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2601IW2NRI2014ISO QRP ALL (T)1,16624221.5 
2602RX9CBS2014RA9SO QRP ALL1,16622223.0 
2603N1JI2017W1SO QRP ALL1,15522211.2 
2604KB7ST2011W7SO QRP ALL (T)1,15538338.9 
2605F5VHP2015FSO QRP ALL (T)1,14829282.4 
2606OK2SBJ1985OKOMSO QRP ALL1,1455746  
2607US0YA2008URSO QRP ALL1,14429262.5 
2608DH0JAE2013DLSO QRP ALL1,14031302.8 
2609AD4IE2015W4SO QRP ALL1,13421210.8 
2610VK3JS2005VKSO QRP ALL1,13427214.7  
2611RX1CQ2017UA-1SO QRP ALL (T)1,12033322.5 
2612MI6GTY2012GISO QRP ALL (T)1,09221214.6 
2613PY2IAX2008PYSO QRP ALL1,09224214.3 
2614AD7BN2005W7SO QRP ALL (R)1,092292827.9  
2615IZ7FLP2014ISO QRP ALL (T)1,08021202.7 
2616RW0LKA1998RA0SO QRP ALL1,0753325  
2617PX5E2004PYSO QRP ALL1,0712121  
2618W7TX2016W7SO QRP ALL1,06629261.6 
2619PY4ZO2007PYSO QRP ALL1,064201925.1  
2620JA1POS2009JA1SO QRP ALL1,02022206.7 
2621IK1VEK2013ISO QRP ALL1,01427263.2 
2622ON3AD2009ONSO QRP ALL97527254.2 
2623UT1AB2009URSO QRP ALL96025241.6 
2624DH0JAE1996DLSO QRP ALL9432923  
2625NE6SW2014W6SO QRP ALL93625242.8 
2626PA0RBO2005PASO QRP ALL93626266.0  
2627PY2XC2004PYSO QRP ALL93523175.4  
2628HS0GBI/22008HSSO QRP ALL93017152.2 
2629W0IFL2002W0SO QRP ALL (R)90322215.3  
2630W2JEK1987W2SO QRP ALL9032321  
2631EA4CU2015EASO QRP ALL (T)90025254.0 
2632SP5NOG1993SPSO QRP ALL9002625  
26339M2MDX20159M2SO QRP ALL (R)89318193.3  
2634G3XOB2014GSO QRP ALL88824245.3 
2635US0YA2007URSO QRP ALL87525251.8  
2636AB5OU1994W5SO QRP ALL8745246  
2637OZ1DGQ2017OZSO QRP ALL86428272.6 
2638K9OSH1994W9SO QRP ALL8642524  
2639NQ2W2010W2SO QRP ALL85822222.4 
2640KE6CC2006W6SO QRP ALL (T)851232326.4  
2641AE3J2017W3SO QRP ALL84020202.7  
2642AC5ZQ2007W5SO QRP ALL (T)840242425.7  
2643JG7UVO2014JA7SO QRP ALL83317174.2 
2644CT/LZ3ND2008CTSO QRP ALL82819181.2 
2645WA4ZOF2014W4SO QRP ALL81018182.0 
2646DL2TM2006DLSO QRP ALL79232244.8  
2647DK5RY1980DLSO QRP ALL7922522  
26489A/OZ8A20119ASO QRP ALL77724213.9 
2649JQ2OUL/22010JA2SO QRP ALL76021203.5 
2650VE7EKS1996VE7SO QRP ALL7602120  
2651YO3GLH2011YOSO QRP ALL75624213.5 
2652JJ1LRD2003JA1SO QRP ALL75620182.8  
2653PA1B2014PASO QRP ALL (T)75427262.7 
2654EA4OR2004EASO QRP ALL74822223.2  
2655YO4HHP2015YOSO QRP ALL74425241.9 
2656VE7EKS1992VE7SO QRP ALL7382018  
2657PU5UAI2011PYSO QRP ALL (R)70417164.8 
2658WQ2RP2008W2SO QRP ALL70423221.6N2CQ
2659PA1B2013PASO QRP ALL (T)69023233.6 
26605P8A2013OZSO QRP ALL68222223.9OZ8A
2661N6HI/72013W7SO QRP ALL68017170.9 
2662UW3WU2014URSO QRP ALL66519191.3 
2663PY4CR2017PYSO QRP ALL66317172.5 
2664VA7AD2015VE7SO QRP ALL66318174.0 
2665SM7CZC1991SMSO QRP ALL6632017  
2666SP9RQH2011SPSO QRP ALL65122210.5 
2667UA6WBZ1981UA-6SO QRP ALL6301615  
2668UA1CEE2016UA-1SO QRP ALL62020202.3 
2669JR1USU2012JA1SO QRP ALL60816166.7 
2670K5OI1998W5SO QRP ALL5982723  
2671VE9QRP2005VE1SO QRP ALL (T)59217162.5  
2672VU3PRH2015VUSO QRP ALL (T)56117171.5 
2673W2DMZ/42014W4SO QRP ALL (T)54614141.5 
2674AF6NI2012W6SO QRP ALL54021182.6 
2675PA1W2010PASO QRP ALL54020202.8 
2676DH6YMC2014DLSO QRP ALL53220190.8 
2677W2JEK1986W2SO QRP ALL5281212  
2678JM1KLO2012JA1SO QRP ALL52219182.0 
2679JQ1CON2014JA1SO QRP ALL (T)51015152.2 
26807K1CPT2008JA1SO QRP ALL50420180.6 
2681YO4CXD1990YOSO QRP ALL5042112  
2682NO2D/02009W0SO QRP ALL50022202.5 
2683AB5OU1995W5SO QRP ALL5002625  
2684K3HX2017W3SO QRP ALL (T)49616164.8 
2685DL3LQM2017DLSO QRP ALL49515150.7 
2686WD6DX2013W6SO QRP ALL49320171.8 
2687SP6AYP2002SPSO QRP ALL49214121.5  
2688JL6JNZ1992JA6SO QRP ALL486189  
2689KB1KXL2017W6SO QRP ALL48424226.7 
2690N4OB2007W4SO QRP ALL480161625.5  
2691JE1ILP2015JA1SO QRP ALL47615143.2 
2692K5OI1997W5SO QRP ALL4762017  
2693RZ9W/32015UA-3SO QRP ALL47519192.4 
2694OH2BLU1985OHSO QRP ALL4472121  
2695LY2OU2013LYSO QRP ALL43422141.5  
26968J6P/62006JA6SO QRP ALL39613122.7  
2697RN1CW2017UA-1SO QRP ALL38412121.0  
2698WA5RML2014W5SO QRP ALL38419161.8 
2699JG1BGT2013JA1SO QRP ALL37815141.9 
2700W2JEK1982W2SO QRP ALL3742522  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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