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201DK7HA1982DLSO QRP 10M2,6655041  
202PA1W2008PASO QRP 10M2,63247473.4 
2034X1VF19994XSO QRP 10M2,5803030  
204LU1FNH1994LUSO QRP 10M2,5233029  
205ER0I2011ERSO QRP 10M2,50840384.1 
206JR3RWB2004JA3SO QRP 10M2,448403411.1  
207DL2TM2001DLSO QRP 10M2,4184039  
208OK1LV2017OKSO QRP 10M2,39251463.3 
209WA6FGV1998W6SO QRP 10M2,3184238  
210LZ2OQV2015LZSO QRP 10M2,30432329.6 
211UR5YCS2014URSO QRP 10M2,28853528.8 
212JF6LIU2014JA6SO QRP 10M2,277423310.8 
213YO2AQB1987YOSO QRP 10M2,2145141  
214DF1DX2001DLSO QRP 10M2,20131316.8  
215PY4PW2003PYSO QRP 10M2,139313129.8  
216UB5KCW1984URSO QRP 10M2,0744234  
217M0CEF2010GSO QRP 10M (T)2,05043413.0 
218UB5ZEL1988URSO QRP 10M2,0303329  
219GM4UBJ2009GMSO QRP 10M2,00944418.3 
220G3VMY1982GSO QRP 10M2,0064434  
221DH8BQA2005DLSO QRP 10M1,96842415.0  
222UA3PGO1980UA-3SO QRP 10M1,9604035  
223DK3WW2003DLSO QRP 10M1,890434225.8  
224EA6VQ1987EA6SO QRP 10M1,8624938  
225VE6JY2001VE6SO QRP 10M1,84626263.5  
226JR0BUL2012JA0SO QRP 10M1,83031307.4 
227N5NMX1993W5SO QRP 10M1,8203835  
228SP5ANX1995SPSO QRP 10M1,7854235  
229LY2BBF2007LYSO QRP 10M1,77638372.7  
2304L1FP20084LSO QRP 10M1,74227261.8 
231DJ6TK1982DLSO QRP 10M1,6204030  
232UA6LPN2013UA-6SO QRP 10M1,56032302.3 
233LY2BBF2010LYSO QRP 10M1,51239363.4 
234N6WG2009W6SO QRP 10M1,50844297.2 
235GM4UBJ2011GMSO QRP 10M (T)1,50540355.5 
236LZ1KSP1987LZSO QRP 10M1,4884431Savi 
237WA6FGV1992W6SO QRP 10M1,4853027  
238OK2PXJ1991OKOMSO QRP 10M1,4403332  
239JA2ODV1989JA2SO QRP 10M1,2422423  
240DL8TG2009DLSO QRP 10M1,22435343.9 
241YR9F2009YOSO QRP 10M1,17630281.5YO9FNP
242PU2RSD2013PYSO QRP 10M1,06023201.7 
243RA3XEV2013UA-3SO QRP 10M1,05626244.5 
244GM4UBJ2008GMSO QRP 10M (T)1,026393810.1 
245HA3RJ2009HASO QRP 10M1,02036308.8 
246UR4IGP2008URSO QRP 10M1,01526292.3 
247PY1WW2011PYSO QRP 10M1,01223233.2 
248WD6DX2012W6SO QRP 10M98820194.4 
249SP9NLI2010SPSO QRP 10M95027254.8 
250YO6DDF1984YOSO QRP 10M9362424  
251DJ6TK1983DLSO QRP 10M9002320  
252UR2TBG1981ESSO QRP 10M9002020  
253G3LHJ2017GSO QRP 10M89931291.3 
254UB5REN1987URSO QRP 10M8643227  
255JA7HMZ1981JA7SO QRP 10M8002120  
256WA6FGV1993W6SO QRP 10M7982421  
257JI3AUD1987JA3SO QRP 10M7924833  
258K2GMY/62016W6SO QRP 10M72219191.5 
259UR4MCK2009URSO QRP 10M72025243.7 
260JH1LBR1987JA1SO QRP 10M7203930  
261PY2FRW2003PYSO QRP 10M69717171.8  
262KE7TEK2015W7SO QRP 10M (T)68419193.2W9CF
2639A4AA20119ASO QRP 10M66022201.3 
264JA2HBK2011JA2SO QRP 10M66022224.9 
265M0CEF2011GSO QRP 10M (T)64825241.2 
266SP8MI2002SPSO QRP 10M6402020  
267VU2LYX2006VUSO QRP 10M630151425.6  
268JH6SQI1995JA6SO QRP 10M6302221  
269JK1VOZ2013JA1SO QRP 10M62425246.3 
270EW6BN2006EUSO QRP 10M616242225.3  
271OK1DRQ1987OKOMSO QRP 10M6162322  
272SP4GFG2015SPSO QRP 10M60820194.8 
273PV8DX2014PYSO QRP 10M60816160.7 
274EA7FNJ2004EASO QRP 10M592231627.9  
275JA1GTF2002JA1SO QRP 10M5551515  
276W5NZ/42016W4SO QRP 10M (T)52515153.8 
277YU7UX2016YUSO QRP 10M52522211.4 
278R3WW2017UA-3SO QRP 10M49623164.5 
279UA6BFE2016UA-6SO QRP 10M49515151.7 
2804N7M1994YUSO QRP 10M4932717  
281YO4LHR2015YOSO QRP 10M48322234.4 
282RV9YK2008RA9SO QRP 10M48015151.7 
283VA3RJ2012VE3SO QRP 10M47614143.1 
284DF5SF2009DLSO QRP 10M46222212.3 
285DL2MIH2010DLSO QRP 10M44121211.1 
286OX8E1981OXSO QRP 10M4291313  
287JA4GNK2014JA4SO QRP 10M41616162.7 
288JK3ZQJ2003JA3SO QRP 10M40615142.1JG1EIQ 
289JA5XPD2014JA5SO QRP 10M40313131.7 
290G3ZNR2015GSO QRP 10M (T)39924195.0 
291L27D2014LUSO QRP 10M39214141.4LW5ER
292YO4LHR2016YOSO QRP 10M38020201.1 
293UT2AB2011URSO QRP 10M (T)36015158.8 
294JR3RWB/21987JA2SO QRP 10M3402420  
295JR6LJO1980JA6SO QRP 10M3304611  
296VU2LYX2016VUSO QRP 10M32412121.4 
297VU2LYX2010VUSO QRP 10M31214133.0 
298PY2HE1992PYSO QRP 10M270109  
299DL1AQU/P2005DLSO QRP 10M256161628.2  
300K9MU2005W9SO QRP 10M24714131.7  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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