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601JA3VUI2012JA3SA LP ALL (T)9,51964576.4 
602JI3OGI2012JA3SO LP ALL9,39664586.7 
603JA3HUL1979JA3SO HP ALL9,3506855  
604JA3EOE2009JA3SO LP ALL9,19657445.4 
605JR3SZZ/32012JA3SA LP ALL (T)8,96766617.9 
606JF3GFH/12016JA3SA LP ALL8,49651484.3 
607JN3TMW2015JA3SA HP ALL (T)8,476615211.4 
608JA3UWB1987JA3SO HP ALL8,4368357  
609JN3DMJ2013JA3SO QRP ALL8,083725914.6 
610JR3NDM2017JA3SO LP ALL7,95060532.6 
611JL3WSL2012JA3SO LP 15M7,946595810.2 
612JA3AHY2012JA3SO LP ALL7,920817214.6 
613JA3JOT1992JA3SO LP 15M7,8405856  
614JI3DNN2012JA3SO LP ALL7,80868615.1 
615JL3MCM2009JA3SO LP 10M (T)7,7051066724.1 
616JI3WMK2017JA3SO LP ALL7,686706112.4 
617JH3WKE1979JA3SO HP ALL7,3505450  
618JG3KMT2015JA3SO HP ALL7,04062558.6 
619JN3DMJ2017JA3SO QRP ALL6,954735715.3 
620JR3LAG1979JA3SO HP 15M6,9166052  
621JA3RAZ2017JA3SO LP 15M6,80467635.3 
622JA3UWB2008JA3SO LP 20M6,75878626.6 
623JA6BWH/32001JA3SO LP ALL6,6445744  
624JI3HAK1983JA3SO HP 15M6,5726153  
625JA3HTK1984JA3SO HP 15M6,4195049  
626JA3EEM1997JA3SO LP 20M6,3456147  
627JR3NDM2015JA3SO LP ALL6,27060553.2 
628JF3LOP2015JA3SA HP 80M6,21060468.9 
629JR3NDM2012JA3SO LP ALL6,17452494.8 
630JJ3SRU1985JA3SO HP ALL5,9856045  
631JN3TRK2012JA3SO LP 15M5,96947478.7 
632JE3CYH1992JA3SO HP 20M5,9294949  
633JG3BXS2012JA3SO LP ALL5,89552457.1 
634JN1ENK/31985JA3SO HP ALL5,7126556  
635JO3AGQ2011JA3SO HP ALL5,70458466.9 
636JA3RAZ2016JA3SO LP 15M5,67158533.3 
637JO3FUO2006JA3SA LP ALL5,67050423.8JJ1BDX 
638JA3VUI2008JA3SA LP ALL (T)5,65544395.2 
639JH3PTC2013JA3SO LP ALL5,45260473.1 
640JA3EQC1980JA3SO HP 10M5,2206345  
641JI3OGI2011JA3SO LP ALL5,21755477.1 
642JH3DEJ1985JA3SO HP ALL5,1844436  
643JO3VSC1988JA3SO HP 15M5,1525246  
644JA4VZX/31981JA3SO HP 10M5,1485144  
645JN3DMJ2016JA3SO QRP ALL5,124494211.6 
646JR3WXA1985JA3SO HP 15M5,0966556  
647JA4AQR/31995JA3SO LP ALL4,9983734  
648JR3KAH2016JA3SO LP 15M4,959615715.7  
649JR3XTO1999JA3SO HP 15M4,9007070  
650JN1ENK/31986JA3SO HP ALL4,8388559  
651JA3TVQ2008JA3SO LP ALL4,76049344.6 
652JH3AIU1995JA3SA HP ALL4,7363827  
653JG3BXS2011JA3SO LP 40M (T)4,64656468.6 
654JA3EJG2016JA3SA LP ALL (T)4,63341416.7 
655JR4BSM/31982JA3SO HP ALL4,5905645  
656JS3LSQ2014JA3SO HP ALL4,53642424.8 
657JI3KXB2009JA3SA LP ALL4,452474210.2 
658JA3UWB2007JA3SO LP ALL4,44450445.7  
659JA3ENN2016JA3SO HP ALL4,41650462.5 
660JJ3JJL1984JA3SO HP ALL4,4034937  
661JI3OIP1986JA3SO HP 40M4,3123228  
662JJ1BDX/32003JA3SA LP ALL4,30542353.1  
663JF3LOP2009JA3SO HP 80M4,28441343.5 
664JF3BFS2004JA3SO LP 10M4,12852437.8  
665JI3OGI2009JA3SA LP ALL3,97745416.9 
6668J3KGR2015JA3SO HP ALL3,90046392.0JH3HGI
667JH3BIL1998JA3SO HP ALL3,8804540  
668JG3EHD1990JA3SO HP ALL3,8504235  
669JA3BCT1980JA3SO HP 40M3,8003925  
670JH3PTC2014JA3SO LP ALL3,78054363.6 
671JL3PPN2017JA3SO LP ALL (T)3,73558454.6 
672JA3HIL2014JA3SO LP ALL3,69635332.1 
673JL3RDC2014JA3SA LP ALL (T)3,57047358.1 
674JL3MCM2016JA3SO LP 80M (T)3,420443611.5 
675JK3RHX2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)3,40439375.7 
676JF3ROH2017JA3SA LP 20M3,40250424.7 
677JA3BCT1983JA3SO HP 40M3,3602524  
678JA3EOE2008JA3SO LP ALL3,27739295.0 
679JN1ENK/31984JA3SO HP ALL3,2565944  
680JG3BXS2014JA3SO LP ALL3,23447425.6 
681JA3RUA2004JA3SO LP ALL3,234363310.5  
682JJ1BDX/32004JA3SA LP ALL3,22432312.5  
6838N3HAM2007JA3MULTI-ONE HP3,22069358.0  
684JA3MIB2014JA3SO LP 15M (T)3,19635343.8 
685JA3OOK2014JA3SO LP ALL3,16837365.3  
686JA3WFQ2000JA3SO LP ALL3,1353533  
687JA3RAZ2013JA3SO LP 15M3,04043382.1 
688JH3WKE2013JA3SA LP 10M3,02446424.6 
689JA3WFQ1999JA3SO LP ALL2,9703527  
690JA3AVO2007JA3SO HP 40M2,760242325.3  
691JI3WMK2016JA3SO LP ALL2,73040357.6 
692JO3TQZ2016JA3SO QRP 20M2,720464011.5 
693JR3VFU2002JA3SO LP 15M2,70032304.3  
694JK3NSD2015JA3SA HP ALL (T)2,69732293.8 
695JF3KCH2016JA3SO LP 20M2,62249383.8  
696JL3RDC2017JA3SO HP 15M (T)2,584443816.7 
697JA3HC1999JA3SO LP 10M2,5413533  
698JE3TAT2014JA3SO LP ALL2,50833332.3 
699JR3RWB2004JA3SO QRP 10M2,448403411.1  
700JO3EVM2010JA3SO LP ALL2,31842387.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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