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501DF0SX2010DLSO LP 80M33,9841591185.8DL1CW
502R7AC2016UA-6SO LP 80M33,94813812316.3 
503I5NXH2005ISO LP 80M33,5161351147.0  
504YL3FW2008YLSO LP 80M33,2921421163.9 
505NE5D2006W5SO LP 80M33,222114985.8K5RX 
506K9UIY2017W9SO LP 80M32,13219311611.3 
507OM6TX2015OMSO LP 80M31,9201301126.4 
508HA8FW1995HASO LP 80M31,752126108  
509LY2FF2004LYSO LP 80M31,692134114  
510SN3B2009SPSO LP 80M31,16513611512.0SQ3JPV
511DH4JZ1993DLSO LP 80M30,740172118  
512EW6AL2002EUSO LP 80M29,71512310528.6  
513HA7JJS2015HASO LP 80M29,4151221117.4 
514RW0AJ2007RA0SO LP 80M29,054104738.9  
515SP3CYY2010SPSO LP 80M28,7701331054.3 
516YL2PN2005YLSO LP 80M28,52712411127.0  
517EA8NQ2011EA8SO LP 80M28,492746812.2 
518UR5IHQ2007URSO LP 80M28,2701331106.9  
519OK2PXD2004OKSO LP 80M (T)27,8781271064.4  
520OK3WST1992OKOMSO LP 80M27,64813896  
521R7AC2014UA-6SO LP 80M27,5771231097.7 
522UN5C2008UNSO LP 80M27,30289735.6 
523UR5UBR2013URSO LP 80M (T)27,1081221085.6 
524OM1AW2000OMSO LP 80M26,728 104  
525UR6IJ2003URSO LP 80M26,3341179928.6  
526ER1CS2014ERSO LP 80M26,0001091006.6 
527PR7AR2005PYSO LP 80M25,80669665.7  
528YU1Q2011YUSO LP 80M25,2501201014.0 
529LA8WG1994LASO LP 80M25,092125102  
530RV3FW2012UA-3SO LP 80M (T)24,8851081055.1 
531RZ3VA2003UA-3SO LP 80M24,849112994.6  
532EI4CF2006EISO LP 80M24,47997916.8  
533YT7IM2014YUSO LP 80M24,3961091075.4  
534K5CAO/62015W6SO LP 80M23,7631168916.7 
535UT7NW2015URSO LP 80M23,6251211051.8 
536AB1J2008W1SO LP 80M (T)23,478106868.3 
537SY8JG2007SVSO LP 80M23,424107968.4SV1JG 
538SP3LPR1996SPSO LP 80M23,400119100  
539YO3LP2017YOSO LP 80M23,023122912.4 
540RA3ANL2003UA-3SO LP 80M21,576107875.9  
541UR8QR2012URSO LP 80M21,5281061045.0 
542SQ1EUG2009SPSO LP 80M21,476120915.3 
5439A205ST20129ASO LP 80M20,790110995.99A5ST
544K5CAO2013W5SO LP 80M20,5001068217.1SERHIY SNISARENKO 
545SM7ATL2001SMSO LP 80M20,358114876.0  
546EW7DK2013EUSO LP 80M20,293104913.8 
547YO8BGE2017YOSO LP 80M20,056103927.2 
548F8PDR2003FSO LP 80M19,74990873.4  
549PA3BNT1996PASO LP 80M19,65611291  
550OM6TX2016OMSO LP 80M19,440106905.8 
551R7AC2011UA-6SO LP 80M19,40299894.6 
552YL2BJ2004YLSO LP 80M19,1881008228.3  
553OH6RC2008OHSO LP 80M19,15897934.7 
554RU3UW2009UA-3SO LP 80M19,068114843.8 
555WB8JUI2010W8SO LP 80M18,3821319122.0 
556LU2BRG1994LUSO LP 80M18,2126558  
557UA1APJ1992UA-1SO LP 80M17,76011380  
558SP4F2017SPSO LP 80M16,791100873.2 
559PI4AAG2008PASO LP 80M16,791958712.7PA3BNT
560PY7OJ2003PYSO LP 80M16,65057506.5  
561ES0/OH3NLP1994ESSO LP 80M16,52410781  
562OZ1CCM2009OZSO LP 80M15,662918213.5 
563OK1SI2007OKSO LP 80M15,60498835.3  
564SM6NJK1992SMSO LP 80M15,4849479  
565YU1GFG2002YUSO LP 80M (R)15,45097753.14N1JA 
566SN5Q2009SPSO LP 80M (T)15,39098812.6SQ5RDX
567VE7YU2013VE7SO LP 80M15,01273549.0 
568OK2BME2010OKSO LP 80M14,985105818.3 
569JH7IMX2013JA7SO LP 80M (T)14,78481645.4 
570YB3XM2011YBSO LP 80M14,50053504.9 
571US5ELM2013URSO LP 80M14,40075727.7 
572YO3JF2012YOSO LP 80M13,320767210.3 
573VE3YGN1997VE3SO LP 80M13,3007750  
574UT7ET2008URSO LP 80M13,0131029111.0 
575SP6FBD/31994SPSO LP 80M12,2128571  
576KI6LZ2014W6SO LP 80M11,550846613.0 
577W2CDO/32004W3SO LP 80M11,48477663.5  
578SQ3BDQ2015SPSO LP 80M11,38876732.4 
579SM7ATL1993SMSO LP 80M11,1369064  
580RW9QA2006RA9SO LP 80M10,824494427.0  
581RA3XA1997UA-3SO LP 80M10,39511499  
582K5RX2004W5SO LP 80M10,33692688.8  
583DH0DK1996DLSO LP 80M9,9847664  
584CO8ZZ2000CMSO LP 80M9,5405345  
585AB1U/62016W6SO LP 80M (T)9,52287694.2W6RKC
586S55O2007S5SO LP 80M9,408726430.7  
587OK7T2016OKSO LP 80M (T)9,34472641.1OK1FHI
588I4JEE2017ISO LP 80M9,31676684.1 
589UY3AW2007URSO LP 80M9,316726825.7  
590HA4FV2009HASO LP 80M8,77772673.3 
591VE3XAX2003VE3SO LP 80M (T)8,736524227.2  
592SP4AAZ2017SPSO LP 80M8,37970632.8 
593OM1AW1999OMSO LP 80M8,1606560  
594YO8BGE2016YOSO LP 80M7,90661596.1 
595NV3V1994W3SO LP 80M7,8005950  
596UA4FEN2008UA-4SO LP 80M7,32062602.5 
597HA3FUT2017HASO LP 80M7,23666542.3 
598OH1BC1994OHSO LP 80M7,2007060  
599UR4III2005URSO LP 80M7,06860573.3  
600SM0OGQ2008SMSO LP 80M6,84062571.7 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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