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1LN7TTT2014LASO LP ALL1,400,3201,23564029.6LA5LJA
2LA3BO2001LASO LP ALL1,209,0601,03754035.2  
3LA3S2010LASO LP ALL990,15091152535.6LA3BO
4LA3BPA2014LASO LP ALL964,68485152431.7 
5LA5LJA2012LASO LP ALL723,33081147028.1 
6LA3S2006LASO LP ALL669,30574345536.0LA3BO 
7LA8OM2001LASO LP ALL (T)602,78476141633.7  
8LA3BPA2012LASO LP ALL510,84856341626.7 
9LA5LJA2013LASO LP ALL507,09465540624.0 
10LA2HFA2016LASO LP ALL (T)462,64457936428.5 
11LI2HFA2014LASO LP ALL (T)448,31861540126.7LA2HFA
12LA7GNA2011LASO LP ALL (T)426,08750838726.1 
13LB4UH2020LASO LP ALL425,99662037924.9 
14LA1DSA2016LASO LP ALL384,12954236927.4 
15LA3HPA2014LASO LP ALL (T)381,21058639327.9 
16LA7SKA2014LASO LP ALL368,36851036430.9 
17LA1DSA2015LASO LP ALL366,39058735433.8 
18LA1DSA2012LASO LP ALL (R)327,47450133929.0 
19LA2HFA1998LASO LP ALL316,080366240  
20LN7TTT2015LASO LP ALL307,99250032813.5LA5LJA
21LA1DSA2013LASO LP ALL295,14853233231.0 
22LA2HFA2012LASO LP ALL279,27050332119.0 
23LA1PHA2002LASO LP ALL (T)273,88841528819.7  
24LA2HFA2011LASO LP ALL237,20842229820.2 
25LB5BG2017LASO LP ALL (R)226,13441030625.0 
26LB5BG2016LASO LP ALL (R)225,72241032226.2 
27LB9YE2002LASO LP ALL220,008371309  
28LA1PHA2001LASO LP ALL (T)213,94537625516.5  
29LA7TN2011LASO LP ALL212,41542328920.8 
30LA2HFA2015LASO LP ALL (T)204,33040427821.2 
31LA3BO2000LASO LP ALL (T)196,840454280  
32LA9OSA2013LASO LP ALL (R)182,61240028428.3 
33LA1DSA2018LASO LP ALL (T)178,24536325523.7 
34LA2JR1996LASO LP ALL177,174233193  
35LA1BJA1994LASO LP ALL175,230422297  
36LA3HPA2012LASO LP ALL167,67938327922.0 
37LA2GCA1993LASO LP ALL164,500360235  
38LA2HFA2013LASO LP ALL163,58435325614.0 
39LA2HFA2010LASO LP ALL162,54035025821.7 
40LA7GNA2010LASO LP ALL (T)162,13434325919.1 
41LA9CQ1992LASO LP ALL160,024356241  
42LA7TN2010LASO LP ALL153,21635425218.7 
43LA5FBA2015LASO LP ALL152,00035925022.5  
44LA3HPA2013LASO LP ALL151,05040128521.1 
45LA1XFA2020LASO LP ALL147,57431525421.6 
46LB8AE2001LASO LP ALL146,64035824027.6  
47LA2NTA2014LASO LP ALL (R)146,02931623919.4 
48LA2XNA2015LASO LP ALL145,78234723410.6 
49LA6CF2015LASO LP ALL (T)137,52226420917.6  
50LA8ZJA1998LASO LP ALL (R)131,118261246  
51LC1P2020LASO LP ALL (C)128,34331923924.4LA1DSA
52LA7TN2014LASO LP ALL126,99035524912.9 
53LA9GY1999LASO LP ALL (T)122,976303224  
54LA8OKA2015LASO LP ALL122,74831521220.9 
55LA2HFA2019LASO LP ALL (T)121,05629920816.3 
56LA4EU1994LASO LP ALL120,834204147  
57LA7TN2000LASO LP ALL118,048313224  
58LA8OKA2012LASO LP ALL117,23628321217.9 
59LA6CF2011LASO LP ALL (T)114,22822816718.0 
60LA2EIA1994LASO LP ALL112,500300225  
61LA7CL1998LASO LP ALL112,136288214  
62LA2ONA2016LASO LP ALL102,91225520113.2 
63LA8OKA2016LASO LP ALL102,48325319316.7 
64LA9NKA2020LASO LP ALL100,96225421317.4 
65LA2XNA2013LASO LP ALL100,94027120616.5 
66LB8AE2005LASO LP ALL100,89129720322.4  
67LA2HFA2001LASO LP ALL99,1342601948.7  
68LA2ONA2017LASO LP ALL98,26227120621.1 
69LA7TN2015LASO LP ALL96,51231220812.1 
70LB1KG2014LASO LP ALL (R)96,40826820622.0 
71LA7TN1999LASO LP ALL96,005270211  
72LA1HL2016LASO LP ALL (T)95,84124620718.4 
73LA2NTA2015LASO LP ALL (T)94,16024317617.2 
74LA2NTA2012LASO LP ALL (R)86,92224819817.3 
75LA2GCA1994LASO LP ALL85,613247181  
76LA1PHA1998LASO LP ALL84,088249184  
77LA5FJA2010LASO LP ALL83,61422619414.9 
78LI3LJA2014LASO LP ALL81,62026321219.4LA3LJA
79LA4EU1997LASO LP ALL80,379166117  
80LA7TN2012LASO LP ALL77,2242631977.6 
81LB9XE2002LASO LP ALL (R)76,16722018917.2  
82LB5BG2015LASO LP ALL (R)74,29823618314.8 
83LA2AD1996LASO LP ALL73,283257203  
84LB1LG2020LASO LP ALL (T)72,75622618817.0 
85LA7TN2013LASO LP ALL71,23225119212.3 
86LA7CL1999LASO LP ALL70,378190154  
87LA4CKA2001LASO LP ALL (R)69,488199172  
88LA3HPA2015LASO LP ALL67,70424118214.5 
89LA2AD1995LASO LP ALL67,483254179  
90LA4NL2016LASO LP ALL59,47220516815.7 
91LA2AD1994LASO LP ALL58,384245164  
92LB1DH2016LASO LP ALL (R)56,77220517114.2 
93LA2AD1993LASO LP ALL56,722245158  
94LA2HFA2020LASO LP ALL56,27719516911.2 
95LA1VNA2010LASO LP ALL56,05618915417.7 
96LA9OSA2012LASO LP ALL (R)54,72020017111.2 
97LA2GKA2018LASO LP ALL53,20019715218.2 
98LA8OKA2010LASO LP ALL (T)52,94719115914.1 
99LA9CQ1996LASO LP ALL51,590181154  
100LA9JRA2020LASO LP ALL (C)51,51619516213.4 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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