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401LY2BNL2007LYSO QRP 15M2,688544814.6  
402VU2UR2017VUSO QRP 15M (T)2,65239344.2 
403JE1CAC2016JA1SO QRP 15M (T)2,58434344.1 
404JH7LRS1985JA7SO QRP 15M2,5503534  
405SP4TBM2002SPSO QRP 15M2,508343328.0  
406JH1NXU2004JA1SO QRP 15M2,4503635  
407JA1KPF2009JA1SO QRP 15M2,405473710.1 
408HB9LDO1999HBSO QRP 15M2,3703330  
409SV5DKL2006SV5SO QRP 15M2,318433824.7  
410JQ6PAQ/12005JA1SO QRP 15M2,2773933  
411UN7EG2011UNSO QRP 15M2,23232312.5 
412JA1KPF2008JA1SO QRP 15M2,23243367.6 
413JH1BUB1990JA1SO QRP 15M2,2203630  
414N5BQQ1982W5SO QRP 15M2,2104034  
415JM2RUV2014JA2SO QRP 15M2,17836332.1 
416PA3CAL1992PASO QRP 15M2,0804640  
417BH4RRG2013BYSO QRP 15M2,05242367.7 
418RV3DBK2002UA-3SO QRP 15M1,99840375.3  
419JQ1NGT2001JA1SO QRP 15M1,9552923  
420DO1UZ2013DLSO QRP 15M1,85535353.4 
421PY4PW2004PYSO QRP 15M1,82731296.8  
422DF4WC2008DLSO QRP 15M1,82438389.3 
423JQ6PAQ2008JA6SO QRP 15M1,82445327.9 
424WA6FGV1996W6SO QRP 15M1,7645349  
425K6VHF2016W6SO QRP 15M1,70531314.0 
426DL2TM1999DLSO QRP 15M1,5752521  
427G3CWL/A1983GSO QRP 15M1,5752725  
428OK1DEK2012OKSO QRP 15M1,50030304.4 
429SM5ARR2004SMSO QRP 15M1,45236332.2  
430UB5MQS1987URSO QRP 15M1,4282421  
431ES1CR2009ESSO QRP 15M1,34432288.3 
432JH3DMQ2010JA3SO QRP 15M1,22229266.4 
433JH0XUP1985JA0SO QRP 15M1,2002625  
434UB5ZME1990URSO QRP 15M1,1763028  
435WB3JFS/72013W7SO QRP 15M1,17029263.0 
436JM2RUV2015JA2SO QRP 15M1,08020200.6 
437JA2IIT1984JA2SO QRP 15M1,0322524  
438SM6HQK1982SMSO QRP 15M1,0143126  
439JA1KPF2013JA1SO QRP 15M98828264.2 
440WT9S1999W9SO QRP 15M9523028  
441WB0GOB1987W0SO QRP 15M9362624  
442UB5WAB1986URSO QRP 15M9122019  
443JQ6PAQ2007JA6SO QRP 15M90028256.1  
444PY2ZQ2012PYSO QRP 15M88021204.8 
445RA3XEV2004UA-3SO QRP 15M80020201.2  
4469A8MM20169ASO QRP 15M74822220.3 
447KH6CS2012KH6SO QRP 15M70416162.0 
448SM3AGO1983SMSO QRP 15M6751515  
449LW4DYI2009LUSO QRP 15M67216162.2 
450JH1CFV2014JA1SO QRP 15M (R)60817165.6 
451PU2SCR1989PYSO QRP 15M6001615  
452JH3DMQ2008JA3SO QRP 15M58823216.5 
453OH7EU1981OHSO QRP 15M5442016  
454JF3XMI1993JASO QRP 15M5041918  
455VA3RJ2013VE3SO QRP 15M49515153.0 
456JJ0SFV/02016JA0SO QRP 15M48321212.6 
457K6ZY/72014W7SO QRP 15M46223225.5 
458JI1FYC1992JA1SO QRP 15M4031313  
459OH7EU1982OHSO QRP 15M4031513  
460DK5CM2016DLSO QRP 15M (T)39620181.0 
461AH6EK1983KH6SO QRP 15M3961212  
462KB5JO2015W5SO QRP 15M37713131.8 
463JA9TKL1981JA9SO QRP 15M3631211  
464OZ1BXM2001OZSO QRP 15M3511313  
465DU1XX2016DUSO QRP 15M33612121.1 
466OK1AIJ2013OKSO QRP 15M32412121.8 
467JM2RUV2016JA2SO QRP 15M30814140.4 
468JH1CFV2013JA1SO QRP 15M (R)30815144.5 
469JE7AWN1984JA7SO QRP 15M2941614  
470VE7EKS1989VE7SO QRP 15M2881312  
471II7U2013ISO QRP 15M28613131.6 
472DL2SHR2011DLSO QRP 15M28021203.4 
473YO5TA1981YOSO QRP 15M2641212  
474JO1LDY1987JA1SO QRP 15M2552117  
475TA1CH2016TA1SO QRP 15M21015141.7 
476JQ6PAQ/12009JA1SO QRP 15M18013120.9 
477DO2PHS2016DLSO QRP 15M16913132.6 
478JK6JAB2011JA6SO QRP 15M16512112.2 
479JS1PXE1986JA1SO QRP 15M15399  
480YO5TA1980YOSO QRP 15M1201010  
481UA9MM1980RA9SO QRP 15M1101110  
482JJ0SFV2017JA0SO QRP 15M1081091.4 
483SP4GFG2017SPSO QRP 15M99990.3 
484JA1KPF2006JA1SO QRP 15M968825.8  
4857K1CPT1997JA1SO QRP 15M9666  
486OZ6SF1981OZSO QRP 15M9177  
487WA8GHZ/51997W5SO QRP 15M90109  
488SP2UUU1989SPSO QRP 15M8466  
489OH2BUT1980OHSO QRP 15M7777  
490I1/K2LEO2005ISO QRP 15M637725.4  
491JA4GNK2010JA4SO QRP 15M48440.6 
492JA1KPF2007JA1SO QRP 15M455525.0  
493JF3WNO/32002JA3SO QRP 15M (T)404424.6  
494JO3XCK2012JA3SO QRP 15M32440.3 
495W2JEK1980W2SO QRP 15M2733  
496JA1POS2015JA1SO QRP 15M25550.7 
497JA1KPF2010JA1SO QRP 15M25551.0 
498JG3EHD2013JA3SO QRP 15M21330.8 
499UA9SG1988RA9SO QRP 15M1843  
500R9RA2011RA9SO QRP 15M16440.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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