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17801KD7GIM2007W7SO LP ALL16513113.9  
17802KE4QCM2015W4SO LP ALL162990.8 
17803K4OC2012W4SO LP ALL162990.7 
17804RA1QX2004UA-1SO LP ALL1629924.4  
17805K7TR2015W7SO LP ALL (T)16011100.6 
17806BH3RPO2016BYSO LP ALL15613121.6 
17807KJ4IT2009W4SO LP ALL15612121.4 
17808SP6BEN2017SPSO LP ALL154770.8  
17809JE3FOR2016JA3SO LP ALL154770.7 
17810ZS1/PG5M2017ZSSO LP ALL153991.7 
17811UR5CML2016URSO LP ALL152981.2 
17812KF3CV2007W3SO LP ALL1528825.2  
17813JA3NOJ2011JA3SO LP ALL150761.4 
17814K4MZE2017W4SO LP ALL147770.5 
17815DU7HF2015DUSO LP ALL147771.1 
17816OZ2RH1993OZSO LP ALL14777  
17817JE8KGH/72013JA7SO LP ALL (T)144990.6 
17818N3GE2007W3SO LP ALL1441092.5  
17819EA4BNQ2004EASO LP ALL144121225.0  
17820YU1PJ1999YUSO LP ALL14499  
17821JA4BEV2016JA4SO LP ALL14314112.4 
17822K6BBQ2007W6SO LP ALL14312117.1  
17823N7TMS2015W7SO LP ALL14010101.7 
17824JN1BBO2008JA1SO LP ALL133771.6 
17825IV3XZG2008ISO LP ALL13212121.3 
17826S53DIJ2008S5SO LP ALL13010100.2 
17827UA4FTA2013UA-4SO LP ALL128880.6 
17828IT9ATQ2013IT9SO LP ALL12111110.6 
17829DK4EF2011DLSO LP ALL12111111.6 
17830JL2OGZ/22017JA2SO LP ALL (T)12012101.1 
17831W5KS2017W5SO LP ALL12013123.4KC5CYY
17832TA1CH2015TA1SO LP ALL12010102.9 
17833RM2A2014UA-3SO LP ALL (T)120880.8 
17834DK9MH2012DLSO LP ALL12010100.8 
17835S59EIJ2008S5SO LP ALL12010101.0 
17836KV2X2004W2SO LP ALL120101025.1  
17837EA4BNQ2001EASO LP ALL1201010  
17838PU2RSD2014PYSO LP ALL119770.7 
17839W0TY2017W0SO LP ALL117990.4 
178407K2GMF1992JA1SO LP ALL1141312  
17841JL2OGZ/22015JA2SO LP ALL (T)112870.3 
17842PY2ALR2005PYSO LP ALL1127725.3  
17843JF1ABZ/12003JA1SO LP ALL1127724.9  
17844K0TNT2016W0SO LP ALL11011100.6 
17845N4YHC/92010W9SO LP ALL11011102.6 
17846BH3RZJ2016BYSO LP ALL10813121.2  
17847RA4UAT2015UA-4SO LP ALL108661.3  
17848TF3SG2011TFSO LP ALL108993.5 
17849SP6BSL2004SPSO LP ALL1086625.0  
17850JG1FGL2007JA1SO LP ALL10577  
17851WI4R2014W4SO LP ALL (R)1041081.7 
17852LA9OSA2013LASO LP ALL (R)104882.1 
17853KA1KU2013W1SO LP ALL102761.6 
17854W7KHZ2013W7SO LP ALL (T)102661.2 
17855DV1UBY2013DUSO LP ALL (T)100551.0  
17856LA9FFA2011LASO LP ALL99990.7 
17857DU7HF2017DUSO LP ALL96660.5 
17858IK6IHU2017ISO LP ALL90660.8 
17859W7GH2008W7SO LP ALL88441.0W7GH
17860DU7HF2014DUSO LP ALL85750.5 
17861JS1BXH2017JA1SO LP ALL84661.0 
17862IK1GKH2016ISO LP ALL84661.9  
17863JR1UMO2011JA1SO LP ALL84661.4 
17864NS2P2002W2SO LP ALL (T)847724.8  
17865DH1PAL2015DLSO LP ALL81990.5 
17866JH1GTU2016JA1SO LP ALL (T)80552.6 
17867YD0EGA2016YBSO LP ALL (R)80550.3 
17868JI7JIH2015JA7SO LP ALL77773.5 
17869DG4MKG2013DLSO LP ALL77770.7 
17870JA2KCY/12013JA1SO LP ALL77770.2 
17871UA3DCE2017UA-3SO LP ALL75551.0 
17872PY3ZZR2016PYSO LP ALL75551.0 
17873YB0COU2015YBSO LP ALL75550.6 
17874JA0VTK2011JA0SO LP ALL75550.2 
17875I1DXD2017ISO LP ALL72880.9 
17876IZ1MHY2017ISO LP ALL72980.4 
17877RX6AOB2012UA-6SO LP ALL72641.6 
17878AC0OJ2009W0SO LP ALL72980.7 
17879PT8CWA2007PYSO LP ALL726625.1  
17880ZS6/HA3LN2008ZSSO LP ALL70650.5 
17881JE1ILP2017JA1SO LP ALL65651.0 
17882JN1BBO2015JA1SO LP ALL65550.3  
17883ZS4JAN2007ZSSO LP ALL65551.1  
17884S52T2008S5SO LP ALL64880.2 
17885K2HT/02014W0SO LP ALL63990.9 
17886KC7YE2013W7SO LP ALL631191.8 
17887N4WO2008W4SO LP ALL63770.3 
17888UR4FWC2006URSO LP ALL63770.9UT3FW 
17889YB3CC2016YBSO LP ALL60440.7 
17890BH1FCC2014BYSO LP ALL60663.8 
17891LZ1BJ2007LZSO LP ALL606624.5  
17892N4PU2013W4SO LP ALL56771.3N4EWT
17893JQ1PCT2015JA1SO LP ALL55550.9 
17894YO6ADW2015YOSO LP ALL5555  
17895EA2DVR2014EASO LP ALL55550.8 
17896JL1KLK2013JA1SO LP ALL55550.7 
17897JF1WCK2017JA1SO LP ALL541191.4 
17898LY2CG2007LYSO LP ALL54331.0  
17899PU4YJS2017PYSO LP ALL5213137.9 
17900PY2MIA2017PYSO LP ALL48660.3 

Page 179 of 180

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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