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1801A45WG2007A4SO LP 15M1,904282825.8  
1802JE2FJI2014JA2SO LP 15M1,89826264.4 
1803JH9BWC2006JA9SO LP 15M1,89028273.2  
1804JA1XPU1993JASO LP 15M1,8902827  
1805JE1HTV2013JA1SO LP 15M1,85638327.3 
1806KE0L2013W0SO LP 15M1,84834331.3 
1807SV1DZB1998SVSO LP 15M1,8303030  
1808PT4C2009PYSO LP 15M1,80927276.6PY4XX
1809JA1GZK2017JA1SO LP 15M (T)1,79830292.1 
1810RA3MAU2010UA-3SO LP 15M1,79443394.4 
1811E21YDP2008HSSO LP 15M1,767323113.8 
1812JA4RQO2015JA4SO LP 15M1,76440362.7  
1813ES4MM2015ESSO LP 15M1,75527271.7 
1814BA2BA2015BYSO LP 15M1,749353310.0 
1815SM5C2010SMSO LP 15M1,73939372.5SM5CBM
1816DL5FCO2005DLSO LP 15M1,7283936  
1817N7LKL2015W7SO LP 15M1,71640336.0 
1818JA1ANF2014JA1SO LP 15M1,70128274.2 
1819RK4W2016UA-4SO LP 15M (R)1,67742391.0 
1820JI1RCB1998JA1SO LP 15M1,6642926  
1821JH1OLB2002JA1SO LP 15M1,65029223.8  
18227S6W2006SMSO LP 15M1,64729275.1  
1823IK5YJK2011ISO LP 15M1,64332313.5 
1824E27EK2013HSSO LP 15M1,62027271.6  
1825HL2/KA8U2013HLSO LP 15M1,59839347.6 
1826JN2QYN/21994JA2SO LP 15M1,5963128  
1827KU6T1994W6SO LP 15M1,5964038  
1828VY2LI2010VEYSO LP 15M1,58627266.7 
1829YL3GAZ2014YLSO LP 15M (T)1,55133333.5 
1830UR5LBM2011URSO LP 15M1,54837363.3 
1831SP9IKN2007SPSO LP 15M1,5252925  
1832PY2GTO2017PYSO LP 15M1,49524234.6 
1833JI1BBN2010JA1SO LP 15M1,48535332.9 
1834JI1BDQ2012JA1SO LP 15M1,47223232.4 
1835EW6EW2012EUSO LP 15M1,47030300.9 
1836JI6BEN2013JA6SO LP 15M (T)1,45626266.0 
1837YO8RFS2013YOSO LP 15M1,45630282.3 
1838JI1LAI2015JA1SO LP 15M1,44024246.7 
1839JE1HTV2012JA1SO LP 15M1,44031305.7 
1840OK2PSA1997OKSO LP 15M1,4213329  
1841JO3RCK2010JA3SO LP 15M (R)1,404282610.1 
1842JH1BUB1993JASO LP 15M1,3863221  
1843JA6QDU2001JA6SO LP 15M1,3642222  
1844BD3QZ2015BYSO LP 15M1,360343412.0 
1845JG1FGL/22005JA2SO LP 15M1,3342623  
1846YU3W2010YUSO LP 15M1,30549452.3YU1MM
1847JK4DUJ2016JA4SO LP 15M1,30030262.0 
1848JE1JAC2007JA1SO LP 15M1,30030262.8  
1849JJ1XQU2015JA1SO LP 15M1,29628272.6 
1850W6ISO2002W6SO LP 15M1,28828280.9  
1851K0AP2014W0SO LP 15M1,28121211.1 
1852JN2QYN/21992JA2SO LP 15M1,2603735  
1853OH8LC1992OHSO LP 15M1,2602121  
1854JF0ESV/02008JA0SO LP 15M1,24839327.0 
1855JA0UPW2010JA0SO LP 15M1,24731297.1 
1856RW4LQ2003UA-4SO LP 15M1,24224234.1  
1857JH1RDA2016JA1SO LP 15M1,18830272.6 
1858JK4DUJ2017JA4SO LP 15M1,17634282.9  
1859RW0AR2003RA0SO LP 15M1,170272625.5  
1860N6BHX2015W6SO LP 15M (T)1,15225241.5 
1861UA4PAY2013UA-4SO LP 15M1,15023234.5 
1862JN7KRH2012JA7SO LP 15M1,10220192.6 
1863PA0JED2015PASO LP 15M1,10022221.0  
1864JL7FBV/12012JA1SO LP 15M1,10020203.4 
1865NE0P/52005W5SO LP 15M1,10020202.8  
1866JI1LAI2016JA1SO LP 15M1,08125235.6 
18677L1RLL1995JA1SO LP 15M1,0502925  
1868SP2AEK2017SPSO LP 15M1,04429291.9 
1869SM7BUN1999SMSO LP 15M1,0292121  
1870VA3FN2014VE3SO LP 15M1,02021201.5 
1871JF7VVL1999JA7SO LP 15M1,0082824  
1872JA3POW2015JA3SO LP 15M99022222.1 
1873JK4DUJ2014JA4SO LP 15M99023221.6 
18749V1RM20129VSO LP 15M96621210.5 
1875RX3MM2016UA-3SO LP 15M96020202.2  
1876AH0CO/KH22014KH2SO LP 15M96020202.4 
1877NA4M/52009W5SO LP 15M (T)95228283.0 
1878HS3ANP2014HSSO LP 15M (R)94528271.2 
1879KA1RFD2013W1SO LP 15M94324234.0 
1880DW3TRZ2016DUSO LP 15M94021205.3 
1881K6DGQ2014W6SO LP 15M93032306.9 
1882BD4WG2016BYSO LP 15M90020202.5 
1883JA7OMJ2014JA7SO LP 15M88020205.2 
1884JH8SEG/12011JA1SO LP 15M86429245.8 
1885JH1CFV2015JA1SO LP 15M85519194.3 
1886JF2FIU2012JA2SO LP 15M82818180.9 
1887ED5W2015EASO LP 15M82525250.3EA5BB
1888JG1MIJ2016JA1SO LP 15M81921215.6 
1889SA6AIN2010SMSO LP 15M (T)81636345.6 
1890YC1LZT2017YBSO LP 15M814242212.0 
1891JQ1AHZ/62007JA6SO LP 15M81423223.6  
1892HB0Y/DO2XX2011HB0SO LP 15M79226241.7 
1893JL7FBV/12011JA1SO LP 15M77721212.5 
1894JR3KAH2015JA3SO LP 15M76827244.4 
1895JH0SGG1999JA0SO LP 15M7651717  
1896N4MM2002W4SO LP 15M7521616  
1897JR2AAN/22015JA2SO LP 15M74817171.4  
1898BG8BSX2013BYSO LP 15M74824222.2 
1899JR1MEG/12013JA1SO LP 15M74822225.3 
1900JE1HTV2016JA1SO LP 15M74021200.8 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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