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101WX6VW6SA HP ALL (T)1,013,32890845431.1 
102LY5RLYSA HP ALL1,010,4421,03149814.0 
103IO3XISA HP ALL (T)1,008,89696556329.4IV3JCC
104DL1LODDLSA HP ALL (T)1,003,55597654134.7 
105UA6AAUA-6SA HP ALL986,49373049318.0 
106LY2KMLYSA HP ALL (T)964,37199852127.8 
107YO4DWYOSA HP ALL954,8101,03251524.8 
1089A4WY9ASA HP ALL (T)925,08998456121.1 
109F5VKTFSA HP ALL922,95087052532.3 
110KE1B/6W6SA HP ALL (T)920,9201,07050618.3 
111UT0RMURSA HP ALL893,7841,18750121.1 
112R3ZVUA-3SA HP ALL884,3681,01649619.5 
113RM9RZRA9SA HP ALL836,33473247915.7 
114RN9ARA9SA HP ALL781,70561339511.8 
115UA9AGXRA9SA HP ALL (T)770,57260542226.2 
116YO6PVKYOSA HP ALL746,19489550929.8 
117SD40JZSMSA HP ALL (T)735,6091,00648320.2SM5DJZ
118DJ6QTDLSA HP ALL (T)731,34672446223.9 
119DF9LJDLSA HP ALL730,93566343916.3 
120K0PYW0SA HP ALL (T)729,72592142527.7 
121KE0UIW0SA HP ALL726,26478746224.1 
122NB3RW3SA HP ALL724,19273442430.3 
123AG6AUW6SA HP ALL (T)716,42095945223.2W1RH
124SA1ASMSA HP ALL (T)716,41298145414.0SM1TDE
125W2LEW2SA HP ALL (T)700,33562239522.5 
126LU6UOLUSA HP ALL692,55061740519.9 
127ES4RXESSA HP ALL (T)687,58290445924.0 
128DL8SCGDLSA HP ALL681,32871643919.4 
129IR3WISA HP ALL653,02082351519.6 
130OM7PYOMSA HP ALL646,79577846731.1 
131WI7NW7SA HP ALL633,04671443324.3 
132US6EXURSA HP ALL631,84279147419.7 
133IK3XJPISA HP ALL626,22167843727.2 
134K1GU/4W4SA HP ALL578,59259139212.7 
135RG8KRA9SA HP ALL564,26457440814.8 
136WF2BW2SA HP ALL557,23255137612.3K2ONP
137HA3OUHASA HP ALL550,56059744417.1 
138OY/PA2AOYSA HP ALL540,17668942428.1 
139FO8RZFOSA HP ALL537,57257626311.3 
140DJ5ANDLSA HP ALL532,56470442231.2 
141K2SX/4W4SA HP ALL (T)523,77061339010.6 
142DL2NOMDLSA HP ALL494,26574141516.3 
143AB3CX/2W2SA HP ALL (T)491,0435283496.9 
144N4GGW4SA HP ALL489,55562034512.3 
145HA9PPHASA HP ALL477,2026703986.8 
146YO9SWYOSA HP ALL474,00059340018.5 
147AB7RW7SA HP ALL466,09579634515.5 
148DF2TTDLSA HP ALL (T)449,82057242031.1 
149K2BA/5W5SA HP ALL449,81456036612.5 
150KR4FW4SA HP ALL (T)448,71649236614.3 
151AE1TW1SA HP ALL (T)445,9365303769.9 
152OM7AXOMSA HP ALL441,69466837427.4 
153K3IU/1W1SA HP ALL440,86047233511.4 
154US7MMURSA HP ALL439,3015613839.4 
155K7RFW7SA HP ALL (T)437,66057739518.1 
156K5MVW5SA HP ALL (T)435,69671434817.1 
157K3TNW3SA HP ALL (T)416,9705123399.0 
158DL1NEODLSA HP ALL (T)407,4845573789.3 
159DL4CFDLSA HP ALL403,38061240514.9 
160K1DMW1SA HP ALL (T)386,57641629610.8 
161DL1DVEDLSA HP ALL385,30854039613.4 
162Z35GZ3SA HP ALL374,52358938122.0 
163W3FVW3SA HP ALL373,6504513186.0 
164RJ3AUA-3SA HP ALL364,32259937116.1 
165BA1KWBYSA HP ALL359,51666631125.6 
1669M2ADX9M2SA HP ALL (T)349,47946630926.3 
167N3RDW3SA HP ALL347,4984312938.4 
168G4IIYGSA HP ALL342,43249134813.4 
169PA0LOUPASA HP ALL341,18554237714.5 
170S51DXS5SA HP ALL339,8256283459.7 
171DU1/JJ5GMJDUSA HP ALL (T)337,40041924116.1 
172XV1X3WSA HP ALL334,88061032222.0 
173OH5DAOHSA HP ALL332,97651033610.8 
174N2BJ/9W9SA HP ALL325,30448229619.6 
175N2KIW2SA HP ALL324,81640930314.6 
176JH8SLSJA8SA HP ALL318,81645228821.6 
177WS7LW7SA HP ALL (T)314,14057027822.5 
178W9KB/8W8SA HP ALL306,14452428831.1 
179WJ6OW6SA HP ALL301,60251830125.0K6GT
180VE5MXVE5SA HP ALL297,4024552918.0 
181PA1CWPASA HP ALL297,34461536813.1 
182GM0FGIGMSA HP ALL (T)291,82852433220.9 
183YS1GRYSSA HP ALL (T)289,54839625224.6 
184PA0CYWPASA HP ALL287,14753732310.8 
185DF2LHDLSA HP ALL284,76043533922.7 
186OK1AOVOKSA HP ALL283,47041533013.7 
187N4DWW4SA HP ALL279,0343972669.6 
188ND8LW8SA HP ALL276,9443963048.9 
189NE6IW6SA HP ALL (T)262,75257127225.5 
190EA1WXEASA HP ALL261,7504893498.3 
191W2LKW2SA HP ALL259,4083532486.9 
192NE4MW4SA HP ALL253,80045228214.8 
193AK6MW6SA HP ALL (T)251,98052729315.1K6MM
194RO9ORA9SA HP ALL245,1603032164.2 
195N4ZR/8W8SA HP ALL242,4163632785.1 
196UT7EZURSA HP ALL226,25037425016.4 
197N4QSW4SA HP ALL224,8143762679.7 
198R9XTRA9SA HP ALL219,84032722913.7 
199LZ1ONKLZSA HP ALL207,68043129512.8 
200AB2DEW2SA HP ALL (T)202,34031726816.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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