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2901W7CF2008W7SO LP 20M (R)1,65036333.1 
2902EA3BCK2016EASO LP 20M (R)1,63826262.4 
2903DL1APX2005DLSO LP 20M1,638403927.6  
2904W0PAN/72011W7SO LP 20M1,62837376.6 
2905W4HZD1995W4SO LP 20M1,6204536  
2906UA0A2016RA0SO LP 20M1,57525251.1 
2907JA1XPU1998JA1SO LP 20M1,5752925  
2908EW6MM2006EUSO LP 20M1,566302926.0  
2909G4NXG/M2017GSO LP 20M1,55032315.8 
2910ES8/OH6CS2009ESSO LP 20M (T)1,48831312.1 
2911W8RTU1997W8SO LP 20M1,4843528  
2912DK0XB2011DLSO LP 20M (T)1,47929290.5 
2913DL1JFF2017DLSO LP 20M1,47036351.4 
2914JK1LUY1997JA1SO LP 20M1,4522322  
2915VE3XAT2006VE3SO LP 20M1,449232325.9  
2916BD4QA2011BYSO LP 20M1,44342374.0 
2917PT2AW1997PYSO LP 20M1,4302322  
2918RU0AT2008RA0SO LP 20M1,42624232.4 
2919UR6AJ2012URSO LP 20M (T)1,40822222.4 
2920OH5PA2000OHSO LP 20M1,4032323  
2921N6JM1994W6SO LP 20M1,3652221  
2922KE9EX1999W9SO LP 20M1,3642222  
2923RW6AML2012UA-6SO LP 20M (T)1,35226265.1 
2924YU1SZ2009YUSO LP 20M1,350333014.1 
2925NX4N2017W4SO LP 20M1,33335310.3 
2926OH6XG2017OHSO LP 20M1,32637342.6 
2927YT1MN2011YUSO LP 20M1,32033332.0 
2928N7EIE2007W7SO LP 20M1,312363226.5  
2929JL3RDC2008JA3SO LP 20M (T)1,30525455.9 
2930IK5OJB2003ISO LP 20M1,30531294.1  
2931VE3XAT2008VE3SO LP 20M1,29823220.5 
2932SQ3LLR2010SPSO LP 20M1,29538353.9 
2933HA0DW2007HASO LP 20M1,271333126.1  
2934RN4LP2000UA-4SO LP 20M1,2713331  
2935JH1UES1995JA1SO LP 20M1,2692927  
2936PY7GK2008PYSO LP 20M1,26024302.1 
2937N0KOE/42014W4SO LP 20M1,25433336.3 
2938SP6STS1995SPSO LP 20M1,2543633  
2939XE1SVT2016XESO LP 20M1,24223231.7 
2940LA6PB2017LASO LP 20M1,22436345.5 
2941AJ9C2010W9SO LP 20M1,21831291.4 
2942UT4UJQ2015URSO LP 20M1,21527275.0 
2943JI7OED/72014JA7SO LP 20M1,21025221.6 
2944PA3CLQ2008PASO LP 20M1,18838363.9 
2945UA9MQR2003RA9SO LP 20M1,18822225.9  
2946VE2OWL2001VE2SO LP 20M1,176212125.5  
2947W9JJC/82007W8SO LP 20M (R)1,170262625.0  
2948RA4L2017UA-4SO LP 20M (T)1,15634341.5 
2949VU3DJQ2008VUSO LP 20M1,14422223.8VU3DJQ
2950JK1SDQ2010JA1SO LP 20M1,12029281.8 
2951JR3GVH2008JA3SO LP 20M1,10729274.0 
2952RA4LK2009UA-4SO LP 20M1,10220194.9 
2953AF6N2016W6SO LP 20M1,10025255.3 
2954ON4TTT2006ONSO LP 20M (R)1,092282626.9  
2955JJ5IZX2013JA5SO LP 20M (R)1,08020205.6 
2956JE1CAC2005JA1SO LP 20M (T)1,080202026.8  
2957F/JE3SOY1992FSO LP 20M1,0803330  
2958DL1AWC2016DLSO LP 20M1,07526251.9 
2959JA4CES2016JA4SO LP 20M1,05027253.0 
2960W3IZ/12009W1SO LP 20M1,05021210.8 
2961JK2AQT2016JA2SO LP 20M1,03523233.5 
2962UA0AKY2016RA0SO LP 20M1,02620191.0 
2963DL9ZWG2010DLSO LP 20M1,02627271.1 
2964WA0WHT/42005W4SO LP 20M1,026191925.3  
2965DL9ZWG2013DLSO LP 20M1,01529291.3 
2966KR0SS2010W0SO LP 20M1,01530291.1OH6KZP
2967CE6VMO2011CESO LP 20M1,00020204.9 
2968LZ1MC2015LZSO LP 20M98723211.3 
2969JR3XEX2009JA3SO LP 20M96919190.5 
2970JA4AQR1994JA4SO LP 20M9621413  
2971K7AMS2011W7SO LP 20M96025241.9 
2972PT7BL/VE32017VE7SO LP 20M94524213.1  
2973EG3VFE2011EASO LP 20M94528271.7 
2974PP2RON2006PYSO LP 20M93119193.3  
2975TA3BN2001TASO LP 20M9181918  
2976KE3O2015W3SO LP 20M (T)90320213.7 
2977OZ6KS2017OZSO LP 20M (T)90026254.4 
2978N6BHX2011W6SO LP 20M85028253.3 
2979VK4TT1998VKSO LP 20M8501817  
2980JO3EVM2009JA3SO LP 20M83619192.8 
2981YO3FVR2014YOSO LP 20M82525252.9 
29824S7KG20134SSO LP 20M81719195.0 
2983SP9MDY1992SPSO LP 20M8161916  
2984LY3Z2013LYSO LP 20M81230280.7 
2985W4OGG2008W4SO LP 20M81020181.1 
2986EA3BCK2015EASO LP 20M80523234.4 
2987N6DO2011W6SO LP 20M (T)80025254.8 
2988AD3Y/22016W2SO LP 20M79219181.6 
2989OE1EBC2017OESO LP 20M78431283.6 
2990YT1MN2016YUSO LP 20M78428284.2 
2991JA3HPD1999JA3SO LP 20M7841716  
2992VY1EI2006VE8SO LP 20M77921197.4  
2993Y23BF1992DLSO LP 20M7791919  
2994EA3FHP2009EASO LP 20M77525252.7 
2995SP4AAZ2011SPSO LP 20M77024221.6 
2996JG3WCZ1997JA3SO LP 20M7681616  
2997UA4PBZ1992UA-4SO LP 20M7682726  
2998N4NTO2017W4SO LP 20M75927231.5 
2999JM2LHB2011JA2SO LP 20M75620185.0 
3000K8GU/VE52013VE8SO LP 20M74120191.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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