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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1HK1NAHKMULTI-MULTI49,577,2729,186  1,556  48.0HK1R HK1T HK1MW HK1N HK1AA HK1X HK3TU ...
2DR1ADLMULTI-MULTI34,790,0589,284  1,598  48.0DB6JG DK2CX DL2HBX DL2JRM DL3BPC DL3DXX ...
3PW7TPYMULTI-TWO34,156,4516,840  1,457  47.7PT7AA PT7AK PT7CG PT7WA PY1NX PY7RP ...
49A1A9AMULTI-MULTI33,826,5069,016  1,603  48.09A2DQ 9A5E 9A5W 9A6A 9A7IMR 9A7R 9A9A
5LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI33,442,8519,483  1,587  48.0LZ1ZD LZ1ANA LZ1FG LZ1GL LZ1PJ LZ1PM ...
6P33W5BMULTI-ONE HIGH28,268,6976,066  1,373  47.9RU4HP UA2FZ RV1AW RW4WR RA3AUU
7NR4MW4MULTI-MULTI26,785,9846,879  1,426  48.0K4EC K4ZW K7SV N2YO N3UA N4ZR NR4M ...
8NQ4IW4MULTI-MULTI25,677,5686,801  1,472  48.0NQ4I N4DU W4SVO N4UU VE7ZO W4IX W1NN ...
9KL7RAKLMULTI-MULTI23,303,1325,771  1,388  48.0K6AW KL7RA N1TX AL7IF DJ4MZ DL5KUT ...
10RF9CRA9MULTI-ONE HIGH22,625,0015,124  1,269  48.0R9DX RA9CMO UA9CDC UA9CDV UA9CIR
11NN3LW3MULTI-TWO21,964,9745,614  1,362  48.0N3RD N3RS W2GD W7CT W8FJ
12OL4AOKMULTI-TWO21,686,1126,088  1,488  48.0OK1DO OK1FFU OK1RI OK8WW OM5AW OM6NM
13HG1SHAMULTI-MULTI21,484,3586,525  1,442  48.0HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA1SM HA6NF HA7PL ...
14IR9YIT9MULTI-TWO21,056,6886,684  1,488  48.0I2GPT IK1HJS IK3QAR IK7JWY IT9BLB ...
15KD4D/3W3MULTI-TWO20,661,3605,357  1,311  47.8KD4D K3MM K3RA K2YWE OL5Y
16LY7ALYMULTI-MULTI19,809,3356,850  1,379  48.0LYR346 LY1SR LY1FK LY3BB LY3DA LY3HD ...
17EF8MEA8SO HIGH ALL19,538,2504,524  1,195  36.0RD3A
18NK7UW7MULTI-TWO18,816,9655,312  1,373  48.0NK7U KL9A N6MJ N9RV
19CQ3BCT3SO HIGH ALL18,586,0404,352  1,166  35.9OM3GI
20HG7THAMULTI-TWO18,425,9745,570  1,366  48.0HA5AGS HA5KQ HA7TM HA9PP HA0DU
21KP2MKP2MULTI-ONE HIGH18,213,1044,511  1,274  48.0KT3Y S50A K9VV
22ES9CESMULTI-ONE HIGH17,760,7385,628  1,438  48.0YL3DW YL1ZF YL2GQT ES2DW ES2NA ES5JR ...
23DQ4WDLMULTI-TWO17,627,7995,213  1,389  48.0DJ2MX DK4YJ DK5TX DK9TN DL5RMH
24KH6LCKH6MULTI-TWO17,095,4604,303  1,198  47.5KH6LC AH6RE NH6V KH7Y
25RU1AUA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH16,938,3065,636  1,386  48.0RW1A RD1A RN1A R2RA RG3K UU4JMG
26DM8DDLMULTI-TWO16,781,4765,204  1,354  48.0DC8SG DJ9KM DK5PD DK9VZ DL6WT DH2WQ
27ED1REAMULTI-TWO16,659,8345,481  1,333  48.0DH1TW EA1FAQ EA1WX EC1KR EA4SV EA4TX ...
28K9CTW9MULTI-TWO16,409,6924,694  1,292  48.0K3WA K9CT K9MMS K9ZO NK9E
29YU5RYTMULTI-TWO16,136,2565,440  1,374  48.0LA6FJA YT1HA YU6DX YU9DX YT3PL
30NK1Z/4W4MULTI-TWO15,731,2904,588  1,258  48.0K5KG K4LQ WD4AHZ N4EEB K1TO W0BH
31RT4FUA-4MULTI-ONE HIGH15,613,5075,407  1,351  48.0RK4FU UA4FER RW4FO RK4FD RK4FW RG4F ...
32KM3T/1W1MULTI-ONE HIGH15,311,3404,129  1,254  48.0DL1MGB DL5LYM KC1XX KM3T N1KWF W1FV
33P49YP4SO HIGH ALL15,309,0753,675  1,075  36.0AE6Y
34DP9ADLMULTI-TWO15,260,7564,891  1,372  48.0DF1AL DJ6TF DJ7TO DK4WA DL5YYM DL7URH ...
35P40HP4MULTI-ONE HIGH15,209,2203,990  1,105  48.0OK2PP OK5MM OK7MT
36NS1S/4W4MULTI-TWO15,147,7864,618  1,262  47.6K1ZZI K9MUG KU8E W4DXX WA2MBP WW4LL WA1S
37LS1DLUMULTI-TWO14,927,5983,819  1,173  45.8LU3CT LW9EOC LW1DTZ
38OE3KOEMULTI-ONE HIGH14,880,7484,352  1,388  48.0OE2VEL OE5OHO OM3ED OM3PC OE3DIA
39N4WWW4MULTI-TWO14,695,9904,498  1,262  48.0N4WW N4KM K0LUZ W4LT WF3C
404L0A4LSO HIGH ALL14,683,7733,996  1,131  35.9UU0JM
41VY2TTVEYSO HIGH ALL14,249,2353,932  1,155  35.9K6LA
42NR6OW6MULTI-MULTI13,779,0144,645  1,226  48.0K3EST N6BV N6RO NQ6N WA6O
43DM6VDLMULTI-ONE HIGH13,499,6404,062  1,320  47.8DJ2YA DL1CW DL5AXX DL8WAA
446V7S6WSO HIGH ALL13,469,7843,726  1,084  35.8RK4FF
45VE7UFVE7MULTI-MULTI13,448,5303,913  1,195  47.8VA7DX VE7ACN VE7AX VE7FO VE7IO VE7JH ...
46WW2DXW2MULTI-ONE HIGH13,316,2643,680  1,196  47.7WW2DX W2RE AB3CX VY2ZM W2LK
47WK5TW5MULTI-ONE HIGH13,256,0483,904  1,262  47.8N2IC K5WA
489A22P9AMULTI-ONE HIGH13,158,5584,126  1,323  48.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A5CW 9A6XX 9A8MM
496Y3W6YSA HIGH ALL12,916,1003,769  1,060  32.5UT5UDX
50E7DXE7MULTI-ONE HIGH12,862,4584,278  1,302  47.89A9R E70R E70T E74A E74IW E75O E76C ...
51OM7MOMMULTI-ONE HIGH12,622,1924,109  1,276  48.0OM3PA OM5RM OM5MF OM5RW OM5ZW 9A5AN
52NY4AW4MULTI-ONE HIGH12,603,8163,621  1,161  47.7AA4FU N4AF
53GQ8SRSGMULTI-TWO12,573,8164,524  1,256  47.4G3SHF G0LZL G0SYP G4OCR
54TK4ATKMULTI-TWO12,531,2345,094  1,201  47.6DF9TS DJ2YE DJ7JC DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1XW ...
55LX7ILXMULTI-ONE HIGH12,416,2583,937  1,259  47.6DF1LON LX2A HB9CVQ
56PT5TPYSO HIGH ALL12,393,0853,348  1,055  35.9PY2NDX
57ST2ARSTSO HIGH ALL (T)12,273,6843,619  1,052  35.9S53R
58LZ7SLZMULTI-TWO12,149,0284,579  1,293  47.9LZ2HM LZ2DF LZ2JE LZ1UK
59UP2LUNSO HIGH ALL12,043,7903,496  1,030  35.9UA9BA
60RN3FUA-3MULTI-TWO12,036,0004,781  1,275  48.0RK3AW RK3FM RK3FT RK3QS RW3F UA3A UA3DQK
61TC2XTASO HIGH ALL (T)11,979,7383,301  1,013  36.0OH2PM
62PX2WPYMULTI-ONE HIGH11,761,8603,315  1,065  46.8PY2NA PY2YU
63YE0XYBMULTI-TWO11,732,1823,540  994  46.7YB0AKM YB0AZ YB0JS YB0KVN YB0ECT YB0NDT ...
64S52ZWS5MULTI-TWO11,723,7044,150  1,271  48.0S52ZW S57UN S52EZ S51FB S55HH S59A
65EF7XEAMULTI-ONE HIGH11,529,2213,869  1,223  47.5EA7GYS EA7KW EA7RM
66CR3LCT3SA HIGH ALL11,517,3883,277  1,058  35.9DD2ML
67NH2TKH2SO HIGH ALL (T)11,438,1223,357  991  35.9N2NL
68PW0FPY0FSO HIGH ALL (T)11,392,3603,539  1,015  35.7PY2ZEA
69UP0LUNSO HIGH ALL11,299,3923,176  1,006  36.0UN9LW
70KC3RW3SO HIGH ALL11,264,6203,530  1,060  35.9LZ4AX
71K0DQ/1W1SO HIGH ALL11,247,4243,460  1,072  35.8 
72AK1WW1SO HIGH ALL10,912,5123,523  1,093  36.0K5ZD
73HD2AHCMULTI-ONE HIGH10,871,9043,309  1,076  42.4HC2SL HC2AQ
749A8M9AMULTI-ONE HIGH10,839,9153,687  1,251  47.89A3BVT 9A3XU 9A3XV 9A5ADT 9A7DM 9A8DX
75KC7VW7MULTI-TWO10,829,7004,113  1,134  47.8K1YR K7JQ K8IA KC7V
76SJ2WSMMULTI-ONE HIGH10,794,2183,912  1,241  48.0SE2T SM2LIY SM2WMV
77VC3OVE3SO HIGH ALL10,752,1563,228  1,044  36.0VE3AT
78VE3EJVE3SO HIGH ALL10,684,3193,180  1,033  35.9 
79PZ5PPZSO HIGH ALL10,658,3733,113  979  36.0RX3APM
80GM0FGMMULTI-ONE HIGH10,509,8503,996  1,235  47.8GM4AFF G4XUM M0DXR
81WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL10,409,5803,226  1,042  35.9 
82TC7CTASA HIGH ALL10,406,2323,111  954  36.0R3GM
83PJ4YPJ4SO HIGH ALL10,403,7602,907  1,005  33.9LY9Y
84A73AA7SA HIGH ALL10,392,6403,101  940  36.0A71BX
857J1YAJJA1MULTI-TWO10,357,8243,245  1,168  46.6JR1CBC JA1TRC 7K4DHB JQ2WTT
86NN5JW5SO HIGH ALL10,256,9743,337  1,079  35.9N5DX
87LY2WLYMULTI-TWO10,200,2883,976  1,204  47.0LY2FN LY2W LY3VP LY4K LY4S LY5O LY5T
88CR6KCTSO HIGH ALL10,138,4803,549  1,124  35.9CT1ILT
89SN7QSPSA HIGH ALL10,123,0083,317  1,176  35.9SP7GIQ
904O3A4OSO HIGH ALL10,119,0963,812  1,138  35.9 
91RC9ORA9SO HIGH ALL10,114,2523,010  1,003  35.9 
92NU2FW2SO HIGH ALL10,084,7673,259  1,043  35.9K2TJ
939K2RA9KSA HIGH ALL10,055,2323,188  1,058  36.09K2RR
94AA3BW3SO HIGH ALL10,034,3463,346  1,038  35.9 
95OM3BHOMSO HIGH ALL10,013,9463,595  1,077  35.9 
96K1LZW1SO HIGH ALL9,960,0303,219  999  35.9 
97NY3AW3SA HIGH ALL9,923,5633,042  1,079  35.8 
98DR5NDLMULTI-ONE HIGH9,905,5363,232  1,216  47.6DJ9DZ DK5OS DL1REM DL9YAJ
99NP4ZKP4SA HIGH ALL9,717,8282,974  1,018  35.4 
100CW5WCXSO HIGH ALL9,640,0442,725  993  35.7CX6VM
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