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201K7HPW7SO HP ALL (T)986,51899049429.8 
202N6AR/4W4SO HP ALL982,55068543012.2 
203LY2JLYSO HP ALL973,5571,15847728.0 
204G3TXFGSO HP ALL966,7241,03250823.1 
205SP3LPGSPSO HP ALL963,76591249531.1 
206US7IVWURSO HP ALL956,08498449932.7 
207UN2EUNSO HP ALL954,66475537626.8 
208UA9UCKRA9SO HP ALL (T)938,31359041124.7 
209W1BYHW1SO HP ALL (T)907,70972746128.9 
210DL4MEDLSO HP ALL883,4841,03245421.1 
211K1IBW1SO HP ALL882,88063944517.3 
212VK2IMVKSO HP ALL (T)870,50471033227.3 
213CX9AUCXSO HP ALL870,15659237830.1 
214DK8EYDLSO HP ALL (T)860,23292249124.6 
215RA0FURA0SO HP ALL828,08295146617.6 
216RV9FTRA9SO HP ALL821,00869936819.3 
217UA3DGGUA-3SO HP ALL820,14884447627.4 
218K8JQW8SO HP ALL814,9561,00645228.0 
219W1FJW1SO HP ALL (T)811,9606764249.4 
220AD4EBW4SO HP ALL (T)804,30097842018.0 
221N3AMW3SO HP ALL797,35768241913.3 
222F/G4BJMFSO HP ALL791,26588743517.7 
223YO4KCCYOSO HP ALL781,92798445734.1 
224EW8KYEUSO HP ALL779,30481045614.1 
225VK3IOVKSO HP ALL775,12451232927.9 
226LA9TJALASO HP ALL774,13694846316.8 
227RL3AFUA-3SO HP ALL772,46481241822.4 
228UT3NURSO HP ALL755,72499142632.9UT3NK
229K2MKW2SO HP ALL753,92068738018.5 
230JI3BFCJA3SO HP ALL (T)729,01881040129.6 
231W6TKW6SO HP ALL (T)716,90972341915.8 
232K8MPW8SO HP ALL715,73780745114.2 
233N6NFW6SO HP ALL701,52093244425.2 
234F5VHYFSO HP ALL691,81271739614.7 
235JH0INPJA0SO HP ALL691,18266938726.0 
236DM50PSFDLSO HP ALL691,01078143019.3DL5JAN
237WA6KHKW6SO HP ALL675,95583244535.9 
238NE8PW8SO HP ALL (T)646,64671641817.7 
239N4CWW4SO HP ALL644,0806154159.5 
240EW7BREUSO HP ALL (T)636,76870843234.7 
241ZK2VZK2SO HP ALL635,90463828819.1ZL1CT
242W9WI/4W4SO HP ALL632,69085241917.3 
243WS9M/2W2SO HP ALL615,11854837135.9 
244OK1HEHOKSO HP ALL611,04679140922.7 
245W1MD/4W4SO HP ALL606,84074138913.5 
246YU1KTYUSO HP ALL599,46076941216.1 
247UR0IQURSO HP ALL583,43078141029.1 
248K7BGW7SO HP ALL581,82277042111.3 
249W2LEW2SO HP ALL (T)580,95759537718.7 
250UA0DCRA0SO HP ALL565,25075832326.9 
251N7ROW7SO HP ALL562,53373941719.9 
252LZ1AQLZSO HP ALL560,40673946221.2 
253K4DJW4SO HP ALL (T)559,70066638623.8 
254S59AAS5SO HP ALL554,4006344009.8 
255SP9RQJSPSO HP ALL548,80076739229.8 
256KE1B/6W6SO HP ALL543,72066139413.2 
257RU9WZRA9SO HP ALL537,9665132869.5 
258RW3DAUA-3SO HP ALL536,35578241117.1 
259RN3BOUA-3SO HP ALL531,86065740621.3 
260B3CBYSO HP ALL (T)527,40573033736.0BD3AVB
261PA3AAVPASO HP ALL512,67678640417.1 
262VK3TDXVKSO HP ALL509,45444927929.2 
263UR5WCQURSO HP ALL (T)509,34061039027.1 
264LY2XLYSO HP ALL508,66264836716.1 
265K4LQW4SO HP ALL507,78053536416.2 
266JH2AMHJA2SO HP ALL499,48553435528.9 
267N4QSW4SO HP ALL499,48458838610.0 
268JH8SLSJA8SO HP ALL497,76860334425.3 
269K6LRNW6SO HP ALL495,11056938522.5 
270NW6HW6SO HP ALL494,6806033328.4K6RB
271K7IA/5W5SO HP ALL491,49066338722.1 
272VK4BUIVKSO HP ALL (T)491,05747928728.8 
273K1AIRW1SO HP ALL490,17647929612.2K5MA
274EA1EVREASO HP ALL484,71584638524.8 
275PP1CZPYSO HP ALL482,59848433118.7 
276YO7LGIYOSO HP ALL472,44059937218.6 
277AK4KW4SO HP ALL471,22471439412.3W4LT
278KE3D/5W5SO HP ALL (T)465,86455835423.7 
279OK1AYYOKSO HP ALL462,25860736616.6 
280SN2KSPSO HP ALL459,9105533709.7SP2FWC
281K9UQNW9SO HP ALL459,67255335819.0 
282NE4MW4SO HP ALL458,07663135421.7 
2833W3W3WSO HP ALL454,67561732519.8XV1X
284NN7ZZW7SO HP ALL445,20167334712.9N5LZ
285F5BBDFSO HP ALL439,17664134825.7 
286JH6QFJJA6SO HP ALL432,90048432516.1 
287W6UB/4W4SO HP ALL429,66848332617.5 
288SM0BSOSMSO HP ALL426,01058937723.8 
289G3MIRGSO HP ALL425,25658537725.5 
290SP2GWHSPSO HP ALL422,18449035924.3 
291PA0LOUPASO HP ALL420,91763338316.9 
292DJ5MYDLSO HP ALL (T)419,84362836122.7 
293HS0ZDYHSSO HP ALL418,08948330125.8 
294RA1ALUA-1SO HP ALL415,63868735814.7 
295NU5AW5SO HP ALL414,41445029914.3W5KU
296UN7QFUNSO HP ALL411,19150931915.3 
297JE1LFXJA1SO HP ALL (T)411,17451731812.6 
298YL2PAYLSO HP ALL400,76450036414.5 
299K4HALW4SO HP ALL (T)398,11261134816.2 
300W7SWW7SO HP ALL (T)396,64458730714.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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