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1701R6FAA2016UA-6SO QRP ALL3,43236332.9 
1702EA1DVY1990EASO QRP ALL3,4324039  
1703UA0SBQ2015RA0SO QRP ALL3,42039365.9 
1704BG4HUB2011BYSO QRP ALL (R)3,40038348.1 
1705IK4XQT2015ISO QRP ALL3,37548456.0 
1706VA3RKM2011VE3SO QRP ALL3,36036352.1 
1707EA1TI2010EASO QRP ALL3,36043404.7 
1708HB9AYZ1999HBSO QRP ALL3,3484336  
1709AF9J2015W9SO QRP ALL3,34450445.4  
1710N2DYT2013W2SO QRP ALL3,31545396.5 
1711WA7TUX1988W7SO QRP ALL3,2435947  
1712SQ8FEU2017SPSO QRP ALL (T)3,23442428.6 
1713RN3AQ2002UA-3SO QRP ALL3,15743416.3  
1714HB9EMS2014HBSO QRP ALL3,13237364.0 
1715US0YA2007URSO QRP ALL3,128383428.4  
1716DL2YET2000DLSO QRP ALL3,0814129  
1717ON8WN1990ONSO QRP ALL3,0723232  
1718K9GY/42005W4SO QRP ALL3,071423727.3  
1719VK3JS2006VKSO QRP ALL3,06052305.6  
1720HB9EMS2013HBSO QRP ALL3,05551475.7 
1721N6HI2017W7SO QRP ALL3,03649446.2 
1722JK1TCV2013JA1SO QRP ALL3,03634334.9 
1723G7PVZ2016GSO QRP ALL2,99739373.5 
1724DL2YET1998DLSO QRP ALL2,9524236  
1725VE1MEA2011VE1SO QRP ALL2,90538358.1 
1726KG7QBT2017W7SO QRP ALL2,89845427.1 
1727JL6IPK1996JA6SO QRP ALL2,8984442  
1728DG5TX2013DLSO QRP ALL (T)2,85248466.9 
1729W8BS2008W8SO QRP ALL2,85040382.2 
1730F4FSV2014FSO QRP ALL2,82943412.3  
1731LA1TPA2009LASO QRP ALL2,81445425.7 
1732Y23TL1989DMSO QRP ALL2,8124137  
1733OH2BLU1983OHSO QRP ALL2,7524632  
1734YO5CAL1995YOSO QRP ALL2,6954947  
1735AF9J2006W9SO QRP ALL2,68043406.6  
1736RK3DUJ2006UA-3SO QRP ALL2,66438375.7  
1737WB6ITM1996W6SO QRP ALL2,6524339  
1738ON8WN1989ONSO QRP ALL2,6103029  
1739Y25FN1983DMSO QRP ALL2,5844534Y79WN 
1740PA3CAL1995PASO QRP ALL2,5834541  
1741KF7FGN2010W7SO QRP ALL2,55031306.7 
1742W8VE2005W8SO QRP ALL2,54232311.6  
1743WA7NWL1988W7SO QRP ALL2,5204640  
1744N0NEE2017W4SO QRP ALL2,49635323.2 
1745YO4CXD1990YOSO QRP ALL2,4425622  
1746JE7DOT1995JA7SO QRP ALL2,4363229  
1747WA5RML2009W5SO QRP ALL2,40851436.6 
1748JG6XYS/12015JA1SO QRP ALL2,40034328.3  
1749OK2BBQ1989OKOMSO QRP ALL2,4005048  
1750NI3C2014W3SO QRP ALL (T)2,35229283.2 
1751SM0GKF1980SMSO QRP ALL2,3403830  
1752DL1STV2013DLSO QRP ALL2,31839384.0 
1753G8NVX/P2016GSO QRP ALL2,30051463.7 
1754DF9FW2014DLSO QRP ALL2,30050466.2 
1755JE7DOT1996JA7SO QRP ALL2,2773533  
1756DF7LS2013DLSO QRP ALL2,27535352.9 
1757PA9RZ2009PASO QRP ALL (T)2,27232324.9 
1758W6ISO2008W6SO QRP ALL2,24031283.5 
1759HL1ZIX2017HLSO QRP ALL (R)2,23335295.2 
1760W2JEK2011W2SO QRP ALL2,22037305.7 
1761N1SZ/02004W0SO QRP ALL2,20539352.7  
1762EC1ABR2013EASO QRP ALL2,20132313.9 
1763WD9IAB1995W9SO QRP ALL2,1934543  
1764W2JEK2015W2SO QRP ALL2,16028271.7 
1765AF9J2016W9SO QRP ALL2,14640375.2 
1766RK9DO2006RA9SO QRP ALL2,13924234.7RV9CLF 
1767KA1LMR2008W1SO QRP ALL2,12828281.9 
1768DL1DQY1998DLSO QRP ALL2,1083634  
1769UU9JQ2000URSO QRP ALL2,1064139  
1770VK6JIP/61989VKSO QRP ALL2,0792727  
1771IK3XTY2008ISO QRP ALL (T)2,06543354.6 
1772JH3LCU/11985JA1SO QRP ALL2,0592929  
1773UA4WBQ1980UA-4SO QRP ALL2,0524336  
1774DL2YET2001DLSO QRP ALL2,0463231  
1775UU9JQ2002URSO QRP ALL2,03037352.6  
1776G7PVZ2018GSO QRP ALL2,01634325.1 
1777Y23TL1988DMSO QRP ALL2,0164032  
1778YU3MX2011YUSO QRP ALL1,98431312.5 
1779PA0SMS1983PASO QRP ALL1,9444318  
1780VE3IGJ2004VE3SO QRP ALL1,92435264.5  
1781JP3OUG2017JA3SO QRP ALL (R)1,920343010.0 
1782IU8DQQ2015ISO QRP ALL (R)1,90839363.9 
1783W4WNT2004W4SO QRP ALL1,89034304.1  
1784IZ3NVR2009ISO QRP ALL1,85026252.6 
1785KG7WZ2014W7SO QRP ALL1,83031301.9 
1786AI9I2010W9SO QRP ALL1,83034302.6 
1787JM1KLO2009JA1SO QRP ALL1,82436244.5 
1788SP7SMF2016SPSO QRP ALL1,79829292.0 
1789UC2AAX1981EUSO QRP ALL1,7923732  
1790UA3YFR2008UA-3SO QRP ALL1,76930291.3 
1791YO4HHP2012YOSO QRP ALL1,76837343.4 
1792WP4DT2016KP4SO QRP ALL1,74226261.1 
1793W1CEK2013W1SO QRP ALL1,72829272.1 
1794EA3GI2012EASO QRP ALL1,72827272.1 
1795UU9JQ2012URSO QRP ALL1,72835322.1 
1796DL2JRM1996DLSO QRP ALL1,7283332  
1797W3AG2004W3SO QRP ALL1,70828282.5  
1798KK7VL2017W7SO QRP ALL1,69636326.1 
1799JM1KLO2011JA1SO QRP ALL1,68028244.7 
1800OK1DMP2010OKSO QRP ALL1,68026246.7 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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