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3601LZ66PLZSO HP ALL37814140.3LZ1ZF
3602UT2ABURSO QRP 10M (T)36015158.8 
3603EX8BNEXSO QRP ALL36012122.5 
3604EA5URVEASO LP 20M35721214.7EA5HFW
3605JA1DDZJA1SO LP ALL35211110.7 
3606KU7YW7SO QRP 40M (T)35216161.5 
3607OZ6OMOZSA LP 10M34219193.9 
3608RA3TUTUA-3SO LP ALL33615143.4 
3609PY7YNPYSO LP 15M (R)32517134.3 
3610WX4RMW4SO QRP ALL32513131.9 
3611VE3AJVE3SA LP 20M32412120.7 
3612JE1SPYJA1SO LP 160M32219145.1 
3613UY7ISURSO LP 20M31911112.5 
3614WB2AIVW2SO LP 40M31912111.3 
3615JG1WKMJA1SO LP 15M31515151.8 
3616JF7VVLJA7SO LP 40M30013120.6 
3617KD5JW5SO LP 10M29011100.9 
3618YD3SWVYBSO LP 40M288881.8 
3619UA0ZCRA0SO LP ALL28612111.0 
3620PR7TWPYSO LP 15M28010101.7 
3621DL2SHRDLSO QRP 15M28021203.4 
3622JQ1KRTJA1SO LP 10M25213122.4 
3623US5IIMURSO LP ALL25012105.7 
3624VK7NETVKSO LP ALL25010102.8 
3625W1/CT1AGFW1SO LP 20M24016151.2 
3626JA1FRQJA1SO LP ALL24010101.3 
3627TF3DCTFSO LP ALL24010101.2 
3628KB9YGDW9SO LP ALL21014141.9 
3629YU1AOTYUSA HP ALL20813130.6 
3630JI7OED/7JA7SA LP 20M20010101.2 
3631S56DXS5SO LP ALL20011100.2 
3632JR2PAUJA2SO LP ALL19517151.8 
3633SP8LXESPSO LP 15M19216162.5 
3634JG1SWVJA1SO LP 20M (R)189992.1 
3635N8SBEW8SO LP 20M176980.8 
3636DL2MDUDLSO LP ALL16813120.7 
3637JK6JABJA6SO QRP 15M16512112.2 
3638PY1NSCPYSO LP 10M15412112.8 
3639AJ9CW9SO LP 20M15411110.5 
3640BA6QRBYSO QRP 10M15411111.5 
3641BA4CWBYSO LP 20M153991.5 
3642JA3NOJJA3SO LP ALL150761.4 
3643IZ1GQIISO QRP 10M14413122.1 
3644JH1NXUJA1SO LP 20M14011100.7 
3645RV9CXRA9SO LP 20M133770.9 
3646W7DRA/0W0SO LP 160M12112113.4 
3647DK4EFDLSO LP ALL12111111.6 
3648TF3SGTFSO LP ALL108993.5 
3649JI1LAIJA1SO LP 15M105770.9 
3650YU1BNYUSO LP 20M10010100.7 
3651LA9FFALASO LP ALL99990.7 
3652VE6DJTVE6SO LP 20M98770.6 
3653DV1UBYDUSO QRP 40M96441.5 
3654JL3OXR/1JA1SO QRP 10M91771.6 
3655PY9BDAPYSO HP ALL84962.8 
3656JJ1PTIJA1SO LP 15M (T)84772.1 
3657JR1UMOJA1SO LP ALL84661.4 
3658OH4KAOHSA LP 20M (T)8010101.3 
3659JA0VTKJA0SO LP ALL75550.2 
3660UA0OARA0SO LP 10M72981.1 
3661E74TVE7SO QRP 40M72660.1 
3662YO8BFCYOSO LP 10M70771.0 
3663JE3EVIJA3SO LP 80M70870.5 
3664LU6QILUSA HP ALL65551.2 
3665JA1IZZJA1SO LP 20M65550.3 
3666N7KQW7SO HP 160M641081.7 
3667VK6DXIVKSA LP 80M (T)60440.2 
3668AC0EW0SO HP ALL50550.6 
3669BD3RTBYSO LP 20M49770.4 
3670NV5MW5SO LP 15M48661.3 
3671AD7JXW7SO LP ALL48660.7 
3672JA1GFDJA1SO LP ALL48660.3 
36737L2OHMJA1SA LP 10M45550.3 
3674JN1BBOJA1SO LP 15M45550.7 
36759M2/JI3QGQ9M2SO LP 15M (T)40441.9 
3676IK0YUTISO LP 10M35550.2 
3677RU9WZRA9SO LP 15M35550.9 
3678N4SRW4SO LP ALL32440.7 
3679DL8WJMDLSO QRP 40M32440.3 
3680YO4CSLYOSA HP 40M30330.2 
3681JO1LDY/1JA1SO LP 10M30650.4 
3682DL1RIODLSO LP ALL (R)28440.5 
3683UU1JOURSO HP 20M27330.1 
3684E20YLMHSSO LP 80M (T)2733 
3685VE3HGVE3SO QRP 40M2733 
3686OH5TSOHSA HP 20M24440.1 
3687K2JFW2SO LP ALL24330.3 
3688LZ2FMLZSO LP 10M18431.0 
3689G7TATGSO LP ALL (T)18330.5 
3690R9RARA9SO QRP 15M16440.2 
3691UP2FUNSA LP 15M (T)15330.2UN8FM
3692KP4JRSKP4SO HP 10M (T)1222 
3693SP9MDYSPSO LP ALL (T)12220.8 
3694JA4CBXJA4SO LP 15M9330.9 
3695IZ1MHYISO LP 10M8220.1 
3696UU9CWURSO HP 80M6110.2 
3697BA4QOBYSO LP 15M6220.2 
3698JJ8GFLJA8SO LP ALL6220.1 
3699KO9AW9SA LP 10M422 
3700YY4ALKYVSO HP 15M (T)4220.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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