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2001JA2ESR1994JA2SO HP 40M4,9144739  
2002EG1BRX1985EASO HP 40M4,9144639  
2003Y26IL1981DMSO HP 40M4,8764946  
2004UT5LN1981URSO HP 40M4,8415047  
2005W8UVZ1981W8SO HP 40M4,8244436  
2006JA1NYV1990JA1SO HP 40M4,8003432  
2007Y49ZD1987DMSO HP 40M4,7885442  
2008EA5AR1985EASO HP 40M4,7885042  
2009UA9SGW1980RA9SO HP 40M4,7606844  
2010UC2ADH1989EUSO HP 40M4,7364737  
2011UP2BNL1988LYSO HP 40M4,6806845  
2012K4XO1983W4SO HP 40M4,6623937  
2013HA6NW1983HASO HP 40M4,6446243  
2014JA1NYV1988JA1SO HP 40M4,6004920  
2015OK3THM1987OKOMSO HP 40M4,5603030  
2016JR0GFM1984JA0SO HP 40M4,5564034  
2017JF2LTH1986JA2SO HP 40M4,3203836  
2018JI3OIP1986JA3SO HP 40M4,3123228  
2019OK1AUJ1991OKOMSO HP 40M4,2243232  
2020UB5XBD1987URSO HP 40M4,2005742  
2021LZ3YV2007LZSO HP 40M4,182434126.9  
2022UA9XHT1985RA9SO HP 40M4,1602926  
2023UI8ACO1980UKSO HP 40M4,1583327  
2024YO2CGZ1981YOSO HP 40M4,1304035  
2025JE1KDM/81987JA8SO HP 40M4,1042927  
2026OK3ZWX1987OKOMSO HP 40M4,0883128  
2027YV4ABR2000YVSO HP 40M4,0042726  
2028UB5KAU1982URSO HP 40M3,95612923  
2029W9AKS2017W9SO HP 40M (T)3,95061503.7 
2030UA4CIF1983UA-4SO HP 40M3,9044232  
2031JH4VUI1988JA4SO HP 40M3,9002826  
2032UA3GGQ1985UA-3SO HP 40M3,8944033  
2033YO6OBH1989YOSO HP 40M3,8504035  
2034JA3BCT1980JA3SO HP 40M3,8003925  
2035SM2NTU1984SMSO HP 40M3,7604840  
2036UA0LFN1984RA0SO HP 40M3,6183027  
2037Y41ZF1988DMSO HP 40M3,4784037  
2038JA3BCT1983JA3SO HP 40M3,3602524  
2039EU8KP2010EUSO HP 40M3,23444425.8 
2040YO4BSZ1987YOSO HP 40M3,1925328  
2041DU1EV2014DUSO HP 40M3,17425231.4 
2042Y53XM1986DMSO HP 40M3,1684536  
2043OZ4OC2002OZSO HP 40M3,150393524.8  
2044JR4SRW1985JA4SO HP 40M3,1502725  
2045YO3BFJ1985YOSO HP 40M3,1284034  
2046YO6ADW1984YOSO HP 40M3,1284034  
2047KK6C1980W6SO HP 40M3,1006962  
2048JQ3CHM/21989JA2SO HP 40M2,9002825  
2049JA1NYV1989JA1SO HP 40M2,8563817  
2050YO9YE1986YOSO HP 40M2,8124019  
2051OK1HCG1989OKOMSO HP 40M2,8083836  
2052W4KMS1985W4SO HP 40M2,8004040  
2053JA3AVO2007JA3SO HP 40M2,760242325.3  
2054JJ5GSY2011JA5SO HP 40M (T)2,60025255.2 
2055VE3ST1993VE3SO HP 40M2,5502525  
2056YO4CAH1980YOSO HP 40M2,53010022  
2057SP9HWN1989SPSO HP 40M2,5203930  
2058CR0BQH1988CTSO HP 40M2,5203030  
2059WA3VPL1984W3SO HP 40M2,4082828  
2060PY2TI1989PYSO HP 40M2,3042424  
2061KK9V1982W9SO HP 40M2,3005046  
2062JA7MNB1990JA7SO HP 40M2,2623029  
2063Y30AUB1983DMSO HP 40M2,2403732  
2064YO4AAC1990YOSO HP 40M2,2084523  
2065OK1DFQ1986OKOMSO HP 40M2,1662319  
2066YC4GAP1987YBSO HP 40M2,1602120  
2067OK1TJ1981OKOMSO HP 40M2,1083231  
2068WY0Z1994W0SO HP 40M2,1064039  
2069KM0Q1986W0SO HP 40M2,0884036  
2070YO8CEZ1980YOSO HP 40M2,0244522  
2071VK6SMK2015VKSO HP 40M (T)1,99519195.8 
2072K1XM1986W1SO HP 40M1,9381919  
2073EU6EU1994EUSO HP 40M1,9322423  
2074JA1GHR2017JA1SO HP 40M1,90819181.5 
2075JA6GGD1983JA6SO HP 40M1,9082218  
2076UB5RDZ1986URSO HP 40M1,8363527  
2077YO4AAC1987YOSO HP 40M1,8064321  
2078OK2BSG1982OKOMSO HP 40M1,8002120  
2079SP2MHC2010SPSO HP 40M1,76431280.8 
2080YO8RDQ1991YOSO HP 40M1,7281511  
2081LU5ER1991LUSO HP 40M1,7001917  
2082JA1NYV1986JA1SO HP 40M1,6602710  
2083PY2KJ2009PYSO HP 40M1,59020151.9 
2084S59T2010S5SO HP 40M1,51229280.4 
2085Y41UF/P1985DMSO HP 40M1,5083026  
2086DL5AUJ1997DLSO HP 40M1,4961817  
2087UR2RLR1984ESSO HP 40M1,4802020  
2088N0FMR1986W0SO HP 40M1,4744942  
2089JA0GZ1985JA0SO HP 40M1,4401918  
2090JA1NYV1987JA1SO HP 40M1,4282214  
2091UR2RLR1985ESSO HP 40M1,4281917  
2092JL1EJO1985JA1SO HP 40M1,3642522  
2093OM6KZ1990OKOMSO HP 40M1,3442624  
2094JA8MXC2010JA8SO HP 40M1,34317171.5 
2095KU6T1991W6SO HP 40M1,3321918  
2096YO2ADQ1984YOSO HP 40M1,3202222  
2097IK0FEC1991ISO HP 40M1,2602221  
2098JA3BIP1996JA3SO HP 40M1,2301515  
2099OI8AX1985OHSO HP 40M1,21210071  
2100SM0ARR1994SMSO HP 40M1,2002524  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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