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901TA2/AJ3M2007TASA HP ALL (T)54,720103965.0AJ3M 
902N4NM2010W4SA HP ALL (T)54,5281601283.2 
903VK2CA2018VKSA HP ALL (T)54,16214311811.7 
904W7SW2008W7SA HP ALL (T)52,9842051485.4 
905VK2BCQ2015VKSA HP ALL (T)52,88413311710.5 
906SP1MWN2011SPSA HP ALL (T)52,25014912519.6 
907SE5N2017SMSA HP ALL (T)52,0381731475.5SM5ISM
908N6VH2011W6SA HP ALL (T)51,9521701366.7 
909N2VW2010W2SA HP ALL (T)50,1731521315.0 
910CW7T2013CXSA HP ALL (T)49,7421511339.3CX7TT
911OH6MW2008OHSA HP ALL (T)49,05616414612.5 
912AC0B2015W0SA HP ALL (T)48,4341431228.8 
913W6EB2005W6SA HP ALL (T)48,3641551137.9  
914AK6M2018W6SA HP ALL (T)48,0131731337.2K6MM
915WA3AAN2017W3SA HP ALL (T)47,7901361184.0 
916W9UIH2016W9SA HP ALL (T)47,32815613610.0N9EAT 
917F5VML2011FSA HP ALL (T)47,19214513621.5 
918OQ5M2007ONSA HP ALL (T)47,1251731454.0ON5ZO 
919W0ELT/92015W9SA HP ALL (T)47,0001521255.7 
920I2WIJ2015ISA HP ALL (T)46,8601521323.5 
921W4CU2008W4SA HP ALL (T)46,6241651249.2 
922WM5H2013W5SA HP ALL (T)46,6091701278.6 
923N2WKS2017W2SA HP ALL (T)46,4101301194.3 
924AA7V2016W7SA HP ALL (T)46,3741491187.1 
925EH5J2010EASA HP ALL (T)46,0601591408.3EA5DM
926K5WL2018W5SA HP ALL (T)45,8161731384.8 
927N3CZ/42010W4SA HP ALL (T)45,6661371295.4 
928W6VMT2015W6SA HP ALL (T)45,2981421426.5 
929IZ5FFI2017ISA HP ALL (T)44,88813912413.1 
930KD2P2001W2SA HP ALL (T)43,8701261074.7  
931K5QR2018W5SA HP ALL (T)43,6181281135.2 
932JH1OVY2015JA1SA HP ALL (T)43,37513112510.9 
933W4GE2017W4SA HP ALL (T)42,8001181002.8 
934VE9MY2013VE1SA HP ALL (T)42,6301091053.3 
935LA9DFA2011LASA HP ALL (T)42,6301701475.1 
936K6NV2018W6SA HP ALL (T)42,38019613013.7 
937I3VJW2011ISA HP ALL (T)42,26513010710.9 
938OL2T2010OKSA HP ALL (T)42,1171601394.7 
939OE5JSL2017OESA HP ALL (T)42,0031291174.7 
940K8YE2014W8SA HP ALL (T)41,8601271157.7 
941K0COP/42002W4SA HP ALL (T)41,7451321157.3  
942W9IL/42013W4SA HP ALL (T)41,3821311215.4 
943JN3SAC2013JA3SA HP ALL (T)41,0401421148.7 
944N7MB/92011W9SA HP ALL (T)40,859117913.4 
945IV3NVN2009ISA HP ALL (T)40,3751421255.4 
946W1GD/22012W2SA HP ALL (T)39,9621111064.6 
9477K4VPV2018JA1SA HP ALL (T)39,69714310713.8 
948DJ6GI2017DLSA HP ALL (T)39,264119969.5 
949DL6KAC2009DLSA HP ALL (T)39,2041611325.6 
950SP1MWN2012SPSA HP ALL (T)38,80412510916.8 
951JH8CXW2010JA8SA HP ALL (T)38,48011810411.5 
952G3UEG2005GSA HP ALL (T)38,48014413029.1  
953NN6C2010W6SA HP ALL (T)38,3521351027.1 
954N6EBL2013W6SA HP ALL (T)38,25013412510.4 
955F5IDJ2014FSA HP ALL (T)38,11413311811.2 
956LA9XKA2013LASA HP ALL (T)37,6981401228.8 
957S51DX2017S5SA HP ALL (T)37,2481441285.5 
958WA2VYA/42014W4SA HP ALL (T)37,1831371034.2  
959N2WK2001W2SA HP ALL (T)36,5201111104.5  
960JH8CXW2016JA8SA HP ALL (T)36,1081211029.6 
961NS0R2017W0SA HP ALL (T)35,3752071254.0 
962SE3X2015SMSA HP ALL (T)35,1001341084.0SA3BYC
963PY2MD2017PYSA HP ALL (T)34,9801281109.3 
964IK0XBX2017ISA HP ALL (T)33,1761161044.4 
965RW4WZ2012UA-4SA HP ALL (T)32,7601301175.9 
966DF2MM2009DLSA HP ALL (T)32,1031251238.6 
967W6SZN2012W6SA HP ALL (T)31,6251341157.6 
968M0INN2016GSA HP ALL (T)31,4141211134.9 
969S58Q2016S5SA HP ALL (T)30,9101101106.4 
970LY3BY2012LYSA HP ALL (T)30,7971111032.6 
971W4CWA2009W4SA HP ALL (T)30,3601381109.9 
9729M2ADX20119M2SA HP ALL (T)30,2401189617.1 
973K9ZW2007W9SA HP ALL (T)30,0811241116.9  
974M0RNR2010GSA HP ALL (T)29,8121231164.4 
975KI7Y2017W7SA HP ALL (T)29,48414810812.6 
976YO9BXE2010YOSA HP ALL (T)28,8901231076.0 
977WB2UFO/02015W0SA HP ALL (T)28,6201181087.9 
978AI6Z2015W6SA HP ALL (T)28,3201089611.7 
979OK6DJ2015OKSA HP ALL (T)28,215113952.4 
980N5DD2006W5SA HP ALL (T)28,13788837.1  
981KM9M2009W9SA HP ALL (T)28,0001801253.0 
982NN3W/42007W4SA HP ALL (T)27,9301411052.8  
983SP2LQP2011SPSA HP ALL (T)27,77894867.3 
984G8AJM2016GSA HP ALL (T)26,7861341185.2 
985NB3R2016W3SA HP ALL (T)26,481103973.2 
986S51DX2018S5SA HP ALL (T)26,4321321124.2 
987WI9WI2017W9SA HP ALL (T)26,404111923.0 
988K1PH2012W1SA HP ALL (T)26,40098884.4 
989RZ2D2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)26,287101972.9UA3BZ 
990G7VRK2008GSA HP ALL (T)26,125113956.6 
991EC1AE2015EASA HP ALL (T)25,8961131042.7 
992K6UM2018W7SA HP ALL (T)25,8331311094.7 
993N0KQ2011W0SA HP ALL (T)25,578107876.4 
994WB7S2017W7SA HP ALL (T)25,365114894.5 
995PY2RDS2009PYSA HP ALL (T)24,816113945.0 
996UR5R2018URSA HP ALL (T)24,8041331178.1UT0RM
997N2CU2018W2SA HP ALL (T)24,750114991.8 
998W9EBK2018W9SA HP ALL (T)24,638129977.5 
999K0FG2011W0SA HP ALL (T)24,40294833.9 
1000N9GUN2014W9SA HP ALL (T)24,108103983.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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