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3701SQ9IAU2014SPSA LP ALL1,94429273.6 
3702IK2SAR2013ISA LP ALL1,92232317.1 
3703MW0BRO2016GWSA LP ALL1,91142390.7 
3704NF1O2011W1SA LP ALL1,89030301.8 
3705GM4UYZ2008GMSA LP ALL1,89050455.5 
3706EA8RY2016EA8SA LP ALL1,86323231.7 
3707DL8UAT2008DLSA LP ALL (T)1,86331273.7 
3708KE1J2015W1SA LP ALL (T)1,86023200.6 
3709W6JBR2017W6SA LP ALL1,85630292.0  
3710JA3PYC2016JA3SA LP ALL1,79424231.6 
3711RW3DY2011UA-3SA LP ALL1,76436366.1 
3712NA3M/42017W4SA LP ALL1,76022220.6 
3713SP6IHE2013SPSA LP ALL1,75028257.7 
3714DL9YAJ2007DLSA LP ALL (T)1,73633312.9  
3715KG6TT2007W6SA LP ALL (T)1,73436342.1  
3716KZ2V/62016W6SA LP ALL1,71031300.8 
3717AB4IQ2015W4SA LP ALL1,69028263.6 
3718IK3SCB2011ISA LP ALL1,68038351.5 
3719JI3QGQ2015JA3SA LP ALL (T)1,67525254.6 
3720DL4IAZ2017DLSA LP ALL1,66634341.2 
3721W1WBB2013W1SA LP ALL (T)1,63823213.2 
3722K3FH2017W3SA LP ALL1,62531252.1 
3723UR0IQ2014URSA LP ALL1,62525255.3 
3724R5KV2016UA-3SA LP ALL1,60032320.6 
3725BH3COZ2015BYSA LP ALL1,60041326.8 
3726SP9EML2016SPSA LP ALL1,59628281.8 
3727BA4CW2012BYSA LP ALL1,59031303.6 
3728SQ5NRY2015SPSA LP ALL1,58426227.8 
3729WM5Q2014W5SA LP ALL (T)1,56027263.4 
3730NA6G2009W6SA LP ALL1,56036303.5 
3731JA1MZM2008JA1SA LP ALL1,56024200.5 
3732AD4YQ2015W4SA LP ALL1,54022222.9 
3733BH4TXN2014BYSA LP ALL1,54029282.2 
3734KB9O2013W9SA LP ALL1,52526254.0  
3735W7EEU2017W7SA LP ALL1,51221214.3 
3736K8NZ/42014W4SA LP ALL1,50027250.8 
3737N9KY/42012W4SA LP ALL (T)1,50025252.0 
3738DL3HWM2013DLSA LP ALL1,49623223.2 
3739YU5A2007YUSA LP ALL1,472262324.8  
3740PD3OES2016PASA LP ALL1,47038352.7 
3741AF6WF/72016W7SA LP ALL1,45735313.7 
3742K3FH2003W3SA LP ALL1,45026251.2  
3743EB2RA2017EASA LP ALL (T)1,44419190.8 
3744NG0K2015W0SA LP ALL1,44032322.8  
3745DL5HF2010DLSA LP ALL1,44038366.5 
3746KA3DRR/62007W6SA LP ALL1,430322630.6  
3747RA6YJ2011UA-6SA LP ALL1,42625237.1 
3748W4WNT2016W4SA LP ALL1,40822221.8 
3749KB2URI2014W2SA LP ALL1,40323232.1 
3750DL3YDY2009DLSA LP ALL1,40036357.8 
3751BH6KOK2016BYSA LP ALL (R)1,39229297.1 
3752JN3IWQ2014JA3SA LP ALL1,37527253.7 
3753W7SST2008W7SA LP ALL1,36436312.3 
3754SM6D2012SMSA LP ALL1,35025252.8SM6DER
3755XE2RC2008XESA LP ALL (T)1,35027253.3 
3756VK2CCC2007VKSA LP ALL (T)1,35029187.3LY1F 
3757K6III2016W6SA LP ALL (T)1,34224221.7 
3758N3AO/42013W4SA LP ALL1,32329271.6 
3759UT5UNZ2017URSA LP ALL1,32020202.4 
3760JR2BYJ2017JA2SA LP ALL1,29618180.6 
37617X2GK20147XSA LP ALL1,29624244.1 
3762NA4EA2013W4SA LP ALL1,29616161.1 
3763VK4FJ2017VKSA LP ALL1,28123213.9 
3764CE3TAM2014CESA LP ALL1,281232110.0 
3765K7VIT2006W7SA LP ALL1,254222227.0  
3766VE3XAT2015VE3SA LP ALL1,23922211.2 
3767DL2MLU2009DLSA LP ALL1,22427242.3 
3768PY1GQ2017PYSA LP ALL1,20725172.8 
3769RN4AM2015UA-4SA LP ALL1,20020202.0 
3770BH5HBU2016BYSA LP ALL1,17626243.2 
3771RN4AM2013UA-4SA LP ALL1,15220182.1 
3772W4TG2017W4SA LP ALL1,15025251.6 
3773OF1KH2017OHSA LP ALL1,14829283.9 
3774V85ZX2017V8SA LP ALL1,13424214.8 
3775PY2COY2016PYSA LP ALL1,11322215.1  
3776RU7A2017UA-6SA LP ALL1,10022222.5 
3777YO3CVG2017YOSA LP ALL1,09223212.6  
3778TA4/LA9DAA2014TASA LP ALL1,08021181.9 
3779PR7GA2017PYSA LP ALL (R)1,06628267.5 
3780JQ2XVY2014JA2SA LP ALL1,03524234.9 
3781KD8OAP2012W8SA LP ALL (R)1,03523236.3 
3782JA9EJG2017JA9SA LP ALL (T)1,03428223.1 
3783ON7PX2016ONSA LP ALL1,03224241.8 
3784W4WNT2007W4SA LP ALL1,02624192.0  
3785BH3QZZ2016BYSA LP ALL1,02525252.3 
3786BG3ATI2014BYSA LP ALL1,00821212.2 
3787GM4UYZ2017GMSA LP ALL99232313.0 
3788BH1TTE2017BYSA LP ALL (R)98829262.5 
3789JP3QAO2017JA3SA LP ALL98721214.7 
3790KB9O2017W9SA LP ALL98426241.9 
3791BG6CQZ2011BYSA LP ALL98427245.1 
3792LA8CJ2015LASA LP ALL (T)96825225.9 
3793WT5U2007W5SA LP ALL936252426.4  
3794N9LAH2013W9SA LP ALL93519172.3 
3795YO7AWZ2015YOSA LP ALL92020202.2 
3796R3QX2013UA-3SA LP ALL91220191.7 
3797DL5ANS2015DLSA LP ALL90118171.2 
3798YV5KG2017YVSA LP ALL90020183.2 
3799YC3BFX2016YBSA LP ALL90018185.0 
3800AK0W2017W0SA LP ALL89134275.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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