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4601PY2TOP2017PYSA HP ALL1,72222211.5 
4602UU2JQ1999URSA HP ALL1,6402720  
4603JA7ZP2009JA7SA HP ALL1,53929272.2 
4604RA6AR2013UA-6SA HP ALL1,51228270.8 
4605DF5AU2015DLSA HP ALL (T)1,45626262.7 
4606W4EAB2017W4SA HP ALL1,45225224.1 
4607JG1SXP2011JA1SA HP ALL1,43128271.9 
4608KF6I2014W6SA HP ALL1,38024231.7  
4609PA1T2011PASA HP ALL1,36331293.1 
4610IK2RLS2006ISA HP ALL1,35228264.7  
4611N4ES2015W4SA HP ALL1,33024191.9 
4612W7OLY2014W7SA HP ALL1,32032301.3 
4613UA1OMS2014UA-1SA HP ALL1,29222193.0 
4614N6AJR2011W6SA HP ALL (T)1,27428262.1 
4615KF2O1995W2SA HP ALL1,2421818  
4616F4DSK2017FSA HP ALL1,21024221.8 
4617LU6QI2010LUSA HP ALL1,20717173.6 
4618K6ST2012W6SA HP ALL (T)1,16031294.0 
4619EW1BA2013EUSA HP ALL1,08020183.9 
4620NI6T2012W6SA HP ALL1,02619181.4 
4621DL1KID2016DLSA HP ALL1,02526251.5 
4622UR7HN2015URSA HP ALL1,02330313.0  
4623DL1NEK2017DLSA HP ALL1,01529291.8 
4624UX3IO2011URSA HP ALL96920192.9 
4625JA1PTJ2014JA1SA HP ALL92020201.8 
4626SP9MDY2007SPSA HP ALL91818185.3  
4627W0YK/62016W6SA HP ALL91517152.8 
4628JR9GMS2015JA9SA HP ALL90119171.3 
4629KD0CVO2013W0SA HP ALL85824223.4 
4630ZL4FZ2017ZLSA HP ALL83319173.8 
4631KT7G2015W7SA HP ALL81617172.0 
4632WM6A2014W6SA HP ALL79219180.8K6TA
4633JH1XUM2017JA1SA HP ALL78016153.7 
4634JR1BAS2007JA1SA HP ALL (T)768161625.2  
4635TC1DX2013TA1SA HP ALL73521213.6  
4636CX7ACH2013CXSA HP ALL72220193.4 
4637RA4ST2008UA-4SA HP ALL68816161.6 
4638HK3JJB2012HKSA HP ALL63017152.9 
4639DJ0TP2010DLSA HP ALL62123232.5 
4640ND2O2017W4SA HP ALL61515150.9 
4641KK6QM1994W6SA HP ALL6121918  
4642KI6QDH2015W6SA HP ALL60022203.7 
4643DJ1AA2013DLSA HP ALL60022202.5 
4644JA1XUY2016JA1SA HP ALL59217160.6 
4645K6IFF2015W6SA HP ALL (T)57415142.4 
4646K2YR2015W2SA HP ALL56014140.6 
4647YO4CSL2010YOSA HP ALL54614131.5 
4648PT2NP2015PYSA HP ALL51011103.4 
4649PY7XC2017PYSA HP ALL50713130.1  
4650R2AB2013UA-3SA HP ALL48113130.9 
4651N4LR2016W4SA HP ALL45619191.1 
4652RT9T/32017UA-3SA HP ALL45513131.5 
4653YO9SW2017YOSA HP ALL42517170.9 
4654LZ2ZG2017LZSA HP ALL42018150.4  
4655DL8OBF2014DLSA HP ALL41613131.6 
4656VE3IQ2012VE3SA HP ALL39612121.2 
4657UU2JQ2014URSA HP ALL37713131.0 
4658UA0W2015RA0SA HP ALL (T)34812121.7 
4659LU6QI2015LUSA HP ALL33011112.4 
4660RU9F2015UA-9SA HP ALL31011103.4 
4661JR7MAZ2016JA7SA HP ALL306991.2 
4662N8AGU2015W8SA HP ALL30010100.2 
4663LA1K2015LASA HP ALL28515152.8LA6XTA
4664JA5FBZ2017JA5SA HP ALL26012104.4 
4665VE6CSX2016VE6SA HP ALL25311113.7 
4666JN1RQV2014JA1SA HP ALL252990.8 
4667UU2JQ2013URSA HP ALL2481081.0 
4668UA9OC2012RA9SA HP ALL2431091.4 
4669PY1MT2016PYSA HP ALL231772.0 
4670UA7R2016UA-6SA HP ALL22115132.4 
4671EA5XY2012EASA HP ALL22010102.5 
4672ZS1LS2014ZSSA HP ALL210871.3 
4673YU1AOT2011YUSA HP ALL20813130.6 
4674UU2JQ2006URSA HP ALL2088824.8  
4675R2CA2017UA-3SA HP ALL192660.9 
4676NA9RB2016W9SA HP ALL176981.7 
4677PY2FSG2016PYSA HP ALL (T)152880.8 
4678YO8RNI2012YOSA HP ALL152881.0 
4679SP8HKT2010SPSA HP ALL133871.3 
4680EW7M2017EUSA HP ALL120660.7 
4681PT2NP2014PYSA HP ALL108662.4  
4682I8BVW2017ISA HP ALL105770.6 
4683K1BV2017W1SA HP ALL9912112.3 
4684RV6ASU2017UA-6SA HP ALL96761.7 
4685RU6K2016UA-6SA HP ALL91770.8 
4686JA1LNZ2017JA1SA HP ALL90550.7 
4687W5GDX2016W5SA HP ALL90551.3 
4688AI9T2015W9SA HP ALL9010100.5 
4689OZ8AGB2015OZSA HP ALL (T)90992.4 
4690SP9MDY2012SPSA HP ALL90661.2 
4691SP3KRE2007SPSA HP ALL906625.0SQ3HTX 
4692RU3OO2009UA-3SA HP ALL80881.4 
4693N8AGU2016W8SA HP ALL75550.1 
4694UR4IXM2012URSA HP ALL75550.3 
4695JI1KLL2016JA1SA HP ALL70771.3 
4696EW7M2016EUSA HP ALL66661.0  
4697K5FUV2017W5SA HP ALL (T)65550.1 
4698LU6QI2011LUSA HP ALL65551.2 
4699AI2N2016W2SA HP ALL54430.3 
4700VE6AO2016VE6SA HP ALL50551.1VE6CCL

Page 47 of 48

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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