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2501DJ9ZB1984DLSO HP 15M1,2713531  
2502BA4VE2012BYSO HP 15M1,26030281.8 
2503OZ1EUO1981OZSO HP 15M1,2542322  
2504SM7ATL2012SMSO HP 15M1,24229272.4 
2505UR5MBY1999URSO HP 15M1,2422423  
2506Y39RA1980DMSO HP 15M1,2423527  
2507OK2BBJ1979OKOMSO HP 15M1,2422318  
2508RL8PY1985UNSO HP 15M1,2162219  
2509JA6QDU1993JASO HP 15M1,2002220  
2510SM7CNA1983SMSO HP 15M1,2002020  
2511SP8ARK1983SPSO HP 15M1,1972119  
2512OK3BT1986OKOMSO HP 15M1,1762424  
2513DN1MA2002DLSO HP 15M1,1753025  
2514JS1RKZ/11987JA1SO HP 15M1,1612927  
2515JA1GO1989JA1SO HP 15M1,1402020  
2516Y23WM1986DMSO HP 15M1,1402820  
2517HA3GJ1985HASO HP 15M1,1343427  
2518Y64XH1989DMSO HP 15M1,0802020  
2519SM0KV/01986SMSO HP 15M1,0502121  
2520JA0NCE1985JA0SO HP 15M1,0502421  
2521Y30BFK1983DMSO HP 15M1,0402120  
2522PY4ZO1991PYSO HP 15M1,0261918  
2523JN1TEO1983JA1SO HP 15M1,0202120  
2524JA2KPV1981JA2SO HP 15M1,0082516  
2525JH2XTV1984JA2SO HP 15M1,0072019  
2526JA6HQT1989JA6SO HP 15M9901918  
2527JA8EJO1990JA8SO HP 15M9882019  
2528Y41UF1987DMSO HP 15M9862317  
2529YL2PP1990YLSO HP 15M9501919  
2530EC1CVC1990EASO HP 15M9183227  
2531NX9T1988W9SO HP 15M9002525  
2532HA3GQ1985HASO HP 15M8882726  
2533JA6IP1985JA6SO HP 15M8602020  
2534DL8CA2011DLSO HP 15M85519190.8 
2535Y22ML1981DMSO HP 15M8461818  
2536JA1JAT1980JA1SO HP 15M8461918  
2537NC6Q1982W6SO HP 15M8373631  
2538KA5Q1979W5SO HP 15M8332417  
2539JA4AQR1990JA4SO HP 15M8281818  
2540UP2AV1989LYSO HP 15M8202120  
2541PQ8ZZ1987PYSO HP 15M8202220  
2542JL1EJO1982JA1SO HP 15M8202120  
2543OK1HH1983OKOMSO HP 15M8102118  
2544SP3CMX2012SPSO HP 15M77418183.1 
2545LY1FEY1999LYSO HP 15M7691616  
2546JA2CPD2015JA2SO HP 15M76816163.5 
2547YC6LUO1992YBSO HP 15M7651715  
2548AM8AAG2007EA8SO HP 15M704161625.8  
2549OZ9TL1981OZSO HP 15M7041616  
2550OH1FM1979OHSO HP 15M7041616  
2551WD9GSO1979W9SO HP 15M7002120  
2552JA1AAT1984JA1SO HP 15M6802017  
2553JA6QDU1988JA6SO HP 15M6721616  
2554OK1ASQ1981OKOMSO HP 15M6721616  
2555N6JM1980W6SO HP 15M6721614  
2556JI0VWL2016JA0SO HP 15M (T)66723230.4 
2557UN5J2012UNSO HP 15M66317171.3 
2558JH2XTV1982JA2SO HP 15M6512221  
2559OH7SM1990OHSO HP 15M6382222  
2560JI4ARB1990JA4SO HP 15M6291817  
2561OH3RF1979OHSO HP 15M6241716  
2562YO2CMI1986YOSO HP 15M6121818  
2563Y56ZN1986DMSO HP 15M5951717  
2564OH2AP1981OHSO HP 15M5761916  
25659M2CLN20179M2SO HP 15M57022192.0 
2566OH5RZ1986OHSO HP 15M5612017  
2567JA5UXR1980JA5SO HP 15M5582218  
2568PY1LVF1999PYSO HP 15M5321414  
2569OH5MX1984OHSO HP 15M5132019  
2570UB5AJP1989URSO HP 15M5121616  
2571OK1ONI1984OKOMSO HP 15M5102017  
2572JA2CPD2014JA2SO HP 15M48015152.8 
2573UA6AKT1983UA-6SO HP 15M4501615  
2574OK1AMB1979OKOMSO HP 15M4421313  
2575DL5XX1990DLSO HP 15M4321818  
2576JA6QDU1989JA6SO HP 15M4321212  
2577SP6NXP1985SPSO HP 15M4322118  
2578JA1AJA1988JA1SO HP 15M4291313  
2579YO4CBT1983YOSO HP 15M4081212  
2580SP2MHC2008SPSO HP 15M39618180.4 
2581KA5MED1982W5SO HP 15M3924328  
2582JR7HBF2014JA7SO HP 15M39014132.2 
2583HA3KGJ1985HASO HP 15M3802019  
2584SM6PVB1993SMSO HP 15M3751515  
2585Y31XF1983DMSO HP 15M3601212  
2586JN7OJA2001JA7SO HP 15M3411111  
2587UL7TT1986UNSO HP 15M3411111  
2588Y57RH1983DMSO HP 15M3411111  
2589OH2DN1979OHSO HP 15M2901110  
2590YO2CMI1985YOSO HP 15M2851515  
2591JA1AAT1994JA1SO HP 15M2801210  
2592EC5AAI1981EASO HP 15M2601313  
2593OH1CI1981OHSO HP 15M2601313  
2594JA1AJA1984JA1SO HP 15M243279  
2595Y30ADG1983DMSO HP 15M24399  
2596JA1AAT1987JA1SO HP 15M2401010  
2597UR2TBG1983ESSO HP 15M22599  
2598JI1LNR1990JA1SO HP 15M2201010  
2599OZ2E1983OZSO HP 15M216109  
2600JA1AAT1982JA1SO HP 15M209119  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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