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3801JP1LRT2015JA1SA LP ALL8,08363592.2 
3802JF1KWG2013JA1SA LP ALL8,06072655.0 
3803W9LW2015W9SA LP ALL8,03761572.2 
3804WM4I2018W4SA LP ALL (T)8,00852522.4WM4I
3805N6GP2017W6SA LP ALL7,99872626.1 
3806US2YW2013URSA LP ALL7,98670661.3 
3807R9CM2016RA9SA LP ALL7,90059502.2 
3808DK5TX2014DLSA LP ALL (T)7,86672692.6 
3809Z6/LZ1BJ2014Z6SA LP ALL7,83972671.3 
3810YU7AF2013YUSA LP ALL7,80064601.0 
3811N8IK/42007W4SA LP ALL7,747626128.2  
3812RA9AC2010RA9SA LP ALL7,70857473.0 
3813UW7CN2013URSA LP ALL7,68669638.3 
3814UY5QZ2015URSA LP ALL7,66857543.0 
3815JN1ECL2017JA1SA LP ALL7,60545454.5 
3816SV9RNG2016SV9SA LP ALL7,60087763.4 
3817VU2GRM2017VUSA LP ALL7,599695116.9 
3818N4OK2007W4SA LP ALL7,54057522.5  
3819N0KK2017W0SA LP ALL7,52194692.7 
3820KC0DEB2013W0SA LP ALL7,48857528.1 
3821RA3FD2017UA-3SA LP ALL7,48055552.2 
3822PY2MR2010PYSA LP ALL7,45261544.0 
3823JA7ZP2017JA7SA LP ALL7,44859494.9 
3824SQ9IAU2015SPSA LP ALL (T)7,39859544.5 
3825KU2C2014W2SA LP ALL7,37953472.1 
3826WA2BCK/42009W4SA LP ALL7,37061553.0 
3827BG4UVX2013BYSA LP ALL7,360846415.6 
3828JF9PPM2017JA9SA LP ALL (R)7,34456513.9 
3829R9CM2015RA9SA LP ALL7,34460512.0 
3830BH4RRG2017BYSA LP ALL7,29682578.7 
3831KD2IWW2018W2SA LP ALL7,280585214.7KD2IWW
3832ON6FC2008ONSA LP ALL7,23884775.0 
3833JA1PYP2002JA1SA LP ALL (T)7,23851479.2  
3834N3WMC2017W3SA LP ALL7,23685677.6 
3835K0UK2014W0SA LP ALL7,20558551.4 
3836EC1DD2018EASA LP ALL (T)7,19867593.3EC1DD
3837DL6UM2009DLSA LP ALL7,19860595.2 
3838KR2E/72016W7SA LP ALL7,18268634.3 
3839UA9XBJ2011RA9SA LP ALL7,18257543.6 
3840EA7GV2012EASA LP ALL7,16859561.3 
3841KC0RET2006W0SA LP ALL7,10475643.9  
3842EA2AZ2008EASA LP ALL7,10269674.5 
3843NO0L2015W0SA LP ALL7,08955514.2 
3844RU3U2015UA-3SA LP ALL (T)7,08062601.2  
3845OE1TKW2013OESA LP ALL7,07256524.1 
3846L99D2002LUSA LP ALL7,05055474.1LU7DW 
3847K1KU2016W1SA LP ALL7,04055554.6 
3848N1MD1997W1SA LP ALL7,0385046  
3849W5GZ2012W5SA LP ALL7,00851485.0 
3850KT8X2010W8SA LP ALL7,00056561.2 
3851LZ5IL2016LZSA LP ALL (T)6,99366633.2 
3852W1MAW2011W1SA LP ALL6,94464625.6 
3853OK1VVW2003OKSA LP ALL (T)6,944626210.9  
3854EA3AVV2012EASA LP ALL6,91258542.3 
3855N7XY2002W7SA LP ALL6,91257543.1  
3856JA1MZM2018JA1SA LP ALL (T)6,90050463.2JA1MZM
3857DM6CS2015DLSA LP ALL6,88266624.6 
3858UT6CW2017URSA LP ALL6,81658488.3  
3859N4ZR2017W3SA LP ALL (T)6,81152491.7 
3860NJ5DX2008W5SA LP ALL6,75064541.9W5OV
3861BG5JND2018BYSA LP ALL6,72862584.9BG5JND
3862W3WTD2017W3SA LP ALL6,678655311.7 
3863WB8RFB2018W9SA LP ALL6,63054514.2WB8RFB
3864JQ1ARQ2017JA1SA LP ALL6,61558492.7 
3865AA4DD2011W4SA LP ALL6,56055418.4 
3866KC7PM2013W7SA LP ALL6,55593698.0 
3867BH5HBU2017BYSA LP ALL6,549106597.8 
38688S6T2004SMSA LP ALL (T)6,545605528.9SM6WET 
3869W4BW2018W4SA LP ALL (T)6,53349472.5W4BW
3870VE6DJT2007VE6SA LP ALL6,52859515.4  
3871BG0ARE2015BYSA LP ALL6,50054526.4 
3872ON6LR2017ONSA LP ALL6,49659584.6 
3873DL7JAN2012DLSA LP ALL (T)6,49666582.4 
3874K7TR2003W7SA LP ALL (T)6,49661564.5  
3875JR2TTS2017JA2SA LP ALL6,49345437.0 
3876NC6RJ2017W6SA LP ALL6,48648463.1 
3877AD4YQ2007W4SA LP ALL6,480726014.2  
3878PD0ME2015PASA LP ALL6,46873663.2 
3879YU7BJ2014YUSA LP ALL6,44059562.0 
3880K5EMI/02016W0SA LP ALL6,43569553.4 
3881SQ8JLN2011SPSA LP ALL6,43559554.4 
3882AJ9C2013W9SA LP ALL6,43167591.6 
3883SQ8VPS2018SPSA LP ALL (R)6,42657545.2SQ8VPS
38847M2ALZ2017JA1SA LP ALL6,42661518.5 
3885RA3QH2015UA-3SA LP ALL6,41952493.0 
3886SV8PMM2017SVSA LP ALL6,40562614.3 
3887KT8D2014W8SA LP ALL (T)6,40139376.9 
3888WK0V2017W0SA LP ALL6,40075648.9K0XQ
3889K4FDP2013W4SA LP ALL6,40044407.8 
3890ES2DJ2017ESSA LP ALL6,32153493.7  
3891PY7ZY2015PYSA LP ALL6,25548451.8 
3892DL9IM2017DLSA LP ALL6,20662586.5 
3893SQ6LJV2015SPSA LP ALL6,19248434.3 
3894AD4YQ2011W4SA LP ALL6,17456494.2 
3895DL2RD2015DLSA LP ALL6,12053456.9 
3896K0LDS2018W0SA LP ALL6,10257543.1K0LDS
3897LA3ZA2013LASA LP ALL (T)6,04864635.0 
3898HB9ELD2015HBSA LP ALL6,00061604.9  
3899WA7SHP2017W7SA LP ALL5,99572556.7  
3900W7VXS2017W7SA LP ALL5,98566633.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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