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101OM3PQOMSO LP ALL297,092540289  
102YO2DFAYOSO LP ALL288,100504268  
103KA2AJTW2SO LP ALL287,010345270  
104JA1NLXJASO LP ALL282,690406270  
105K1EFIW1SO LP ALL281,695367265  
106DJ5AVDLSO LP ALL279,990508306  
107DL7BQ/ADLSO LP ALL278,332547298  
108JA1WYQJASO LP ALL269,667358249  
109UB5MTMURSO LP ALL262,944500264  
110UA3ABJUA-3SO LP ALL261,696501282  
111EA5GCTEASO LP ALL259,588547292  
112OH0/DL7CF/POH0SO LP ALL258,945420305  
113DL2GBBDLSO LP ALL254,254469286  
114UB5WCLURSO LP ALL252,747449253  
115JK4KBGJASO LP ALL249,839349229  
116UB5IQWURSO LP ALL248,829508289  
117HA6VAHASO LP ALL247,965394325  
118JA7SURJASO LP ALL242,319358231  
119SP9KZSPSO LP ALL238,680414270  
120YU1AAVYUSO LP ALL237,712400332YU1SB 
121G3OOUGSO LP ALL234,780509258  
122GX0AAAGSO LP ALL233,240575245G3SXW 
123WA2EYAW2SO LP ALL228,854366254  
124WA6BXHW6SO LP ALL223,012376254  
125W8UPHW8SO LP ALL221,880362258  
126VE1AZNVE1SO LP ALL220,284318211  
127K2POFW2SO LP ALL215,059342233  
128UB3MPURSO LP ALL212,170414245  
129F1OIEFSO LP ALL212,052487246  
130VE6HPTVE6SO LP ALL203,5103,363235  
131OH1TNOHSO LP ALL202,797408259  
132SP4DCRSPSO LP ALL200,165401245  
133AA6EEW6SO LP ALL198,135400259  
134W7QNW7SO LP ALL197,955398265  
135JA1RKIJASO LP ALL194,790315215  
136EA1FBJ/MM5TSO LP ALL192,165332213  
137OH6LBWOHSO LP ALL192,156420239  
138K2DBW2SO LP ALL188,564325236  
139K7DBVW7SO LP ALL185,256325249  
140JK1AJX/1JASO LP ALL180,115338221  
141N6JMW6SO LP ALL179,292303201  
142YO8FRYOSO LP ALL177,408330224  
143DJ1OJ/PDLSO LP ALL176,596395238  
144W6HALW6SO LP ALL174,636325231  
145OM3TLIOMSO LP ALL172,293408227  
146VK1FFVK1SO LP ALL171,655272172WB2FFY 
147JA9DDF/2JASO LP ALL170,753311209  
148JI1MTFJASO LP ALL157,584277190  
149NL7DUKLSO LP ALL151,971313179  
150VU2PTTVUSO LP ALL147,780268180  
151DL7VBMDLSO LP ALL144,837288209  
152K6UOW6SO LP ALL142,956265209  
153JA1BUIJASO LP ALL142,037281197  
154DL2RONDLSO LP ALL141,487323218  
155EA5ACPEASO LP ALL133,705344221  
156W6NTW6SO LP ALL132,665250169  
157OH7NWOHSO LP ALL132,525334225  
158G4ZMEGSO LP ALL131,936361217  
159OK2BWJOKSO LP ALL129,444365201  
160EA7BYEASO LP ALL126,812305196  
161HA0DDHASO LP ALL124,848272216  
162KE0UIW0SO LP ALL122,298259187  
163K0IYFW0SO LP ALL117,624243174  
164ON4KROONSO LP ALL115,920243161  
165W7WHYW7SO LP ALL109,654269218  
166DL7VZFDLSO LP ALL109,172286196  
167K4FPFW4SO LP ALL109,080240180  
168OM3CTXOMSO LP ALL107,136287186  
169OK2ONOKSO LP ALL106,596273189  
170W2EZW2SO LP ALL105,105200165  
171N6NFW6SO LP ALL100,536268213  
172N6GLW6SO LP ALL97,846316203  
173FD1RABFSO LP ALL95,348303197  
174RA1WJUA-1SO LP ALL92,920324202  
175HL9UHHLSO LP ALL92,886264137KG6UH 
176JH7CJMJASO LP ALL91,767182169  
177W3NXW3SO LP ALL90,234224162  
178W2OMVW2SO LP ALL89,262215162  
179N8AAW8SO LP ALL89,120200160  
180JA3TOTJASO LP ALL82,505175145  
181SP8FHJSPSO LP ALL82,000245164  
182JA1ABJASO LP ALL78,489189153  
183VE3TEEVE3SO LP ALL77,280178140  
184W8IDMW8SO LP ALL76,725191165  
185YR0ATWYOSO LP ALL76,254236179  
186JH1JGZJASO LP ALL75,978200134  
187VE3ZTHVE3SO LP ALL75,647192143  
188W4YNW4SO LP ALL73,948174133  
189VK5AGSVK5SO LP ALL73,788182143  
190DL1DWTDLSO LP ALL72,996196154  
191N5FUSW4SO LP ALL72,420199170  
192DL5SVBDLSO LP ALL72,063233157  
193JA1IXOJASO LP ALL70,626184149  
194KI7YW7SO LP ALL69,360190170  
195JA2KPVJASO LP ALL68,886158129  
196JE3UHVJASO LP ALL67,404164137  
197UB5BCJURSO LP ALL66,220206140  
198DL8WCMDLSO LP ALL65,121166147  
199KN4MDW4SO LP ALL65,010196165  
200SP6BENSPSO LP ALL64,526208154  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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