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2701US4IXT2009URSO LP ALL (T)8,10056546.9US0ITU
2702GW3VQO2008GWSO LP ALL (T)8,02476682.1 
2703DL5BCF2007DLSO LP ALL (T)7,95686786.8  
2704EA7TG1996EASO LP ALL (T)7,9067959  
2705N4DXI2008W4SO LP ALL (T)7,86966615.7 
2706VE7BGP2017VE7SO LP ALL (T)7,86668578.8 
2707KM4FO2015W4SO LP ALL (T)7,80081756.4 
2708EA3CWT2005EASO LP ALL (T)7,78863596.8  
2709UA9OV2017RA9SO LP ALL (T)7,78344438.0  
2710PY2AER2000PYSO LP ALL (T)7,7505150  
2711KY0W/62004W6SO LP ALL (T)7,68677618.2W6ZZZ 
2712NA6E2002W6SO LP ALL (T)7,656695827.3  
2713K6UM/72005W7SO LP ALL (T)7,59060552.3  
2714JO1WIZ2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)7,56074546.3 
27154K9W20174JSO LP ALL (T)7,55052507.9 
2716AA4QE2017W4SO LP ALL (T)7,52491766.3 
2717G3VQO2008GSO LP ALL (T)7,47489746.6 
2718KT3Q/62014W6SO LP ALL (T)7,30059502.2DF8DX
2719W1MJ2008W1SO LP ALL (T)7,28060562.6 
2720K2RD/KH62004KH6SO LP ALL (T)7,216524427.3  
2721OK7N2007OKSO LP ALL (T)7,14056515.6  
2722W9LYA2005W9SO LP ALL (T)7,089585126.7  
2723PY4PW2006PYSO LP ALL (T)7,003534710.1  
2724WB4JFS2016W4SO LP ALL (T)6,955816516.1 
2725K3GW2007W3SO LP ALL (T)6,94468562.9  
2726N6NM2007W6SO LP ALL (T)6,94477622.9  
2727K1EP2003W1SO LP ALL (T)6,808504626.4  
2728SP1MWN2011SPSO LP ALL (T)6,79071708.4 
2729KM2L2015W2SO LP ALL (T)6,76849472.1 
2730KG6HAF2007W6SO LP ALL (T)6,72068605.8  
2731JI1RWG2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)6,43260486.5 
2732DL9ZWG2007DLSO LP ALL (T)6,40272664.9  
2733KS4X2017W4SO LP ALL (T)6,38460564.6 
2734AD6Z2001W6SO LP ALL (T)6,3648574  
2735N2WKS2001W2SO LP ALL (T)6,33648482.1  
2736WA0MHJ2001W0SO LP ALL (T)6,302504625.7  
2737YU1RA2013YUSO LP ALL (T)6,26461543.3 
2738DF5AU2003DLSO LP ALL (T)6,25062504.0  
2739WA4MIY2011W4SO LP ALL (T)6,21659569.1 
2740K0IO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)6,15661543.0 
2741JA1CRJ2015JA1SO LP ALL (T)6,07248463.7 
2742WW6D2016W6SO LP ALL (T)6,05060553.8 
2743JH1DVG2007JA1SO LP ALL (T)6,04872546.6  
2744IZ7DMT2014ISO LP ALL (T)6,03266584.4 
2745N6GL/KY72017W7SO LP ALL (T)5,90065509.1 
2746JF1DAJ2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)5,83064539.4 
2747ON4KVA2001ONSO LP ALL (T)5,814555112.1  
2748US5EEK2010URSO LP ALL (T)5,74262581.8 
2749JE1SHW2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)5,73456476.5 
2750HB9WDY2011HBSO LP ALL (T)5,640616010.3 
2751KI6OY2015W6SO LP ALL (T)5,529705714.2 
2752WE6EZ/52013W5SO LP ALL (T)5,45251473.7 
2753SM0OY2005SMSO LP ALL (T)5,45059503.1  
2754EH8DDC2013EA8SO LP ALL (T)5,41848432.7 
2755LY2N2017LYSO LP ALL (T)5,23250482.1 
2756K9FO2013W9SO LP ALL (T)5,23257482.3 
2757NT6K2013W6SO LP ALL (T)5,22566553.5K6KYJ
2758RA6AR2006UA-6SO LP ALL (T)5,15051502.2  
2759JA1CCX2013JA1SO LP ALL (T)5,12449427.2 
2760IK2IKW2011ISO LP ALL (T)5,09659562.9 
2761N7NT2008W7SO LP ALL (T)5,07463593.0 
2762N6AJR2009W6SO LP ALL (T)5,02956472.6 
2763KU6W2011W6SO LP ALL (T)5,00560552.2N6GQ
2764DK2LO2009DLSO LP ALL (T)5,00052506.2 
2765JH8DBI2011JA8SO LP ALL (T)4,96846463.3 
2766W6ZZZ2006W6SO LP ALL (T)4,96866547.1  
2767YC2MDU2016YBSO LP ALL (T)4,95347397.7 
2768UT5EDU2011URSO LP ALL (T)4,95054504.5 
2769JE1GZB2015JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,88862525.4 
2770KE7DX2008W7SO LP ALL (T)4,80254498.9 
2771XE1FZE2011XESO LP ALL (T)4,76044403.4 
2772JF1GZZ2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,69258517.8 
2773CC4A2001CESO LP ALL (T)4,674433825.1CE4USW 
2774KN0W/72016W7SO LP ALL (T)4,64862568.3 
27756I2RC2007XESO LP ALL (T)4,6014743XE2RC 
2776AA4H2011W4SO LP ALL (T)4,51249485.9 
27777N4CPT2011JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,36849395.6 
2778OO9O2006ONSO LP ALL (T)4,35055502.1ON7SS 
2779DG7RO2012DLSO LP ALL (T)4,32448476.4 
2780DJ3HW2009DLSO LP ALL (T)4,32450464.4 
2781KT6V/42008W4SO LP ALL (T)4,29045391.1K9VV
2782ON6LO2014ONSO LP ALL (T)4,25659567.6 
2783K9HCK2007W9SO LP ALL (T)4,21259523.3  
2784JJ1WWL/12012JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,20042402.6 
2785RV4CO2013UA-4SO LP ALL (T)4,15844421.6 
2786VA7MM2009VE7SO LP ALL (T)4,13038352.4 
2787JA1MZM2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)3,99641371.9 
2788N1YX2010W1SO LP ALL (T)3,96957494.4 
2789GM1C2014GMSO LP ALL (T)3,91047462.7GM1BSG
2790JE1SHW2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)3,90642423.9 
2791K1VSJ2005W1SO LP ALL (T)3,9004139  
2792UA3NFI2016UA-3SO LP ALL (T)3,86442422.4 
2793NJ8J/42014W4SO LP ALL (T)3,83841381.8  
2794SV7CUD2014SVSO LP ALL (T)3,82244425.8 
2795JN1UEP/42000JA4SO LP ALL (T)3,8113837  
2796IK3TPP2015ISO LP ALL (T)3,79249482.8 
2797OZ1JFK2013OZSO LP ALL (T)3,78444432.2 
2798DV1UBY2010DUSO LP ALL (T)3,776393211.5 
2799W3FQE2003W3SO LP ALL (T)3,77440345.4  
2800JL3PPN2017JA3SO LP ALL (T)3,73558454.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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