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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
101UO6OFFER1988SO QRP 10M27,90012390  
102HB9CBRHB2019SA QRP 10M27,84617715319.9 
103SP4GFGSP2008SO QRP 10M27,46216913810.4 
104JA1YWXJA11983SO QRP 10M25,94714393JA6-9330 
105EI4IIEI2014SO QRP 10M25,87516012516.8 
106US5VXUR2023SO QRP 10M25,86812311610.2 
107PY1MXPY2014SO QRP 10M25,63297893.7 
108F8AKCF2023SO QRP 10M25,16411510818.4 
109ER1RRER2009SO QRP 10M25,0921551236.0 
110HG7MWHA1995SO QRP 10M25,058177134  
111DL2KDWDL2008SO QRP 10M24,34416613614.6 
112YR8IYO2010SO QRP 10M23,6251621258.8YO8BIG
1134X1VF4X1998SO QRP 10M23,3069786  
114PP8WHLPY1990SO QRP 10M23,25410677  
115YO4XTYO2008SO QRP 10M23,2501541259.8 
116IZ2JPNI2014SO QRP 10M23,19912711117.3 
117HA0GKHA1999SO QRP 10M22,98910797  
118DF9ZPDL2001SO QRP 10M22,848104967.3  
119WA6FGVW61999SO QRP 10M22,700122100  
120SP4GFGSP2012SO QRP 10M22,62514112515.8 
121G3ZBUG2020SA QRP 10M22,21817513813.8G3ZBU
122LY2LFLY2011SO QRP 10M (T)22,0781611334.8 
123LY2BBFLY2008SO QRP 10M22,0441571329.2 
124OM7PYOM2007SO QRP 10M21,9601501228.9  
125YU1LGYT2016SA QRP 10M21,84016214023.2 
126YO6EXYO2023SO QRP 10M21,8001221096.8 
127LY3AALY2005SO QRP 10M21,65815411917.3  
128SQ6ELVSP2007SO QRP 10M21,35815511816.8  
129LZ1MGLZ2011SO QRP 10M21,12514012511.3 
130G0TDXG1996SO QRP 10M20,880178116  
131LZ1MGLZ2007SO QRP 10M20,680138110  
132ZR6CZS2023SO QRP 10M (T)20,23090852.7ZS6RI 
1334L1FP4L2010SO QRP 10M20,23097859.6 
1344O6ZD4O2020SA QRP 10M20,08814812415.04O6ZD
135RU9CDUA92014SO QRP 10M19,747969114.4 
136MM1RGM2020SO QRP 10M18,4081521185.5MM0ZBH
137HG3IPAHA2022SO QRP 10M18,177958318.5HA3JB
138YO8BSEYO2019SO QRP 10M18,12014312013.0 
139DL2BISDL2008SO QRP 10M18,12013912011.1 
140LW3EBJLU1997SO QRP 10M17,8928874  
141LY2BBFLY2005SO QRP 10M17,78413011411.0  
142UB5KBYUR1982SO QRP 10M17,73813198  
143US6IMAUR2007SO QRP 10M17,6701189312.1  
1449A3GU9A1999SO QRP 10M17,42411199  
145YP8AYO2023SO QRP 10M17,266100895.5 
146UD2FUA22023SO QRP 10M17,17612811311.4  
147E72WE72011SO QRP 10M17,1761361139.7 
148OK1LVOK2021SO QRP 10M (C)17,1361341199.8 
149JH1LBRJA11989SO QRP 10M17,0009385  
150RN4AOUA-42012SO QRP 10M (T)16,95212110415.1 
151UX9QUR2019SA QRP 10M (T)16,7791341194.7UR9QQ
152IZ3NVRI2015SA QRP 10M16,7441009111.2 
153LU1VYLLU2023SO QRP 10M16,71695849.9 
154PU2TWZPY2023SO QRP 10M16,69211610712.7 
155HG5OHA2014SO QRP 10M (T)16,40011610010.2 
156DJ0MYDL2014SA QRP 10M16,3281161047.6 
157JH1XUZJA11988SO QRP 10M15,9969286  
158HA0GKHA2000SO QRP 10M15,83411291  
159DL2TMDL2019SO QRP 10M15,50412911411.1 
160VU2URVU2014SA QRP 10M15,130898516.8 
161DL2TMDL2016SO QRP 10M14,9601291109.2 
162OK1LVOK2019SO QRP 10M14,9331231099.8 
163KH7MKH62023SO QRP 10M14,92583756.1KH6ZM
164K2YGMW22014SO QRP 10M14,77583757.6 
165JR3RWBJA31991SO QRP 10M14,52510083  
166N4AUW42012SO QRP 10M13,77477717.6 
167EA3EGVEA1985SO QRP 10M13,68914781  
168OK7CMOK2019SO QRP 10M13,67411510610.4 
169PA2REHPA2019SO QRP 10M13,6501221057.0 
170DL8TGDL2012SO QRP 10M12,920101959.5 
171K2CSW22001SO QRP 10M12,654777430.8  
172EA8AQMEA82023SO QRP 10M12,49696888.1 
173OK1GSBOK2016SO QRP 10M12,39011910513.5 
174JR3WRBJA31990SO QRP 10M12,3829582  
175DL4EAXDL2008SO QRP 10M12,3421111026.4 
176JQ1NGTJA12015SO QRP 10M12,2461187816.8  
177EW6CUEU2003SO QRP 10M12,1941109111.8  
178HG7MWHA1992SO QRP 10M12,1559085  
179DL2TMDL2011SO QRP 10M12,126110946.9 
180RX9CCUA92021SO QRP 10M12,00070604.3 
181RB5FOUR1991SO QRP 10M11,88010188  
182YO2AQBYO1988SO QRP 10M11,3108578  
183JG1RYQJA12022SO QRP 10M11,016826817.1 
184SN8MSP2008SO QRP 10M11,0111059113.7SP8MI
185DC9RIDL2021SO QRP 10M10,8901079010.4 
186N5USW51989SO QRP 10M10,8907966  
187F8AKCF2009SO QRP 10M10,773131817.5 
188M8CG2020SO QRP 10M (C)10,752116966.3G4DBL
189N5USW51990SO QRP 10M10,5789386  
190JR3RWBJA32003SO QRP 10M10,512807214.4  
191W5GAIW52011SO QRP 10M10,41979697.1 
192IK4AUYI2023SO QRP 10M10,36680734.9 
193RQ7RUA-62020SO QRP 10M10,3231079310.4 
194OH3JFOH1989SO QRP 10M10,2909270  
1953G3OCE2022SO QRP 10M (T)10,26670593.9XQ3OP
196YT1BXYT2015SA QRP 10M9,92878738.5 
197YO2AOBYO1989SO QRP 10M9,8287663  
198VU2GURVU2013SA QRP 10M9,639686312.6 
199DL8MBSDL2019SO QRP 10M9,555106918.3 
200UU4JQRUR2008SO QRP 10M9,4921078411.8UU4JQR
559 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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