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3901JA1GO1991JA1SO HP 20M1,7252525  
3902UB5RDK1986URSO HP 20M1,7252725  
3903RB5VW1985URSO HP 20M1,7252723  
3904UF6FFJ19824LSO HP 20M1,7022623  
3905XE1AVM1991XESO HP 20M1,7004534  
3906UB5QDU1982URSO HP 20M1,6752725  
3907JI7OED1994JA7SO HP 20M1,6643432  
3908NJ2C1985W2SO HP 20M1,6643026  
3909LZ1KSF1985LZSO HP 20M1,6604032Alex 
3910LA9AU1995LASO HP 20M1,6533029  
3911I2JIN1983ISO HP 20M1,6473027  
3912LZ109RF2012LZSO HP 20M1,62030300.3LZ1YE
3913OK1DIS1979OKOMSO HP 20M1,6204730  
3914AJ9U1984W9SO HP 20M1,6002525  
3915UA4HAN1979UA-4SO HP 20M1,6002525  
3916JA9CWJ2017JA9SO HP 20M (T)1,59629282.0 
3917SP9EML1980SPSO HP 20M1,5933227  
3918JR2BNF1985JA2SO HP 20M1,5682928  
3919JL1DLQ2012JA1SO HP 20M1,56024246.0 
3920K8PYD1995W8SO HP 20M1,5602424  
3921UA6ADV1980UA-6SO HP 20M1,5603231  
3922K2MN1993W1SO HP 20M1,5303230  
3923VK6HZ2009VKSO HP 20M1,51224244.5 
3924UP2BJQ1983LYSO HP 20M1,5122524  
3925OK2BBJ1986OKOMSO HP 20M1,4602520  
3926UA9WDM1985RA9SO HP 20M1,4602520  
3927OK1FBH1983OKOMSO HP 20M1,4563428  
3928UT5HP1986URSO HP 20M1,4503029  
3929Y51QL1984DMSO HP 20M1,4264031  
3930UR4IXM2008URSO HP 20M1,41934335.4US6IPD
3931DF8AN1982DLSO HP 20M1,4103730  
3932UL7GBP1982UNSO HP 20M1,3943734  
3933JA0GTM1985JA0SO HP 20M1,3802323  
3934KV8M1982W8SO HP 20M1,3506545  
3935LA8GK1996LASO HP 20M1,3442424  
3936KC7V1982W7SO HP 20M1,3304338  
3937AA2Z/11986W1SO HP 20M1,3263634  
3938SM0MLL/AJ41985W4SO HP 20M1,3205244  
3939UA6AVD1979UA-6SO HP 20M1,3202722  
3940VU2JOS2014VUSO HP 20M1,29624242.3 
3941JA1OUM1981JA1SO HP 20M1,2874313  
3942KZ5OM/62009W6SO HP 20M1,24223232.4K6III
3943JA4MRC1990JA4SO HP 20M1,2392121  
3944SP5CBA1984SPSO HP 20M1,2322222  
3945JK1LUY1979JA1SO HP 20M1,2323322  
3946SP5FLB1981SPSO HP 20M1,2002220  
3947JA6FYM1979JA6SO HP 20M1,1522218  
3948Y75XH/P1985DMSO HP 20M1,1483128  
3949N3CZB1988W3SO HP 20M1,1362516  
3950OZ5IPA1995OZSO HP 20M1,1103130  
3951UN8LWF2011UNSO HP 20M1,08319191.3UN9LAB
3952W3FQE1994W3SO HP 20M1,0832019  
3953ZL3SL1994ZLSO HP 20M1,0641414  
3954UA1DF1982UA-1SO HP 20M1,0502625  
3955UY5GG1979URSO HP 20M1,0322524  
3956JK1LUY2007JA1SO HP 20M1,029212124.8  
3957VE3DQB1985VE3SO HP 20M9872221  
3958UW3BX1983UA-3SO HP 20M9842924  
3959OK2BPK1979OKOMSO HP 20M9691917  
3960RZ6AWP1985UA-6SO HP 20M9682522  
3961UA9AU1982RA9SO HP 20M9622826  
3962N2NS/62009W6SO HP 20M95028251.3 
3963OK1JDJ1985OKOMSO HP 20M9351917  
3964UA1THF1991UA-1SO HP 20M9243228  
3965UR4EI2007URSO HP 20M891292725.7  
3966WE6C2017W6SO HP 20M88825241.1 
3967RA6HF1990UA-6SO HP 20M8882524  
3968UA6HQF1984UA-6SO HP 20M8742119  
3969KA6A/91991W9SO HP 20M8641818  
3970Y22OB1983DMSO HP 20M8641818  
3971DL5AUJ1998DLSO HP 20M8461918  
3972DL3KWF1991DLSO HP 20M8402020  
3973JA1UPO1980JA1SO HP 20M8252115  
3974N6JM1986W6SO HP 20M8161716  
3975Y24XH1991DLSO HP 20M8142222  
3976KE4OAR2001W4SO HP 20M (T)810181825.7  
3977OK2BQL1989OKOMSO HP 20M7991717  
3978YO9IE1983YOSO HP 20M7991717  
3979Y21FL1983DMSO HP 20M7922822  
3980OK2BCI1982OKOMSO HP 20M7742018  
3981Y64YG1985DMSO HP 20M7702322  
3982K8HF1982W8SO HP 20M7481717  
3983W9YCN1987W9SO HP 20M7421717  
3984EA3GT1981EASO HP 20M7402520  
3985OH6RE2010OHSO HP 20M72016151.0 
3986UC2ABO1993EUSO HP 20M7203424  
3987UA0OAA1981RA0SO HP 20M7141714  
3988YO3JW2017YOSO HP 20M70020201.2 
3989JA1AJA1985JA1SO HP 20M6901615  
3990SP6OUJ1990SPSO HP 20M6762626  
3991JG1FZG1979JA1SO HP 20M6721816  
3992JG7EHM2017JA7SO HP 20M64617170.9 
3993JH8DBJ2015JA8SO HP 20M64515150.6 
3994OK2PEQ1980OKOMSO HP 20M6442823  
3995UP2BEU1980LYSO HP 20M6242524  
3996JR2HAR/31984JA3SO HP 20M6151515  
3997JQ3OZY1990JA3SO HP 20M6002120  
3998UA0ZCJ1990RA0SO HP 20M6002020  
3999UA9SFR1982RA9SO HP 20M5782117  
4000BG2WRJ2017BYSO HP 20M57620182.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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