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401W5BM2015W5SA LP 20M31,39512011510.3 
402YO5OLD2013YOSA LP 20M (T)30,2401521353.4 
403JL8WFI2015JA8SA LP 20M29,83213311323.8 
404SV9COL2017SV9SA LP 20M (T)29,5931101018.5 
405RV3LD2011UA-3SA LP 20M (T)28,9441531446.3 
406KA9O2012W9SA LP 20M27,1921031035.5 
407NW4V2013W4SA LP 20M26,7751061056.0 
408CT3FW2017CT3SA LP 20M26,675989710.8 
4099A1CMA20119ASA LP 20M26,6661701344.89A5TO
410DK5OS2010DLSA LP 20M (T)26,1301591348.8 
411YV5EMG2017YVSA LP 20M26,077112899.3 
412JA0GCI2016JA0SA LP 20M25,83311910914.9 
413YL2IP2013YLSA LP 20M25,7281391286.7 
414R6CW2015UA-6SA LP 20M25,70411010812.7 
415W6OAT2016W6SA LP 20M25,344102964.2 
416JA2KPV2009JA2SA LP 20M24,8641129611.5 
417WA1NBS2016W1SA LP 20M24,35412512315.9 
418JL6USD2017JA6SA LP 20M (T)24,16811710610.3 
419KF0IQ2011W0SA LP 20M23,49313712313.3 
420OF2LNH2017OHSA LP 20M23,1201461364.8OH2LNH
421XE2ST2015XESA LP 20M22,950124905.2 
422G3YJQ2014GSA LP 20M22,8691331215.5 
423DL9NEI2017DLSA LP 20M22,7701461383.6 
424SQ8KFM2014SPSA LP 20M22,3601161043.9 
425PD3OES2017PASA LP 20M21,8401421308.5 
426JO3PSJ2013JA3SA LP 20M21,7281079726.9 
427LA6TPA2017LASA LP 20M21,2281181167.3 
428KP2DX2013KP2SA LP 20M21,20398919.2KP2BH
429W2JC2016W2SA LP 20M20,988104999.5 
430YO9HG2009YOSA LP 20M20,79013912610.0 
431RU4SS2017UA-4SA LP 20M20,6481241161.5 
432EW7DK2012EUSA LP 20M20,1961061024.6 
433JF6RIM2014JA6SA LP 20M19,55299949.3 
434RA0SMS2010RA0SA LP 20M19,474135917.2 
435N6IC2015W6SA LP 20M19,20194913.6 
436ON9CC2014ONSA LP 20M19,19099952.4 
437BG8FT2017BYSA LP 20M18,29196914.4 
438JM1NKT2005JA1SA LP 20M (T)18,088967626.1  
439PD7RB2014PASA LP 20M17,954979411.6 
440DH5HV2007DLSA LP 20M17,6401029828.2  
441NN5Z1998W5SA LP 20M17,200111100K5PX 
442VY1EI2011VE8SA LP 20M (T)17,1721118110.1 
443IT9CKA2017IT9SA LP 20M (T)16,8951421096.7 
444JA7RQK2015JA7SA LP 20M16,76688836.6 
445WA3AAN2011W3SA LP 20M (T)16,490104974.7 
446K7GS2016W7SA LP 20M16,40586853.7 
447DJ6OI2017DLSA LP 20M16,33079714.4 
448DR5M2014DLSA LP 20M (T)15,4501121032.4DL5NEN
449US6IKT2013URSA LP 20M14,7341141069.3 
450EA4ZK2016EASA LP 20M14,725106951.4 
451KO3T2014W3SA LP 20M14,47278725.7 
452RN3DKQ2012UA-3SA LP 20M14,000727012.1 
453NW4V2017W4SA LP 20M13,77471713.1 
454UR5VR2010URSA LP 20M13,26091853.3 
455RA3ID2015UA-3SA LP 20M13,19573654.7 
456DL1OJ2013DLSA LP 20M12,71984797.4 
457YB2DX2017YBSA LP 20M12,456767210.6 
458UT2IW2016URSA LP 20M12,31276764.5 
459WF3M2016W3SA LP 20M12,03673682.6 
460IK2TKX2012ISA LP 20M11,9381059411.7 
461EA1AOQ2016EASA LP 20M11,92891848.8 
462YC1CWK2017YBSA LP 20M11,584696410.8 
463W7SST2010W7SA LP 20M11,1801028611.8 
464DL5GAC2017DLSA LP 20M (T)10,38499884.2 
465JK1FUP2017JA1SA LP 20M (T)10,212887412.6 
466XE1EE2017XESA LP 20M9,89189632.4 
467UA9FKH2016UA-9SA LP 20M9,79682794.5 
468NT5TU2004W5SA LP 20M9,72774712.6  
469JE2VYM2015JA2SA LP 20M (T)9,724706815.6 
470YV5COR2016YVSA LP 20M9,06357576.5 
471N5IKD2015W5SA LP 20M8,97671686.8 
472R9IR2011RA9SA LP 20M8,79258561.7 
473SP9EML2014SPSA LP 20M8,13673723.4  
474UY2IF2016URSA LP 20M8,10082755.7 
475RX9UK2017RA9SA LP 20M8,06456562.4 
476W0EA/52015W5SA LP 20M (T)7,86963613.1 
477EA2GM2015EASA LP 20M (T)7,72861563.6 
478K2RET2016W2SA LP 20M7,59952511.2 
479RD8D2017RA9SA LP 20M7,20050501.4RX9CAZ
480PD7RB2012PASA LP 20M7,02062605.4 
481PI4WLD2010PASA LP 20M (T)6,55557572.8PA0MIR
482RV1ZT2015UA-1SA LP 20M6,49776735.1 
483JE2VYM2014JA2SA LP 20M (T)6,432484810.2 
484GM4UYZ2015GMSA LP 20M6,09071702.5 
485KG8DH2015W8SA LP 20M6,00048486.0 
486JH0EPI2010JA0SA LP 20M5,92864572.9 
487JA2KPV2011JA2SA LP 20M5,70055505.3 
488YO9GDN2016YOSA LP 20M5,58046453.7 
489K0ARY2016W0SA LP 20M (T)5,26447473.9 
490DJ7UC2017DLSA LP 20M5,22670675.8 
491RA4HPI2012UA-4SA LP 20M5,19261592.1 
492YT1ML2014YUSA LP 20M5,130555411.0  
493BH1FXN2017BYSA LP 20M5,09679528.8 
494IK2XRW2009ISA LP 20M5,07657543.1 
495BG5HWL2017BYSA LP 20M5,07382573.5 
496HS7AT2016HSSA LP 20M4,91464545.7HS7UCQ
497YU3MP2014YUSA LP 20M4,84056558.0  
498NW4V2016W4SA LP 20M4,77343431.9 
499K7JNA2016W7SA LP 20M4,750565012.7 
500BD2TBJ2012BYSA LP 20M4,40056506.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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