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1601K3JHTW3SO LP ALL6,74171632.6  
1602DJ4KWDLSO LP ALL6,67878634.6  
1603K7TRW7SA LP ALL (T)6,49661564.5  
1604OH2LOOHSO LP ALL6,43557554.2  
1605UU2JQURSA HP ALL6,34550477.9  
1606W4ZYTW4SO HP 20M6,288484825.0  
1607DF5AUDLSO LP ALL (T)6,25062504.0  
1608UU2JAURSO LP ALL6,16051445.5  
1609JA1CPZJA1SO LP ALL5,92251429.4  
1610DL9NEIDLSO QRP 10M5,86579699.9  
1611YO7ARYYOSO LP 20M5,83054533.9  
1612JA1XPUJA1SO LP 15M5,78250496.7  
1613SP7BDSSPSO LP ALL5,6106155  
1614OM6TXOMSO LP ALL5,368666126.8  
1615JE1SCJJA1SO LP ALL5,31334331.7  
1616NE6MW6SO QRP 40M5,22049459.7  
1617K8GTW8SO LP ALL5,074454326.3  
1618JA4ETHJA4SO LP 10M4,8365552  
1619JA1BUIJA1SO LP 15M4,79645442.2  
1620KL7FDQ/NO7W7SO QRP ALL4,53961519.7  
1621N4XMXW4SA LP 40M4,515363527.1  
1622OK5SWLOKSO LP 80M4,42950431.5OK2SWD 
1623ON6TJONSO LP 160M4,40051444.4  
1624UT0RMURSO LP ALL4,32042403.4  
1625JJ1BDX/3JA3SA LP ALL4,30542353.1  
1626KI6OYW6SO LP ALL4,224644817.1  
1627PA3CLQPASO HP ALL4,18762535.7  
1628SP7FGASPSO LP 10M4,1508350  
1629K9PLXW9SO LP ALL4,02959516.0  
1630VK3JSVKSO QRP ALL (T)4,028493827.3  
1631W7DRA/7W7SO LP 80M4,02553358.3  
1632IR4RISO LP 10M4,00447446.6IK4ALM 
1633RU0ATRA0SO LP 20M3,97840391.4  
1634RA3XEVUA-3SO QRP 20M3,948504728.4  
1635JA7JHTJA7SO LP ALL3,84431311.0  
1636HB9AYZHBSO QRP ALL3,834615426.5  
1637VE2OWLVE2SO LP ALL3,78035351.6  
1638W3FQEW3SO LP ALL (T)3,77440345.4  
1639YU1IVYUSO LP 15M3,77242418.0  
1640RA1ARUA-1SO HP ALL3,630413011.8  
1641DL4KUGDLSO LP 10M3,60050456.5  
1642JE1COBJA1SO LP ALL3,60046409.1  
1643W6ISQW6SO HP 15M3,5044948  
1644AN3CKXEASO QRP 80M3,45638365.2  
1645N4XPXW4SO LP ALL3,431474725.2N4NTO 
1646UN8FMUNSO LP 15M (T)3,104353226.7  
1647EA1DGGEASO LP ALL2,992343428.8  
1648LY3BSLYSO HP 80M2,888413826.3  
1649PY3KNPYSO LP 10M2,83834333.3  
1650DL2KWWDLSO LP ALL2,822373425.8  
1651K3MZ/4W4SO LP ALL2,79031304.6  
1652JA2FSMJA2SO HP ALL2,784353226.0  
1653JQ2RMAJA2SO LP ALL2,75439345.5  
1654RX3AEXUA-3SO HP 160M2,736403825.5  
1655KX9DXW9SO LP 80M2,680524028.8  
1656PR7FNPYSO LP ALL2,67333338.9  
1657EA4UBEASO LP 15M2,52030305.9  
1658US0YAURSO QRP ALL2,49432292.4  
1659US0QGURSO LP 160M2,2803430  
1660RU0AERA0SO LP 20M2,17529292.1  
1661OZ4OOZSO HP 10M2,142494226.0  
1662UR8RFURSO HP ALL2,13926233.2  
1663PY4PWPYSO QRP 10M2,139313129.8  
1664DJ2YEDLSO LP 10M2,06537351.6  
1665SP1EGNSPSO LP ALL2,04634335.8  
16667J1ABDJA1SO HP ALL1,980303025.2  
1667DK3WWDLSO QRP 10M1,890434225.8  
1668W6VNRW6SO HP 10M1,79427262.5  
1669KG1VW1SO LP 10M1,79427261.1  
1670AE1DW1SO HP ALL1,740353025.4  
1671KN4Y/MW4SO LP 10M1,568383230.3  
1672KY0W/6W6SO HP ALL1,566282724.9W0YK 
1673RN6FKUA-6SO LP ALL1,47224232.0  
1674K3FHW3SA LP ALL1,45026251.2  
1675XE2AUBXESO LP ALL1,44025243.1  
1676IK5OJBISO LP 20M1,30531294.1  
1677RW4LQUA-4SO LP 15M1,24224234.1  
1678RA3XOUA-3SO HP ALL1,197211926.6  
1679UA9MQRRA9SO LP 20M1,18822225.9  
1680RW0ARRA0SO LP 15M1,170272625.5  
1681K5WWW5SO LP 10M (T)1,15521213.9  
1682JF2FIUJA2SO HP ALL1,08020200.8  
1683PU2PTOPYSO LP 10M1,080202025.8  
1684KP4JRSKP4SO LP ALL1,026211925.4  
1685JA1SJRJA1SO LP ALL97618162.1  
1686UA4LYUA-4SO HP ALL901171725.6  
1687RZ9IRRA9SO HP ALL893191924.7  
16887K2PBBJA1SO LP 10M88222213.7  
1689HS5AYOHSSO LP 40M76812120.7  
1690ZS1JYZSSO LP ALL765171728.1  
1691JJ1LRDJA1SO QRP ALL75620182.8  
1692W4OGGW4SO LP ALL7023513  
1693PY2FRWPYSO QRP 10M69717171.8  
1694EA7GVEASO LP ALL68022202.5  
1695RW4HMUA-4SO LP ALL64417144.2  
1696UA3UBTUA-3SO LP ALL640161626.3  
1697K9QHW9SO LP 20M57414142.0  
1698SM6CDGSMSO HP 20M54622212.6  
1699NS2PW2SO LP 20M544161624.9  
1700JA1GYOJA1SO LP 15M496171625.8  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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