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2401SM7TV1982SMSO HP 15M3,3305545  
2402OH8LC1990OHSO HP 15M3,3125246  
2403K4TKM/61987W6SO HP 15M3,3004544  
2404W2HDI/12012W1SO HP 15M3,26733332.5 
2405Y22UB1985DMSO HP 15M3,2665946  
2406OK2ABU1983OKOMSO HP 15M3,2644634  
2407OK1PCL1981OKOMSO HP 15M3,2643632  
2408SM4BW1991SMSO HP 15M3,2394341  
2409JH1KRX1979JA1SO HP 15M3,1623531  
2410SQ3BDQ2013SPSO HP 15M3,15940391.9 
2411UX3IT2016URSO HP 15M3,13651490.8 
2412OK2SPS1983OKOMSO HP 15M3,1204630  
2413JH1BUB2000JA1SO HP 15M3,0943934  
2414UA1ZCU1981UA-1SO HP 15M2,9873729  
2415RL7AB1985UNSO HP 15M2,9703433  
2416Y22HF1985DMSO HP 15M2,9604340  
2417OH5RZ1990OHSO HP 15M2,9445046  
2418UQ2GLQ1987YLSO HP 15M2,9404435  
2419UA0UAG1988RA0SO HP 15M2,8066623  
2420YO5AVP1979YOSO HP 15M2,7553429  
2421JI2LCE1987JA2SO HP 15M2,7365138  
2422JA4GXS1982JA4SO HP 15M2,7203634  
2423DK9CK1983DLSO HP 15M2,7063433  
2424OK1FGS1989OKOMSO HP 15M2,6973131  
2425Y47XF1983DMSO HP 15M2,6953535  
2426OH6DZ1983OHSO HP 15M2,6243232  
2427JL3RDC2017JA3SO HP 15M (T)2,584443816.7 
2428PY2FFW2010PYSO HP 15M2,56032325.0 
2429W7AYY2000W7SO HP 15M (T)2,5523029  
2430JA6LCJ2017JA6SO HP 15M2,54647381.1 
2431OK1JIM1982OKOMSO HP 15M2,5203330  
2432JA1XPU1990JA1SO HP 15M2,4803431  
2433DL7YS1986DLSO HP 15M2,4493331  
2434SN2K2017SPSO HP 15M2,44242371.6SP2FWC
2435JR0GVW2015JA0SO HP 15M2,44238377.0 
2436YO2CMI1988YOSO HP 15M2,4303130  
2437OH1LU1979OHSO HP 15M2,4243524  
2438OK1DZD1982OKOMSO HP 15M2,4054237  
2439OH3TZ1990OHSO HP 15M2,4004040  
2440OZ4CG1979OZSO HP 15M2,3783229  
2441UD6DKW19844JSO HP 15M2,3253125  
2442JK1DEO1980JA1SO HP 15M2,3243128  
2443JA1GO1988JA1SO HP 15M2,3203029  
2444OH8LC1987OHSO HP 15M2,3044936  
2445RA6AFB2007UA-6SO HP 15M2,30139393.0  
2446NE2W1987W2SO HP 15M2,2808260  
2447Y21UL/A1984DMSO HP 15M2,2684036  
2448Y57RH1984DMSO HP 15M2,2654035  
2449JA3UWB1988JA3SO HP 15M2,2623129  
2450PY1PL1983PYSO HP 15M2,2412927  
2451LA8UX1981LASO HP 15M2,2265021  
2452UQ2GCN1979YLSO HP 15M2,1943931  
2453OH3MP1988OHSO HP 15M2,1322826  
2454SP8IIS1997SPSO HP 15M2,1123433  
2455SM7TV1980SMSO HP 15M2,1123232  
2456HL5YI2013HLSO HP 15M (T)2,10941371.8 
2457SM4ASI1984SMSO HP 15M2,0793127  
2458JH1BUB1986JA1SO HP 15M1,9804530  
2459VE2AEJ/31984VE3SO HP 15M1,9603028  
2460UB5KAG1990URSO HP 15M1,8862523  
2461OK3CEG1989OKOMSO HP 15M1,8752625  
2462Y37ZB1983DMSO HP 15M1,8723327  
2463JF2FIU2001JA2SO HP 15M1,86327271.9  
2464Y64NH1989DMSO HP 15M1,8603130  
2465JI1LAI1989JA1SO HP 15M1,8482828  
2466JF7VVL/31988JA3SO HP 15M1,8273429  
2467Y26TL1982DMSO HP 15M1,8273329  
2468G6QQ1985GSO HP 15M1,7983231  
2469SP9IGY1990SPSO HP 15M1,7922828  
2470Y66ZF/P1988DMSO HP 15M1,7622928  
2471JR1UJW1991JA1SO HP 15M1,7552727  
2472JI3OPA1981JA3SO HP 15M1,7552927  
2473JH9ENC1982JA9SO HP 15M1,7514017  
2474PY1DL1991PYSO HP 15M1,7422626  
2475JL2RQH1988JA2SO HP 15M1,7003025  
2476JS1DCZ2004JA1SO HP 15M1,674343128.2  
2477JA2KPV1980JA2SO HP 15M1,6723619  
2478JJ1JHJ1988JA1SO HP 15M1,6562423  
2479PY2OHJ1985PYSO HP 15M1,6562523  
2480JF2FIU2005JA2SO HP 15M1,6522928  
2481OK2BHQ1986OKOMSO HP 15M1,6523128  
2482EC4API1982EASO HP 15M1,6252725  
2483LZ06ANT2009LZSO HP 15M1,62036366.2LZ3SM
2484JA7ETU2015JA7SO HP 15M1,56627274.1 
2485OH2BUZ1982OHSO HP 15M1,5663029  
2486UA9QCP1987RA9SO HP 15M1,5362423  
2487JA3RKT 1989JA3SO HP 15M1,4742322  
2488JA0GZ1989JA0SO HP 15M1,4622423  
2489JH3GCN2012JA3SO HP 15M1,44924236.8 
2490JA7ARW1979JA7SO HP 15M1,4493123  
2491EC3CJE1986EASO HP 15M1,4403230  
2492JA2SAP/11983JA1SO HP 15M1,4262423  
2493OZ7BW1982OZSO HP 15M1,4072321  
2494EC9KI1989EA9SO HP 15M1,3862221  
2495JE0WJS1991JA0SO HP 15M1,3402520  
2496JA6AKV1982JA6SO HP 15M1,3112423  
2497JA0GCY2014JA0SO HP 15M1,29624242.8 
2498OK2PCN1990OKOMSO HP 15M1,2882323  
2499NN3SI1984W3SO HP 15M1,2762222W4KM 
2500LA7SI1982LASO HP 15M1,2742926  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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