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701W8EH2016W8SO QRP 20M1,23231282.3 
702DL/K3TW/M2000DLSO QRP 20M1,2322322  
703ZB2X2007ZBSO QRP 20M1,216323226.1OH2KI 
704IN3YKS2012ISO QRP 20M1,20429283.3 
705UC0LAF2010RA0SO QRP 20M1,19626262.0 
706VA3RJ2011VE3SO QRP 20M1,17324232.0 
707SM7CZC1997SMSO QRP 20M1,1202020  
708SP8LXE2016SPSO QRP 20M1,11636365.0 
709G3DOP1981GSO QRP 20M1,1023429  
710SP5OXJ2005SPSO QRP 20M1,09226261.1  
711IZ2FME2010ISO QRP 20M1,08935331.4 
712OH6DC2005OHSO QRP 20M1,04430293.1  
713AA5TB2007W5SO QRP 20M (T)1,026272726.5  
714M3PSK2015GSO QRP 20M1,02334312.9 
715EA2CAR2017EASO QRP 20M1,01531291.0 
716JE1CAC2014JA1SO QRP 20M (T)1,00020202.5 
717OK6D2016OKSO QRP 20M95730292.7OK2TEO
718EA4/MM0JOM2016EASO QRP 20M93626266.0 
719UA7G2011UA-6SO QRP 20M92525250.5 
720NY9M1988W9SO QRP 20M9103535  
721KI0G2012W0SO QRP 20M90323213.5 
722JH8BKP2016JA8SO QRP 20M88020202.0 
723GW3R2015GWSO QRP 20M86829280.6G0DCK
724W8NNC2013W8SO QRP 20M85827262.0 
725LZ1MC2016LZSO QRP 20M83622221.1 
726VK6VT2015VKSO QRP 20M83317175.7 
727YU1IZ2011YUSO QRP 20M81232292.2 
728N8WS1998W8SO QRP 20M7923936  
729KE5QDA2012W5SO QRP 20M (T)78431285.6 
730W8EH2005W8SO QRP 20M760191925.7  
731F/N7XY2004FSO QRP 20M72525252.3  
732W1MJ2017W1SO QRP 20M72016160.8 
733AI4SV2011W4SO QRP 20M71325235.9 
734KZ5OM/62007W6SO QRP 20M713232326.6K6III 
735SP6BXM2009SPSO QRP 20M69625247.3 
736YO4BQV1984YOSO QRP 20M6842119  
737EA3FHP2012EASO QRP 20M68020201.0 
738VE5AE2009VE5SO QRP 20M66725237.6 
739IZ8JFL2011ISO QRP 20M63823221.4 
740HA8CZ1981HASO QRP 20M6382922  
741JE1CAC2006JA1SO QRP 20M (T)61515151.1  
742JK3AHS2009JA3SO QRP 20M60824196.4 
743SM6DVZ1981SMSO QRP 20M5982623  
744G3CWL/A1987GSO QRP 20M5942522  
745Y24LA1986DMSO QRP 20M5441616  
746SM7RPU2009SMSO QRP 20M52923232.6 
747KQ2RP2017W2SO QRP 20M51216161.3 
748KC6KGL2017W5SO QRP 20M (T)50423216.4 
749ND0C2017W0SO QRP 20M (T)50419181.7 
750V85AN2016V8SO QRP 20M49515152.3 
751KI4EZL2017W4SO QRP 20M49420194.2 
752JF3ROH2014JA3SO QRP 20M47614143.2 
753AC7A/AH62005KH6SO QRP 20M468131225.7  
754AC8AP2016W8SO QRP 20M46417161.4 
755PB4FUN2003PASO QRP 20M46222213.1  
756IZ7SIA2013ISO QRP 20M46020203.0 
757DL2JRM1994DLSO QRP 20M3802019  
758JF1WQC2008JA1SO QRP 20M36819163.6 
759JH1OES/12012JA1SO QRP 20M34219184.2 
760W6YVK1987W6SO QRP 20M3413431  
761W8EH2013W8SO QRP 20M (T)33616143.6 
762UC0LAF2008RA0SO QRP 20M33617161.4 
763F3WT2014FSO QRP 20M32514131.3 
764JA1POS2012JA1SO QRP 20M32016163.5 
765KG1K1982W1SO QRP 20M3001515  
766N0OA2004W0SO QRP 20M273141324.7  
767KL7/WA4DOX2010KLSO QRP 20M (T)2611191.7WA4DOX
768G3DOP1979GSO QRP 20M2521414  
769K6III2007W6SO QRP 20M24715132.6  
770WB2PEF2016W2SO QRP 20M23111110.7 
771SJ9WL1979SMSO QRP 20M2281212  
772JF3ROH2015JA3SO QRP 20M225991.3 
773WV7G2005W7SO QRP 20M22414142.1  
774NX9G2016W9SO QRP 20M (T)22011112.4 
775JG7UVO2013JA7SO QRP 20M207992.6 
776DL2SHR2008DLSO QRP 20M19614142.0 
777EA1BYA2013EASO QRP 20M16812120.7  
778DL0VLT1999DLSO QRP 20M14777  
779WB9MII2002W9SO QRP 20M1431311  
780JK1REJ1989JA1SO QRP 20M13377  
781KJ4KB/11986W1SO QRP 20M1321211  
782JA1POS2010JA1SO QRP 20M12010102.7 
783YC1HBP2017YBSO QRP 20M108661.2  
784EA6/DJ2QV2012EA6SO QRP 20M1081191.0 
785MM0DFV2008GMSO QRP 20M1081090.5 
786N3CZB1993W3SO QRP 20M1083027  
787AA8RR1996W8SO QRP 20M1001010  
788JK1TCV2017JA1SO QRP 20M96880.9 
789PA0WAC1979PASO QRP 20M9177  
790KC2KME2006W2SO QRP 20M (R)806525.2  
791JK1TCV2009JA1SO QRP 20M75550.7 
792DL2TM2005DLSO QRP 20M70872.7  
793I7/IK2AIT2005ISO QRP 20M6488  
794RV3GM2017UA-3SO QRP 20M60660.5 
795JG3EHD2015JA3SO QRP 20M60552.1 
796F6ESB2012FSO QRP 20M56881.6 
797HA9TA2016HASO QRP 20M49770.4  
798UT7DU2015URSO QRP 20M49770.5  
799IK8WEI2005ISO QRP 20M486624.6  
800JG7UVO2016JA7SO QRP 20M40440.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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