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1201OZ1FMO1993OZSO LP 40M4,8885047  
1202YG3CNU2016YBSO LP 40M (R)4,884363310.7 
1203YD2BEK2017YBSO LP 40M4,84049409.6 
1204YO2MET2006YOSO LP 40M4,80040401.8  
1205SM0RCL2011SMSO LP 40M4,70844442.5 
1206SP5ETS2018SPSO LP 40M4,68048452.1 
1207UY3AW2018URSO LP 40M4,64042403.3 
1208YB3FTD2017YBSO LP 40M4,58737336.2 
1209WB7FJG2010W7SO LP 40M4,58735332.4 
1210IQ8XF2018ISO LP 40M4,55843432.2IZ8IBC
1211PU2LSR1993PYSO LP 40M4,5564034  
1212JL6IPK2007JA6SO LP 40M4,551413710.7  
1213N9HDE/02012W0SO LP 40M4,51259486.2 
1214JA3NOJ2011JA3SO LP 40M4,46633292.5 
12159W8ZZK20189M6SO LP 40M4,42450288.5 
1216PB7XYL2010PASO LP 40M4,392363610.5 
12179W2JQD20179M2SO LP 40M4,37534257.2 
1218WO9S2012W9SO LP 40M4,35234341.0 
1219IQ0CI2012ISO LP 40M4,34641411.5IK0VVE
1220DL1HUH2011DLSO LP 40M4,32450461.8 
12219W2ONQ20189M2SO LP 40M4,32040277.7 
1222YC2NBY2018YBSO LP 40M4,30946316.5 
1223IK7FPX2017ISO LP 40M4,25054502.2 
1224UU2CW2009URSO LP 40M (R)4,24244423.0 
1225SP3MY1999SPSO LP 40M4,2007028  
1226YD9AOS2018YBSO LP 40M4,18265418.1 
1227EA7IYF2017EASO LP 40M4,18242414.7 
1228YC2NBY2015YBSO LP 40M4,18240346.7 
12299A7ZZ20129ASO LP 40M4,17650480.5 
1230PY2DEZ2007PYSO LP 40M4,16537359.8  
1231YF4IFT2018YBSO LP 40M4,14054366.5 
1232OM4PD2008OMSO LP 40M4,13645440.2 
1233CM3EFM2018CMSO LP 40M4,12535332.8 
1234YB0HD2003YBSO LP 40M4,08931295.9  
1235AI3G2014W3SO LP 40M4,05046455.8 
1236UR4FWI1996URSO LP 40M4,0484944  
1237K4KCS2010W4SO LP 40M (T)4,00033322.2 
1238KE0QMF2018W0SO LP 40M (R)3,97742414.1 
12399A5IP20179ASO LP 40M3,96047444.3 
1240SP8KEA2007SPSO LP 40M3,960363625.2  
1241F4GLQ2018FSO LP 40M3,95535354.5 
1242RW3VM2018UA-3SO LP 40M3,92238372.7 
1243OZ1FMO1995OZSO LP 40M3,8704543  
1244YC2NBY2014YBSO LP 40M3,86134336.9  
1245AI3G2009W3SO LP 40M3,784554310.6 
1246DL0OVA2018DLSO LP 40M3,78044421.5DF5BM
1247RA1AKR2012UA-1SO LP 40M3,77437377.2 
12489M2UST20139M2SO LP 40M (R)3,75329274.2 
1249YB2VTO2004YBSO LP 40M3,75328273.4  
1250BH4RNX2016BYSO LP 40M3,72032315.3 
1251ON3IA2017ONSO LP 40M (R)3,69843438.6 
1252IU5DVC2015ISO LP 40M (R)3,65545435.1 
1253NR8U2013W8SO LP 40M3,64550453.0 
1254YD4MAD2018YBSO LP 40M (R)3,63845346.1 
12559W2GVR20189M2SO LP 40M3,62444246.4 
1256YG9CLT2017YBSO LP 40M3,60444343.1 
1257ZL4JB2008ZLSO LP 40M3,56429271.3 
1258WM2V1993W2SO LP 40M3,5403030  
1259YB0NDN2016YBSO LP 40M3,48330273.3 
1260WA4VJC2007W4SO LP 40M (T)3,48347432.8  
1261AI3G2010W3SO LP 40M3,476524410.2 
1262YD8XOB2015YBSO LP 40M3,42233294.9  
1263VK2FHRK2013VKSO LP 40M3,40647267.7 
1264IT9RZU2008IT9SO LP 40M3,36046424.7 
1265WB8TLH2008W8SO LP 40M (R)3,36056488.9 
1266JA7FFN1993JA7SO LP 40M3,3602624  
1267SP6TRH2009SPSO LP 40M3,34440385.3 
1268WA1HEW/32016W3SO LP 40M3,332353412.5 
1269YU4USS2017YUSO LP 40M (R)3,280454019.7 
1270EI/DL5AUA2005EISO LP 40M3,22036355.4  
1271AI3G2008W3SO LP 40M3,19249429.2 
1272YO9HJY2005YOSO LP 40M (R)3,16836363.3  
1273JG3DIX2012JA3SO LP 40M3,15027255.7 
1274PY2SAA2004PYSO LP 40M3,1203230  
1275YB2ZDN2017YBSO LP 40M3,10443327.1 
1276SP6OWA2013SPSO LP 40M3,09637363.1 
1277AN3FNI2000EASO LP 40M3,0784038EA3FNI 
1278JF2CTY2013JA2SO LP 40M3,07224242.0 
1279RA9MLR2009RA9SO LP 40M3,07224242.7 
1280ON4AA2017ONSO LP 40M (T)3,06034341.9 
1281JA1CRJ2018JA1SO LP 40M (T)3,02427242.7 
1282HA3JO2009HASO LP 40M3,00239383.7 
1283HA7AVU2009HASO LP 40M2,99234344.2 
1284JA7JHT2003JA7SO LP 40M2,99025232.6  
1285JA1NYV1995JA1SO LP 40M2,9902523  
1286KA2BKG/32011W3SO LP 40M (T)2,97027271.7 
1287YO5VAF2007YOSO LP 40M2,964393827.8  
1288OZ0AP2004OZSO LP 40M2,9604037  
1289IW2MYH2006ISO LP 40M2,937333327.8  
1290JE9REN1997JA9SO LP 40M2,9163227  
1291JH1EYM2018JA1SO LP 40M2,88024244.8 
1292BA9BF/62018BYSO LP 40M2,84833325.1 
1293IK7WPD1995ISO LP 40M2,8124037  
1294YD2YDC2018YBSO LP 40M2,75948315.0 
1295RN3DFN2009UA-3SO LP 40M2,73934332.9 
1296YO2LGW2005YOSO LP 40M2,73837372.2  
1297N6ENO2016W6SO LP 40M (T)2,73640384.4 
12989A5IP20169ASO LP 40M2,73039354.7 
1299EA7BDL1998EASO LP 40M2,7303535  
1300VE5AAD2006VE5SO LP 40M2,7272827  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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