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1301JM8GJB2015JA8SO LP ALL (R)2,13931315.9 
1302KM4WII2018W4SO LP ALL (R)2,10846343.3 
1303JN3PTN2001JA3SO LP ALL (R)2,1002928  
1304OH6EPM2015OHSO LP ALL (R)2,08040403.9 
1305IZ5RAQ2011ISO LP ALL (R)2,08040404.5 
1306UN0GWL2018UNSO LP ALL (R)2,07228282.2  
1307IZ0GXM2007ISO LP ALL (R)2,00130294.8  
1308HS8JKY2017HSSO LP ALL (R)2,00028205.6 
1309N8RLG2010W8SO LP ALL (R)1,97526251.9 
1310IZ0FIU2003ISO LP ALL (R)1,94329294.1  
1311KH6MOI2017KH6SO LP ALL (R)1,92021203.7 
1312KB3SCZ2009W3SO LP ALL (R)1,91439335.3 
1313K0HAX2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,89133311.9 
1314IZ5NFD2008ISO LP ALL (R)1,89134310.2 
1315EA7JHV2012EASO LP ALL (R)1,88742375.6 
1316DO2CT2008DLSO LP ALL (R)1,88529296.5 
1317OZ8KEL2012OZSO LP ALL (R)1,88141338.5 
1318W3JRD2017W4SO LP ALL (R)1,85633323.7 
1319KG7DYX2014W7SO LP ALL (R)1,85629295.8 
1320DK4HF2017DLSO LP ALL (R)1,82434322.9  
1321JI1NZA2018JA1SO LP ALL (R)1,82029267.7 
1322AB3OB2012W3SO LP ALL (R)1,82026263.7 
1323VK7DW2017VKSO LP ALL (R)1,78619194.1 
1324IU5ASL2015ISO LP ALL (R)1,78227272.5 
1325HS8GLR2014HSSO LP ALL (R)1,76827269.1 
1326KG4TDJ2003W4SO LP ALL (R)1,760353226.2  
1327IZ4XHG2013ISO LP ALL (R)1,74934333.9 
1328YO9HJY2007YOSO LP ALL (R)1,736292825.4  
1329AD0MJ2015W0SO LP ALL (R)1,69636326.4 
1330OH6FXW2013OHSO LP ALL (R)1,69027263.9 
1331AG6KA2012W6SO LP ALL (R)1,67527252.5 
1332IU1FQQ2017ISO LP ALL (R)1,66432322.0 
1333W9MRL2016W9SO LP ALL (R)1,66434324.1 
1334BG8GGT2010BYSO LP ALL (R)1,664363213.7 
1335KD0OAE2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,64341317.7 
1336WD0BGZ2004W0SO LP ALL (R)1,625292525.6  
1337K6VUG2008W6SO LP ALL (R)1,62432284.5 
1338K2BBJ2017W0SO LP ALL (R)1,62034306.7 
1339KI4ZDR2010W4SO LP ALL (R)1,62032273.3 
1340TA3IUY2016TASO LP ALL (R)1,61722213.3 
1341N6EF2008W6SO LP ALL (R)1,61233313.8 
1342VK9VKL2017VK9XSO LP ALL (R)1,61027237.8 
1343KK4JPB2017W4SO LP ALL (R)1,59945416.4 
1344LZ1COM2016LZSO LP ALL (R)1,59328274.2  
1345AI6JB2017W6SO LP ALL (R)1,56830285.4 
1346KJ4SAM2009W4SO LP ALL (R)1,56629296.5 
1347W5TJS2014W5SO LP ALL (R)1,56026264.3 
1348KD2SJM2015W2SO LP ALL (R)1,54023221.8 
1349PD8B2017PASO LP ALL (R)1,51932315.1 
1350JI1NZA2016JA1SO LP ALL (R)1,51824223.2JI1NZA JI1NZA
1351KK6CTI2015W6SO LP ALL (R)1,51835335.0 
1352KK6CTI2014W6SO LP ALL (R)1,50030304.5 
1353KJ4UZL2011W4SO LP ALL (R)1,50026253.7 
1354EA6AFM2008EA6SO LP ALL (R)1,49525238.0 
1355KB9WQJ2002W9SO LP ALL (R)1,48826240.3  
1356IZ4XHG2014ISO LP ALL (R)1,45828271.9 
1357W3ZAP/92015W9SO LP ALL (R)1,45029293.9 
1358BD3MZX2008BYSO LP ALL (R)1,45035295.9 
1359K4DXU2005W4SO LP ALL (R)1,449262326.8  
1360PA9MD2016PASO LP ALL (R)1,44030303.7 
1361N0QQQ2016W0SO LP ALL (R)1,43132276.5 
1362K1USC/62005W6SO LP ALL (R)1,43128273.8  
1363VK3GA2016VKSO LP ALL (R)1,40822224.4 
1364E21FYK2016HSSO LP ALL (R)1,40034286.2 
1365K0ANS2009W0SO LP ALL (R)1,36434312.2 
1366TA2ANL2014TASO LP ALL (R)1,35723231.9 
13679A3CJW20169ASO LP ALL (R)1,35025254.3 
1368W5TJS2013W5SO LP ALL (R)1,35031303.4 
1369KD0KQS2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,35029274.0 
1370YU4NSL2018YUSO LP ALL (R)1,34429283.0 
1371EA3GUG2009EASO LP ALL (R)1,33430292.6 
1372KB1WRH2012W1SO LP ALL (R)1,32022201.3 
1373IZ0UIM2015ISO LP ALL (R)1,29822223.0 
1374LA2GTA2011LASO LP ALL (R)1,29624243.0 
1375BV4WN2016BVSO LP ALL (R)1,27628224.0 
1376RA6XB2005UA-6SO LP ALL (R)1,27622223.3  
1377AD5SR2005W5SO LP ALL (R)1,27429264.2  
1378IZ6INR2008ISO LP ALL (R)1,26927272.9 
1379OE7KNT2015OESO LP ALL (R)1,25028251.7 
1380W0NY2017W0SO LP ALL (R)1,24826262.1  
1381PH2LB2014PASO LP ALL (R)1,24827262.1 
1382OE1PEQ2018OESO LP ALL (R)1,24229274.3  
1383VY1EI2007VE8SO LP ALL (R)1,21925237.5  
1384KZ0P2018W7SO LP ALL (R)1,19627231.6 
1385JH1JNJ2015JA1SO LP ALL (R)1,18822225.5 
1386OH5BK2015OHSO LP ALL (R)1,17029261.1 
1387KM4OTB2016W4SO LP ALL (R)1,16622222.8 
1388N5CWA2015W5SO LP ALL (R)1,15025253.3 
1389BH4RCI2010BYSO LP ALL (R)1,14033307.5 
1390KC0UUT2008W0SO LP ALL (R)1,13132293.9 
1391KI6GVI2009W6SO LP ALL (R)1,12527251.7 
1392R3EE2015UA-3SO LP ALL (R)1,11321210.9 
1393WX6O2010W6SO LP ALL (R)1,10425243.0 
1394HB3YAO2013HBSO LP ALL (R)1,08021183.2 
1395PD4L2014PASO LP ALL (R)1,07525252.7 
1396KG7PMJ2015W7SO LP ALL (R)1,05623223.2 
1397KC0IDI2002W0SO LP ALL (R)1,035232324.7  
1398SA2KNG2016SMSO LP ALL (R)1,02525253.5 
1399LA9NSA2012LASO LP ALL (R)1,02526251.4 
1400IV3BKB2010ISO LP ALL (R)98924233.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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