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2501K9FOH2006W9SO QRP ALL3,45062466.3  
2502DL3BVA2002DLSO QRP ALL3,43246448.1  
2503AD5QB2008W5SO QRP ALL3,42058454.9 
2504AF9J2011W9SO QRP ALL3,40862484.8 
2505ON6AT2012ONSO QRP ALL3,40245425.5 
2506EA1AER2011EASO QRP ALL3,40057506.1 
2507K5OI2000W5SO QRP ALL3,4006150  
2508NE9U2014W9SO QRP ALL3,384897217.7VE5AE
2509AF9J2007W9SO QRP ALL3,38061526.4  
2510PC2F2010PASO QRP ALL3,32045402.4 
2511DJ5QK1996DLSO QRP ALL3,3184542  
2512VE5ACY1982VE5SO QRP ALL3,3124636  
2513DL6DSA2012DLSO QRP ALL3,31147433.4 
2514HB9AYZ2007HBSO QRP ALL3,30055502.7  
2515R3/WH0W2018UA-3SO QRP ALL3,29042354.7JP1JFG
2516JA1AA1990JA1SO QRP ALL3,2763836  
2517DM1LM2007DLSO QRP ALL3,26852437.3  
2518DJ5QK2011DLSO QRP ALL3,26650462.4 
2519US0YA2004URSO QRP ALL3,26435322.8  
2520SN0RQH2007SPSO QRP ALL3,232383226.2  
2521WA4ZOF2016W4SO QRP ALL3,22548435.0 
2522DJ5QK1990DLSO QRP ALL3,2255943  
2523DL6MWG2011DLSO QRP ALL3,22455526.0 
2524KI6OFN2009W6SO QRP ALL (R)3,16842368.0 
2525CT1DJE2016CTSO QRP ALL3,15442388.3 
2526ES1WST2011ESSO QRP ALL3,15050452.2WS4T
2527AF9J1998W9SO QRP ALL3,1287068  
2528SM3DFM2017SMSO QRP ALL3,12447442.7 
2529PA0PLM 1981PASO QRP ALL3,1164138  
2530DM1LM2009DLSO QRP ALL3,09646434.0 
2531YO8BDW2018YOSO QRP ALL3,07252485.7 
2532IK2AIT2013ISO QRP ALL3,06646424.1 
25339M2MDX20189M2SO QRP ALL3,06038305.1 
2534F4GOU2018FSO QRP ALL3,05548476.1 
2535HB9IQB2007HBSO QRP ALL3,05056505.1  
25363Z9TA2010SPSO QRP ALL3,015534511.0SQ9FCH
2537EA1AER2012EASO QRP ALL3,00848476.7 
2538AA6OC2018W6SO QRP ALL2,99242342.6 
2539YO6ADW1989YOSO QRP ALL2,9925344  
2540N6HI2018W7SO QRP ALL2,967534311.4 
2541PY2IAX2009PYSO QRP ALL2,95241365.4 
2542CT1DRB2016CTSO QRP ALL (T)2,94849447.8 
2543K5ND2009W5SO QRP ALL2,94850447.0 
2544SM5EFX2007SMSO QRP ALL2,94053494.1  
2545DL2DXA2018DLSO QRP ALL2,92549451.1 
2546PA3CLQ2001PASO QRP ALL2,9254945  
2547BD7PTS2013BYSO QRP ALL2,92050409.1 
2548JA2CJE2017JA2SO QRP ALL2,91644365.7 
2549VE7EKS1987VE7SO QRP ALL2,9054335  
2550W2JEK2002W2SO QRP ALL2,9043533  
2551IK3TZB2018ISO QRP ALL2,89844425.8 
2552SM1CNS1989SMSO QRP ALL2,8903434  
2553N8CQA1981W8SO QRP ALL2,8803432  
2554N6NF1990W6SO QRP ALL2,8704441  
2555EA1BYA2016EASO QRP ALL2,83848435.3 
2556SM5CCT1989SMSO QRP ALL2,8383333  
2557KC8SQC2007W8SO QRP ALL (T)2,829474111.8  
2558K9DTB1997W9SO QRP ALL2,8244745  
2559NO2D/02010W0SO QRP ALL2,81657446.1 
2560DR9W2018DLSO QRP ALL2,80839393.6DL3CB
2561UT7DL2016URSO QRP ALL2,80857522.5 
2562EA4CU2018EASO QRP ALL (T)2,77240336.8 
2563DK4CU2012DLSO QRP ALL2,77243425.1 
2564DL3BVA2006DLSO QRP ALL2,76941398.2  
2565EA5FX1992EASO QRP ALL2,7593331  
2566YO4HHP2012YOSO QRP ALL2,747424110.4 
2567AF9J2006W9SO QRP ALL2,73063427.9  
2568EA3FHP2011EASO QRP ALL2,71449465.0 
2569W0RSP/72010W7SO QRP ALL2,70032255.0 
2570NX4U2006W4SO QRP ALL2,698423827.7K4AQ 
2571PA0RBO2000PASO QRP ALL2,6954949  
2572DM1LM2010DLSO QRP ALL2,68449443.5 
2573N3ZP2017W3SO QRP ALL2,68049402.4 
2574F5IQJ2001FSO QRP ALL2,6674521  
2575ON3RR2008ONSO QRP ALL2,66541413.0 
2576W2JEK2009W2SO QRP ALL2,64046403.7 
2577VK2NU2006VKSO QRP ALL2,64036305.8  
2578JA0IND/12009JA1SO QRP ALL2,61830225.7 
2579EA7GVW1997EASO QRP ALL2,6183734  
2580JG1GPY2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,61624244.4 
2581N1JI2016W1SO QRP ALL2,61029292.0 
2582W7TX2015W7SO QRP ALL2,55032302.7 
2583JE1ILP2011JA1SO QRP ALL2,54828264.5 
2584PA0LKR1984PASO QRP ALL2,5424641  
2585W2JEK2007W2SO QRP ALL2,5383327  
2586DF7XR2018DLSO QRP ALL2,52048458.6 
2587VE3DQN2017VE3SO QRP ALL2,52030301.8 
2588AF9J2010W9SO QRP ALL2,52052404.7 
2589NL7YL1992KLSO QRP ALL2,5203728  
2590US0YA2003URSO QRP ALL2,49432292.4  
2591JH1RDA2015JA1SO QRP ALL2,47944376.7 
2592PA3FSC2001PASO QRP ALL2,4603030  
2593BH4BTZ2013BYSO QRP ALL (T)2,419444111.8 
2594M0CEF2009GSO QRP ALL2,41238364.1 
2595YV6BXN2008YVSO QRP ALL (T)2,39823222.4 
2596VK3VP2001VKSO QRP ALL (R)2,380372829.0  
2597M1KTA2008GSO QRP ALL2,37847415.5 
2598M1K2015GSO QRP ALL2,36547433.7 
2599IK7LVE2014ISO QRP ALL2,32248435.3 
2600YB0ANN2017YBSO QRP ALL2,296432810.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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