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101HB9DHGHBSA HP ALL2,060,1701,36766536.0 
102HA5SEHASA HP ALL2,058,0561,30172833.9 
103AC4CA/5W5SA HP ALL (T)2,053,6341,26364628.4 
1049A202JK9ASA HP ALL (T)2,005,8641,19373133.49A2JK
105AK6MW6SA HP ALL (T)1,979,6671,26968130.3K6MM
106K7RFW7SA HP ALL (T)1,963,5721,09961425.1 
107DJ8EWDLSA HP ALL (T)1,944,9571,33170734.1 
108IK8UNDISA HP ALL (T)1,936,8961,37876826.4 
109N6JVW6SA HP ALL (T)1,909,2151,19266531.8 
110RN7FUA-6SA HP ALL1,894,6201,26669419.8 
111N2BJ/9W9SA HP ALL1,870,0501,06068531.4 
112DK7VWDLSA HP ALL1,830,7641,23364629.8 
113EU6AFEUSA HP ALL1,827,0781,29462726.3 
114PY4RGSPYSA HP ALL1,814,67094859427.4 
115HA1QHASA HP ALL1,732,3761,04266422.6DH8VV
116W6SXW6SA HP ALL (T)1,710,5401,27158527.0 
117YO4DWYOSA HP ALL1,710,4501,26763031.7 
118JE1LFXJA1SA HP ALL (T)1,666,0321,02256924.4 
119K6RIMW6SA HP ALL1,638,0761,00463125.3 
120EW7BREUSA HP ALL1,632,3841,20162435.5 
121OG30OJOHSA HP ALL1,629,4101,51863526.9OH3OJ
122DL1LODDLSA HP ALL (T)1,628,4041,10762829.5 
123W5GNW5SA HP ALL1,617,04099065625.8 
124W3KLW3SA HP ALL1,610,22098557115.1 
125N4DWW4SA HP ALL1,599,90499657820.9 
126W2JU/1W1SA HP ALL1,585,4541,02157819.0 
127UT7EZURSA HP ALL1,583,7081,24065233.6 
128DL1NEODLSA HP ALL (T)1,574,6011,12967928.6 
129MQ0TRNGSA HP ALL (R)1,547,3921,19861634.2M0TRN
130AL9AKLSA HP ALL1,544,63491057423.3 
131W2CDO/3W3SA HP ALL1,525,45698753617.6 
132KE0UIW0SA HP ALL1,469,73698759633.1 
133OH3JFOHSA HP ALL1,458,3271,22861325.6 
134NB4MW4SA HP ALL1,419,89097553519.1 
135NG6SW6SA HP ALL1,379,6121,02755925.7W4UAT
136UT0RMURSA HP ALL1,305,4881,15855622.4 
137K2MKW2SA HP ALL1,303,69489350219.2 
138DQ5TDLSA HP ALL1,252,58491964826.9DL4LAM
139DL5GACDLSA HP ALL (T)1,251,3121,00259729.2 
140NB3RW3SA HP ALL (T)1,227,20088252023.7 
141UT1AAURSA HP ALL1,201,1011,08256122.6 
142K3ATOW3SA HP ALL1,159,02686356121.4 
143DJ6QTDLSA HP ALL1,157,13079355926.8 
144UU4JCURSA HP ALL1,122,03098858519.1 
145K2VV/0W0SA HP ALL1,103,31082953316.2 
146RW4LCUA-4SA HP ALL1,102,0081,04958424.7 
147NO7RW7SA HP ALL (T)1,054,68085156417.0AA7V
148WQ6KW6SA HP ALL1,051,06482654820.5N6IE
149HA3OUHASA HP ALL1,018,08084656022.8 
150VE3EKVE3SA HP ALL1,012,30581746514.4 
151VE2EZDVE2SA HP ALL1,008,30678541730.7 
152AE1TW1SA HP ALL1,008,01275150313.6 
153N4NXW4SA HP ALL1,000,27266054623.9 
154EA4KAEASA HP ALL966,60380156120.8 
155JF2OZHJA2SA HP ALL955,16975246332.4 
156RC3FUA-3SA HP ALL925,27290556817.7 
157WA3FW3SA HP ALL920,25870745430.7 
158N3ER/1W1SA HP ALL911,23270444815.4 
159DF2TTDLSA HP ALL (T)902,55273156831.0 
160DB50EFADLSA HP ALL900,64595048520.8DF8AA
161WM6AW6SA HP ALL889,13368349714.4K6TA
162R5AJUA-3SA HP ALL (T)888,80881246114.3 
163RC7AUA-6SA HP ALL886,44087053417.5 
164KQ3FW3SA HP ALL881,33573345510.7 
165DJ9RRDLSA HP ALL870,35082651521.1 
166W9KB/4W4SA HP ALL866,71276546928.9 
167XV1X3WSA HP ALL854,53681744624.2 
168N4KGW4SA HP ALL852,24668341920.1 
169WI7NW7SA HP ALL831,97274549224.7 
170DL5YMDLSA HP ALL813,76881149213.6 
171N3RRW3SA HP ALL810,0196044279.6 
172MD2CGDSA HP ALL (T)803,99778347111.0MD0CCE
173K0KXW0SA HP ALL801,78062946014.3 
174LY2XWLYSA HP ALL (T)783,83087351521.9 
175UY4FURSA HP ALL777,13582751524.9UR5FEL
176NQ1W/4W4SA HP ALL772,41868646717.6K1KO
177CW7TCXSA HP ALL765,23656745225.4CX7TT
178K2SX/4W4SA HP ALL (T)753,01268046812.6 
179VE2FKVE2SA HP ALL (T)738,34463535613.9 
180R0QARA0SA HP ALL737,02568446512.0 
181NO6TW6SA HP ALL735,31873345923.9N6NC
182OK8DDOKSA HP ALL (T)732,22872248320.4 
183W2LEW2SA HP ALL (T)728,30159743913.0 
184WS7LW7SA HP ALL (T)694,27267545229.3 
185OZ3ABEOZSA HP ALL691,89676745430.1 
186K2CYEW2SA HP ALL (T)690,00054340012.6 
187R8MCRA9SA HP ALL683,48862442415.9 
188RU4PUUA-4SA HP ALL673,83672846611.3 
189JN3SACJA3SA HP ALL (T)661,21356241325.3 
190LY3CYLYSA HP ALL660,98281043427.7 
191JJ3JJLJA3SA HP ALL653,96163139917.9 
192WY3AW3SA HP ALL (T)648,86658238613.2 
193OK2SGOKSA HP ALL633,14454144419.6 
194KI7YW7SA HP ALL (T)624,49569339533.2 
195RT8ORA9SA HP ALL613,83361136310.7 
196JE1SGHJA1SA HP ALL (T)601,09052743410.8 
197WA3AANW3SA HP ALL (T)599,06057338515.3 
198DS5DNOHLSA HP ALL594,75878734724.0 
199BU2AWBVSA HP ALL (T)591,71297432827.1 
200K7XCW7SA HP ALL590,64850540413.8 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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