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901JA2RFG1976JA2SO HP 20M8162317  
902JR2AAN/22009JA2SO LP 15M (R)80024204.5 
903JA2KKA2018JA2SO LP ALL (T)79221182.0 
904JE2LDO1983JA2SO HP 15M7841716  
905JM2BHI1992JA2SO LP 15M7741818  
906JR2KHB/22013JA2SO LP ALL (R)74823224.7 
907JA2MWV2018JA2SO QRP 40M70814121.6 
908JF2MBF2008JA2SO QRP 80M69717170.6 
909JF2PXB1995JA2SO LP 15M6881616  
910JQ2OUL2009JA2SO LP ALL66319133.7 
911JM2BHI1994JA2SO LP 15M6301818  
912JG2QUM2015JA2SO LP ALL63016151.1 
913JA2RER1975JA2SO HP ALL6161811  
914JN1MKZ/21988JA2SO HP 15M6151615  
915JR2YZB1985JA2SO HP 15M6121818  
916JS2PHO2018JA2SO LP 15M60220140.9 
917JL2OGZ/22014JA2SO LP 10M (T)57417141.4 
918JF2FWS1979JA2SO HP 10M5601414  
919JM2BHI1989JA2SO HP 15M5601614  
920JF2FKJ2002JA2SO LP 15M5551515  
921JH2JNU2017JA2SO LP 15M51815141.2 
922JK2HDC1994JA2SO LP 40M5061111  
923JA2VKU2018JA2SO LP ALL49515152.0 
924JF2LTH1988JA2SO QRP 40M4941919  
925JH2WHS1987JA2SO HP 15M4811513  
926JK2HDC1996JA2SO HP 15M4761414  
927JA2BQX2016JA2SO HP ALL47614142.9 
928JH2WHS1984JA2SO HP ALL4761414  
929JL2LFK2006JA2SO LP 40M4621111  
930JH2WHS1986JA2SO HP 15M4551513  
931JF2OHQ2012JA2SO LP ALL44215130.3 
932JA2CPD2012JA2SO HP ALL39615122.1 
933JM2BHI1993JA2SO LP 15M3841412  
934JM2BHI1990JA2SO HP 15M3771613  
935JL2XMW2015JA2SO QRP 10M35015142.7 
936JH2WHS1989JA2SO HP 10M3241818  
937JA2HBK2013JA2SO LP 10M32214141.5 
938JA2MWV2009JA2SO QRP 10M319151115.5 
939JG2QUM2012JA2SO LP ALL30815142.5 
940JA2PEI1993JA2SO LP 15M3041616  
941JE2VNE1978JA2SO HP 15M288138  
942JM2BHI1996JA2SO LP 15M2861111  
943JL2XMW2016JA2SO LP 10M28012101.7 
944JM2BHI1997JA2SO LP 15M2751211  
945JH2GZY2018JA2SO LP 80M27010102.0 
946JM2RUV1999JA2SO QRP 80M2701110  
947JJ2PUG2009JA2SO HP 40M266770.9 
948JE2SSX1983JA2SO HP ALL2501110  
949JG2VSF2014JA2SO LP 10M243991.3 
950JH2BTM2007JA2SO HP 15M240101025.2  
951JA2TKO2002JA2SO LP ALL2201010  
952JF2FKJ2012JA2SO LP 15M20413123.7 
953JF2KUU1987JA2SO HP 10M200108  
954JF2FKJ2003JA2SO LP 15M196187  
955JR2TTS2016JA2SO LP 15M192981.5  
956JM2BHI1998JA2SO LP 15M19288  
957JM2NWF2013JA2SO LP 40M1681082.0 
958JI2NQS1984JA2SO HP ALL16187  
959JO2XYK2016JA2SO LP 15M160880.7 
960JR2VRN2013JA2SO LP ALL1521080.3 
961JF2LTH1991JA2SO HP 40M14499  
962JF2FKJ2010JA2SO LP 15M135990.8 
963JL2OGZ2013JA2SO LP 40M130550.1 
964JF2OHQ2014JA2SO HP 20M1197710.9 
965JF2KUU1986JA2SO HP 10M11476  
966JL2RTW1990JA2SO HP 15M11277  
967JF2LTH1980JA2SO HP 10M10844  
968JA2YGP1997JA2SO LP 15M10866  
969JF2FKJ2015JA2SO LP 10M105770.1 
970JF2KWM2018JA2SO LP 15M102860.3 
971JF2KWM2014JA2SO LP 15M98770.9 
972JE2GAL1977JA2SO HP 15M9065  
9738J270TK/22014JA2MULTI-ONE LP88880.7JH2EUO JR2WLQ
974JM2RUV2004JA2SO LP 80M7876  
975JL2OGZ2015JA2SO LP 10M (T)72660.3 
976JQ2EAN2005JA2SO LP 15M7266  
977JA2MWV2007JA2SO QRP 10M726625.5  
978JJ2RON2015JA2SO LP ALL65550.5 
979JP2MRD2012JA2SO LP ALL6555 
980JF2LTH1987JA2SO HP 40M6444  
981JH9DRL/22016JA2SA LP 80M55552.3 
982JR2AAN/22013JA2SO LP 15M55550.2 
983JR2DAJ/22011JA2SO QRP 15M (R)55550.7 
984JR2AAN/22016JA2SO LP 15M48440.1 
985JI2IXA2012JA2SO LP 40M42330.1 
986JG2VSF2011JA2SO LP 15M40440.3 
987JE2VYM2015JA2SA LP 10M35550.6 
988JL2OGZ/22018JA2SO LP 20M (T)32440.3 
989JF2FKJ2013JA2SO LP 10M2733 
990JJ2RON2016JA2SO LP ALL24331.0 
991JA2EFZ1999JA2SA LP ALL2144  
992JM2BHI1991JA2SO HP 15M2133  
993JK2VNL1999JA2SO LP ALL2143  
994JI2GZC2016JA2SO LP 20M15330.1 
995JR2AAN/22012JA2SO LP 15M8220.1 
996JI2LFX2005JA2SO LP 15M822  
997JR2MVC2014JA2SO LP 15M4220.2 
998JF2IWL2017JA2SA HP 20M (T)111 
999JM2RUV2016JA2SO QRP 20M111  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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