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1LA8W2000LASO HP ALL8,304,8403,2251,020LA8SDA 
2LA8W1999LASO HP ALL (T)5,701,8052,633893LA4DCA 
3LN8W2012LASO HP ALL4,863,4882,22594435.7LB1GB
4LA9HW1999LASO HP ALL4,339,4402,179784  
5LA7JO1980LASO HP ALL2,536,6382,103442  
6LN8W2011LASO HP ALL1,930,6921,21064122.4LB1GB
7LA2Z2003LASO HP ALL (T)1,401,2801,19858036.0LA3BO 
8LA9WO1992LASO HP ALL1,312,578845446  
9LA9VDA2005LASO HP ALL1,278,7651,01454318.8  
10LA6WEA1998LASO HP ALL776,3241,000421  
11LA9TJA2010LASO HP ALL723,66781146922.0 
12LA4RJ1992LASO HP ALL656,580499310  
13LI1PHA2014LASO HP ALL (T)651,24875449622.1 
14LA6FJA2004LASO HP ALL608,71565940524.2  
15LA4O1984LASO HP ALL553,946928346LA9HW 
16LA6KOA2012LASO HP ALL519,75078345029.1 
17LA2AB2013LASO HP ALL502,67462939823.7LA6GF
18LA9DFA1993LASO HP ALL464,594775334  
19LA3BPA2011LASO HP ALL458,75047936728.2 
20LA1XDA1989LASO HP ALL440,391858313  
21LA2TO1982LASO HP ALL427,752616312  
22LA8OM2020LASO HP ALL (C)427,25162636316.0 
23LB9RE2013LASO HP ALL424,13058236524.1 
24LA9LMA2008LASO HP ALL (R)381,62860435824.5 
25LN6Q2013LASO HP ALL380,3585093399.7LA9VDA 
26LA1XDA1987LASO HP ALL371,727801309  
27LA6BBA1996LASO HP ALL367,840682352  
28LA2IR1996LASO HP ALL363,165635355  
29LA9DFA1996LASO HP ALL (T)355,020362244  
30LA6BBA1989LASO HP ALL341,776568328  
31LA6KOA2011LASO HP ALL327,45656237928.2 
32LA2GCA1991LASO HP ALL318,635509341  
33LA9FY1982LASO HP ALL309,690644270  
34LA6BBA1992LASO HP ALL307,744632326  
35LA3YEA1989LASO HP ALL307,224602306  
36LA9PT1980LASO HP ALL300,514513262  
37LA9LMA2020LASO HP ALL292,57254932423.5 
38LA3BPA2010LASO HP ALL289,24437733425.6 
39LA8OKA2014LASO HP ALL273,18045831422.9 
40LA2AB2009LASO HP ALL (T)265,6944012869.5SP2ASJ
41LA9DI1989LASO HP ALL251,229363253  
42LA8OM2016LASO HP ALL (T)235,5213902977.9 
43LA4KGA1991LASO HP ALL219,000424300  
44LA6UL2016LASO HP ALL218,59538428523.2 
45LA9DI1990LASO HP ALL215,710412265  
46LA6KOA2010LASO HP ALL213,53053632623.7 
47LA2LV1990LASO HP ALL213,160412292  
48LA8OKA2017LASO HP ALL (T)192,57036026223.5 
49LA4MV1978LASO HP ALL187,166496203  
50LA3ZPA2012LASO HP ALL185,74431124712.0 
51LA6ZFA2015LASO HP ALL (T)185,29838726717.9 
52LC5C2019LASO HP ALL184,80037026422.8LA6KOA
53LA2IR1995LASO HP ALL184,604307266  
54LA1NG1978LASO HP ALL167,056394212  
55LA9GX1980LASO HP ALL166,665388205  
56LA3JAA1981LASO HP ALL160,696330212  
57LA4KGA1992LASO HP ALL156,816382242  
58LA3KBA1984LASO HP ALL156,456428212  
59LA8HGA2012LASO HP ALL154,4063912877.2 
60LA4EU2000LASO HP ALL154,114362251  
61LA4GY1990LASO HP ALL152,460352252  
62LA6UL1984LASO HP ALL151,648404224  
63LA1PHA2009LASO HP ALL (T)148,36231223714.2 
64LA1XDA1991LASO HP ALL142,016373224  
65LA4URA2014LASO HP ALL141,41428322215.8 
66LA5JS1977LASO HP ALL129,238435179  
67LA8DY1992LASO HP ALL129,150323225  
68LA9SN1984LASO HP ALL128,128313208  
69LC5C2020LASO HP ALL127,42834424620.8LA6KOA
70LA4URA2013LASO HP ALL126,44028121819.1 
71LA2US2013LASO HP ALL125,47533323920.3 
72LB9RE2011LASO HP ALL122,09622420815.9 
73LA1PHA2008LASO HP ALL120,92730423319.9 
74LA9LMA2010LASO HP ALL113,15230922111.2 
75LA4YW1991LASO HP ALL113,120351224  
76LA7WRA2020LASO HP ALL97,79223719110.5 
77LI8OM2014LASO HP ALL97,1102732345.2LA8OM
78LA8OM2013LASO HP ALL96,3562802218.1 
79LA2IZ1991LASO HP ALL95,616233192  
80LB9RE2012LASO HP ALL94,79219516414.9 
81LA2TO1983LASO HP ALL94,392297184  
82LA5QK1978LASO HP ALL93,694332158  
83LA2JR1994LASO HP ALL85,377152149  
84LA9DI1986LASO HP ALL83,790255171  
85LA9DI1987LASO HP ALL81,312199154  
86LA7NDA1984LASO HP ALL77,686336179  
87LA5QK1974LASO HP ALL76,437308149  
88LA8DY1986LASO HP ALL75,947242173  
89LA3ZFA1991LASO HP ALL70,052224155  
90LA2OKA2010LASO HP ALL68,40019215218.6 
91LA5QK1975LASO HP ALL68,175272135  
92LA9TJA2008LASO HP ALL67,50022818012.9 
93LA3WBA1982LASO HP ALL67,326269147  
94LA3JAA1984LASO HP ALL65,411222149  
95LA1PHA1991LASO HP ALL64,713229159  
96LA1PHA2018LASO HP ALL (T)60,98820215810.3 
97LA5HPA2009LASO HP ALL60,2161841568.9 
98LA0DY1984LASO HP ALL59,631223143  
99LA2AD1980LASO HP ALL59,494211151  
100LA8OM2018LASO HP ALL58,3661921544.3 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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