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3801K2BB2013W2SA LP ALL (T)88218181.8 
3802DM1TT2012DLSA LP ALL (T)87420191.7 
3803IT9LNH2009IT9SA LP ALL87423193.5 
3804SA5ACN2011SMSA LP ALL86829284.9 
3805DL5ANS2012DLSA LP ALL86717171.7 
3806GM4UYZ2011GMSA LP ALL86432322.9 
3807RA0ANO2011RA0SA LP ALL86419182.6 
3808JA1BIV2013JA1SA LP ALL86121213.1 
3809S59EIJ2011S5SA LP ALL82824230.4 
3810SQ5NRY2016SPSA LP ALL81719192.7 
3811W6IHG/42011W4SA LP ALL81617171.8 
3812RX6AOB2017UA-6SA LP ALL79224223.9 
3813OE1HXS2015OESA LP ALL (R)78020202.3 
3814JP1QDH2013JA1SA LP ALL (T)78020202.0 
3815AI6DO2016W6SA LP ALL (R)76518173.4 
3816BH8DRP2014BYSA LP ALL (R)75027255.0 
3817ZS6C2014ZSSA LP ALL74819174.0 
3818XE1EE2009XESA LP ALL74119192.3 
3819N9KY/42014W4SA LP ALL (T)72022201.2 
3820W4JHC2012W4SA LP ALL71417172.6 
3821K3OQ2007W3SA LP ALL714222128.2  
3822DF9GH2016DLSA LP ALL70516153.3 
3823F6BIP2013FSA LP ALL69015150.9 
3824W4JHC/52015W5SA LP ALL68420184.6 
3825W1WBB2016W1SA LP ALL (T)67214141.7 
3826KL1JP2012KLSA LP ALL66618181.9 
3827UU4JQE2013URSA LP ALL65616162.5 
3828BH8ASZ2015BYSA LP ALL65124216.7 
3829BD2IAQ2017BYSA LP ALL64021201.2  
3830UA9CNX2014RA9SA LP ALL64016164.1 
3831F4GFT2017FSA LP ALL62020203.4 
3832LX1ER2017LXSA LP ALL (T)60921212.9 
3833EB3CML2010EASA LP ALL60820192.1 
3834VK6WX2015VKSA LP ALL58514132.1 
3835PT9DX2017PYSA LP ALL56016161.4 
3836UA9CNX2015RA9SA LP ALL55914131.9 
3837JH1OES2014JA1SA LP ALL (T)55515155.5 
3838RU9YF2016RA9SA LP ALL54416162.7 
3839N3AFT2012W3SA LP ALL54417174.5 
3840F/G0PZA2017FSA LP ALL (T)52020200.8 
3841WM5F2017W7SA LP ALL49413132.3 
3842K4XU/72016W7SA LP ALL49317170.3 
3843BG3IYX2017BYSA LP ALL48618181.7 
3844KD9CLH2017W9SA LP ALL (R)46813131.6 
3845YO7SR2017YOSA LP ALL46515151.8 
3846SQ5NRY2014SPSA LP ALL45613121.9  
3847GW4TSG2016GWSA LP ALL45016152.2 
3848AB4RL2001W4SA LP ALL450151525.8  
3849RA0ANO2012RA0SA LP ALL44815142.1 
3850UA9LBQ2015RA9SA LP ALL44215132.5 
3851PY2CAT2017PYSA LP ALL43719197.6 
38527N4KQM2016JA1SA LP ALL43723194.4 
3853DK4US2011DLSA LP ALL43519153.4 
3854N5XJ2017W5SA LP ALL43414140.5 
3855LA6CF2013LASA LP ALL43212122.0 
3856S59V2004S5SA LP ALL42014142.3  
3857VE6JY1998VE6SA LP ALL4181211  
3858YB6LBH2017YBSA LP ALL40010103.7  
3859N1GSA2016W1SA LP ALL40017163.2 
3860LU1BJW2015LUSA LP ALL39612120.8 
3861W1HFG2014W1SA LP ALL39611114.0 
3862PY2MTV2007PYSA LP ALL385111125.8  
3863NF1O2013W1SA LP ALL38412121.4 
3864W0PAN/72014W7SA LP ALL (T)37818183.8 
3865BG5OA2014BYSA LP ALL36015153.4 
3866RK6AQP2016UA-6SA LP ALL35211112.2  
3867VK6WX2014VKSA LP ALL34812121.8 
3868IZ5JLW2012ISA LP ALL (T)34812122.6 
3869JE8FYE2017JA8SA LP ALL34018173.5 
3870UY5QZ2016URSA LP ALL33815130.9 
3871UA0ZC2014RA0SA LP ALL33814131.3 
3872SG6T2017SMSA LP ALL32214141.7SM6WET
3873W7SST2006W7SA LP ALL32214142.0  
3874AD4YQ2016W4SA LP ALL315991.0 
3875SP1ADY2015SPSA LP ALL3061191.7 
3876JA2KCY2017JA2SA LP ALL30015151.9 
38777L4IOU2015JA1SA LP ALL29711111.2 
3878BD6AHU2015BYSA LP ALL29415141.0 
3879BH4SKP2015BYSA LP ALL (T)27612120.9 
3880PU4YJS2015PYSA LP ALL27216169.6 
3881JI3KXB2010JA3SA LP ALL27010100.7 
3882VU2GUR2012VUSA LP ALL26614144.3 
3883RN4AM2014UA-4SA LP ALL264980.9 
3884UU2JQ2002URSA LP ALL264111124.3  
3885RW6AF2016UA-6SA LP ALL252990.7 
3886W4JHC/52014W5SA LP ALL24714134.1 
3887YB1RUS2016YBSA LP ALL243991.6 
3888JA4MRL2016JA4SA LP ALL (T)24013121.7 
3889BG3UPA2015BYSA LP ALL24012121.1 
3890F4FDA2013FSA LP ALL24011102.6 
3891JK7WQP2016JA7SA LP ALL23111113.4 
3892VE3XAT2009VE3SA LP ALL225991.2 
3893NC6B2017W6SA LP ALL22114131.3  
3894W4JUU2015W4SA LP ALL22010101.9 
3895AD1L2016W1SA LP ALL216990.5  
3896K0EZW2015W0SA LP ALL (T)216981.8 
3897W4WNT2017W4SA LP ALL20911111.7 
3898RA3VE2010UA-3SA LP ALL20813131.2 
3899IN3EJN2014ISA LP ALL203771.4 
3900OZ8AGB2016OZSA LP ALL (T)19513132.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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