ALL2,11234324.8 
1795W9JWR2001W9SO LP 20M2,079282725.6  
1796KC9CDW2012W9SO LP 20M2,07731312.1 
1797KM9M2014W9SA HP 40M2,03043350.8 
1798KC9IL2011W9SO LP ALL2,01534311.2 
1799N9AHY1979W9SO HP ALL2,0004540  
1800WA9BWY1976W9SO HP ALL1,9723734  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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