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201K6AUCW6SO HP ALL312,52244329419.9  
202PA0JNHPASO HP ALL (T)295,27441332225.7  
203JA1QOWJA1SO HP ALL (T)293,88641126118.4  
204DL6KVADLSO HP ALL293,02041526029.5  
205ZL1BYZZLSO HP ALL286,59642522815.6  
206K5YAAW5SO HP ALL279,8883792725.2  
207N3RDW3SO HP ALL267,7343742635.2  
208JA6ZWAJA6SO HP ALL258,85637326212.37M4CLF 
209RX3AEXUA-3SO HP ALL245,28045729212.9  
210YP8AYOSO HP ALL244,51243928822.5  
211IK2AHBISO HP ALL241,4344873069.9  
212UA9FEGRA9SO HP ALL239,112331246  
213K4XGW4SO HP ALL (T)235,00035225010.9  
214K6IIIW6SO HP ALL (T)229,90835727612.5  
215K3ZOW3SO HP ALL223,46534223928.6  
216OK1DOSOKSO HP ALL215,16038926418.5  
217AE9B/0W0SO HP ALL207,80836927214.4  
218K0COP/4W4SO HP ALL (T)202,72531122513.3  
219W2FUIW2SO HP ALL195,624316228  
220SP4AVGSPSO HP ALL (T)194,307368239  
221JA2FSMJA2SO HP ALL192,36030622916.3  
222NN9GW9SO HP ALL191,9703142378.4N9GG 
223W3GNW3SO HP ALL174,8763062289.6  
224WA0MHJW0SO HP ALL (T)174,4963002246.2  
225EA3NREASO HP ALL174,00034525014.5  
226N6ZFOW6SO HP ALL173,97237124411.8  
227WO6MW6SO HP ALL161,39733122711.0  
228UA3UJEUA-3SO HP ALL161,25029221522.2  
229AY1DZLUSO HP ALL157,7312682034.4  
230OE9SLHOESO HP ALL157,16529021514.2  
231W0HWW0SO HP ALL152,3252732258.1  
232LY2KMLYSO HP ALL146,68527723110.8  
233RV1CCUA-1SO HP ALL (T)139,3783332276.9  
234N4UHW4SO HP ALL138,3672301797.1  
235OK1DVKOKSO HP ALL129,584272182  
236HB9KCHBSO HP ALL128,700266225  
237LY2OXLYSO HP ALL (T)127,10427219227.8  
238UA3MDXUA-3SO HP ALL (T)126,876346218  
239HS0/SM3DYUHSSO HP ALL125,78627321818.5  
240JA2QVPJA2SO HP ALL123,53225517814.9  
241XE2MXXESO HP ALL123,394223206  
242AD4LW4SO HP ALL121,9682541767.6  
243WT3PW3SO HP ALL118,5522552037.0  
244PA5TTPASO HP ALL118,3742962187.7  
245CT3BDCT3SO HP ALL117,29021418518.0  
246VR2BGVRSO HP ALL117,00026120030.3  
247SM3RSMSO HP ALL116,0172771997.1SM3CBR 
248SP3XRSPSO HP ALL115,746273202  
249CC6ECESO HP ALL115,65625015834.1AD6TF 
250G3UFYGSO HP ALL (T)103,7162331725.0  
251W7CB/6W6SO HP ALL102,1202171857.0  
252KE6ZSNW6SO HP ALL94,62227518721.5  
253UN5JUNSO HP ALL91,36020516026.7  
254NI6TW6SO HP ALL90,5342691915.8  
255AM1AEHEASO HP ALL89,05225618110.2  
256RK6BZUA-6SO HP ALL87,5762411789.0  
257EA8AVKEA8SO HP ALL86,49618215915.6  
258W5AA/TI8TISO HP ALL85,50020317113.9  
2597J1ABDJA1SO HP ALL83,3901941557.4  
260JA9CWJJA9SO HP ALL83,1301861636.9  
261NG4ZW4SO HP ALL79,91321915730.2K2UFT 
262W7QF/4W4SO HP ALL78,5241651345.9  
263RU3DXUA-3SO HP ALL74,5202001809.9  
264SP2HPMSPSO HP ALL74,02525717510.7  
265K4IU/0W0SO HP ALL69,9001941504.9  
266JQ2EHDJA2SO HP ALL69,29618214221.5  
267UA6JYUA-6SO HP ALL67,01417914629.3  
268AA3VAW3SO HP ALL65,8601711487.2  
269JR7MZC/1JA1SO HP ALL (T)65,552173136  
270EA1FBJEASO HP ALL64,40021117511.1  
271ZL1ALZZLSO HP ALL62,2441671265.6  
272AA6WW6SO HP ALL (T)59,4442021546.2  
273DK2BJDLSO HP ALL57,0002011508.6  
274EA1EQEASO HP ALL56,7302151557.5  
275AF4RKW4SO HP ALL (T)56,16016813515.7  
276JR3WXAJA3SO HP ALL55,02216212211.6  
277K5WAFW5SO HP ALL54,34016714310.7  
278I2AZ/1ISO HP ALL (T)53,65520714733.9  
279SM3AFSMSO HP ALL49,725214153  
280UA9KMRA9SO HP ALL49,4501541155.3  
281N4TLW4SO HP ALL49,3231531235.4  
282EA1VMEASO HP ALL44,8881411249.9  
283K6OWLW6SO HP ALL (T)40,44618012617.2  
284JA2BQXJA2SO HP ALL38,5281341126.2  
285UA0AZRA0SO HP ALL37,28812011829.5  
286W3APW3SO HP ALL36,7001181003.7  
287W5BBRW5SO HP ALL30,3241141147.0  
288LY3BHLYSO HP ALL28,5001351258.5  
289UT4EOURSO HP ALL20,460108935.9  
290KM5TYW5SO HP ALL18,45091826.2  
291SP2AYCSPSO HP ALL16,57187736.0  
292RK9CYARA9SO HP ALL13,800726928.0RK9CR 
293VK4WPXVKSO HP ALL12,62676599.9  
294JA6BGAJA6SO HP ALL12,2887064  
295W0TYW0SO HP ALL11,492766826.5  
296DL4DRADLSO HP ALL10,540706232.2  
297VK5GNVKSO HP ALL8,836644725.3  
298JA1HHUJA1SO HP ALL5,92843393.6  
299DL6DVUDLSO HP ALL4,53952519.8  
300OM3DXOMSO HP ALL1,04521191.9  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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