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1701UR2RNG1987ESSO HP 40M3,6044034  
1702SP9CUU/91985SPSO HP 40M3,6004640  
1703JE2BOM2016JA2SO HP 40M (T)3,58430282.8 
1704N9NBC2018W9SO HP 40M3,55253483.8 
1705PY2ED1982PYSO HP 40M3,5502725  
1706EA5DIT2016EASO HP 40M3,52032322.7  
1707UA4ACD1975UA-4SO HP 40M3,4724528  
1708OZ7FH1975OZSO HP 40M3,4304735  
1709IK4JOJ1990ISO HP 40M3,3544339  
1710WA1FBX1976W1SO HP 40M3,3443644  
1711YO3KSC1978YOSO HP 40M3,2484929YO8AZQ 
1712IK8COG1986ISO HP 40M3,2206635  
1713CX8BR2011CXSO HP 40M3,16824242.9 
1714CP1FF1997CPSO HP 40M3,0162626  
1715W4TMN1992W4SO HP 40M2,9922422  
1716PI50WAL1995PASO HP 40M2,9586151PA2CHM 
1717N2HR/32014W3SO HP 40M2,91628271.1 
1718W6RKC2014W6SO HP 40M (T)2,91031300.7 
1719JA0VHI1991JA0SO HP 40M2,8982323  
1720W5LL2004W5SO HP 40M2,85630281.3  
1721PY4BK1993PYSO HP 40M2,8522323  
1722YO4CVS/41983YOSO HP 40M2,8383733  
1723DL9AWI2007DLSO HP 40M2,772322825.8  
1724YO2AXG1979YOSO HP 40M2,7524132  
1725DM2AJH1976DMSO HP 40M2,7064033  
1726K6SIK1987W6SO HP 40M2,6462521  
1727OK1AFN1977OKOMSO HP 40M2,6404233  
1728YU7ORQ1986YUSO HP 40M2,6043631  
1729DL5AUJ1996DLSO HP 40M2,5803130  
1730JA7FFN1996JA7SO HP 40M2,5522422  
1731OK2QX1982OKOMSO HP 40M2,4483834  
1732EW6AL1998EUSO HP 40M2,4183131  
1733OH9UW1987OHSO HP 40M2,4183131  
1734TA3YJ2008TASO HP 40M2,40020201.5 
1735DF2QZ2011DLSO HP 40M2,32020203.1 
1736RQ22AC2014UA-3SO HP 40M2,31037351.5  
1737F1HWB1990FSO HP 40M2,3104033  
1738JA7RXU1988JA7SO HP 40M2,3103735  
1739Y51TG1985DMSO HP 40M2,3043632  
1740PS8DX1985PYSO HP 40M2,2802020  
1741DL1MJF2008DLSO HP 40M2,26231292.0 
1742AB1U/62013W6SO HP 40M (T)2,23329290.6W6RKC
1743YC0USJ1989YBSO HP 40M2,1842421  
1744M0UNI2018GSO HP 40M (T)2,16024243.6 
1745JH1YTX1986JA1SO HP 40M2,1602520Tomono 
1746K0BJ1985W0SO HP 40M2,1602120  
1747TA8J2014TASO HP 40M2,12121212.1 
1748DL1ZC1975DLSO HP 40M2,0304129  
1749PY2FUP1983PYSO HP 40M2,0162321  
1750DL9XW1994DLSO HP 40M1,9803330  
1751SP7DBI1986SPSO HP 40M1,9763226  
1752SM5ARR1992SMSO HP 40M1,9502525  
1753JA9CWJ1978JA9SO HP 40M1,9502625  
1754S53DIJ2010S5SO HP 40M1,80031300.6 
1755IK2IKW2009ISO HP 40M1,79829291.7 
1756NA5B1997W5SO HP 40M1,7927856  
1757LX7X2013LXSO HP 40M1,73629283.4LX3PR
1758Z32KV1999Z3SO HP 40M1,6502725  
1759N4IQ2018W4SO HP 40M1,61737330.8 
1760UT5OV1975URSO HP 40M1,5503125  
1761W8JXM1981W8SO HP 40M1,4961717  
1762PY2EYE2007PYSO HP 40M1,482201925.3  
1763K0BDU2016W0SO HP 40M1,47931295.0 
1764JA2ESR1995JA2SO HP 40M1,47077  
1765VE3NYT1989VE3SO HP 40M1,4441919  
1766JI1ALP2009JA1SO HP 40M1,39216161.1 
1767LA2GN1984LASO HP 40M1,3922924  
1768JA3CE1998JA3SO HP 40M1,3683519  
1769W8JMF2009W8SO HP 40M (T)1,35015151.8 
1770HI8EVA1976HISO HP 40M1,3441721  
1771LU7DW2012LUSO HP 40M1,23922211.1 
1772DJ0BX1993DLSO HP 40M1,2002525  
1773JA1GO1989JA1SO HP 40M1,2001615  
1774Y25JA/A1985DMSO HP 40M1,1962523  
1775KD4FMW2011W4SO HP 40M1,18416163.5 
1776YB3WUK2018YBSO HP 40M1,15246247.6 
1777W8IMZ1976W8SO HP 40M1,1522824  
1778LA2SAN1994LASO HP 40M1,1505023  
1779Y47VM/P1989DMSO HP 40M1,15025232  
1780HA5KLF1982HASO HP 40M1,1442522HA5TI 
1781KG8QT1996W8SO HP 40M1,1202016  
1782W4WWQ2016W4SO HP 40M1,10416160.6 
1783WA8RCN1982W8SO HP 40M1,1043024  
1784SP7LHX1990SPSO HP 40M1,0803015  
1785IK2MPR1997ISO HP 40M1,0664126  
1786Z35M2000Z3SO HP 40M1,0402020  
1787RR2RN1987ESSO HP 40M1,0241616  
1788JG1DQI1985JA1SO HP 40M1,0081614  
1789JA0GZ1997JA0SO HP 40M9861817  
1790WD5BZI1978W5SO HP 40M9862217  
1791LA5JX1985LASO HP 40M9802420  
1792TA7OBG2015TASO HP 40M (R)97515150.6 
1793JJ2PUG2013JA2SO HP 40M93614132.4 
1794RA0SK1989RA0SO HP 40M9241414  
1795OZ1APA1987OZSO HP 40M9242321  
1796DM5JBN1979DMSO HP 40M9202620  
1797Y26MH/A1985DMSO HP 40M8802020  
1798W1WY 1975W1SO HP 40M8742923  
1799LG5LG1979LASO HP 40M8701515  
1800JH0SGG1986JA0SO HP 40M8681414  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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