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1501DF9ZPDLSO QRP 10M22,848104967.3  
1502SP9NHSPSO LP 10M22,69810497  
1503AD4JW4SO QRP ALL (T)22,654103947.0  
1504SP5ULVSPSO LP ALL22,4379781  
1505PA0LSKPASO LP ALL22,00013111010.0  
1506OK2SGOKSO HP ALL21,924958729.9  
1507RW3VZUA-3SO LP ALL21,888109965.7  
1508AN1CBXEASO LP 10M21,5071371078.3  
1509N9TKW9SO LP ALL21,375112953.4  
1510LY1DTLYSO LP ALL21,2801089527.9  
1511SP3XRSPSO LP ALL21,06010590  
1512OH2TIOHSO HP ALL20,844115108  
1513OK1AOUOKSO LP ALL20,706109102  
1514UY5LQURSO LP 20M20,6461381116.2  
1515SM7ATLSMSO LP 80M20,358114876.0  
1516W9HRW9SO LP 20M20,3158985  
1517UA4CIFUA-4SO LP ALL20,1881101037.6  
1518LY3CYLYSO LP ALL19,584112969.7  
1519IZ8AJQISO QRP ALL19,52299864.2  
1520KI6TW6SO HP ALL19,44090814.7  
1521SM6PVBSMSO LP ALL19,437110933.1  
1522SP7FBQSPSO LP 40M19,210111851.7  
1523EA1WXEASO LP ALL19,0081018826.5  
1524KU6TW6SO LP 40M18,73297849.3  
1525UT1EJURSO LP 20M18,4801121058.1  
1526HB9HQXHBSO LP ALL18,39212288  
1527G6QQGSO LP ALL17,864102887.9  
1528CQ4CECCTSO LP ALL17,47210091  
1529SM5BEUSMSO HP 10M17,10094909.1  
1530DF5AUDLSO HP ALL (T)17,072100886.2  
1531AE4ECW4SO LP ALL17,01097818.8  
1532K3JHTW3SO LP ALL (T)17,01010190  
1533JH7CJMJA7SO LP 10M16,7679181  
1534DL1SANDLSO LP ALL16,54893844.0  
1535W7AYYW7SO HP 15M (T)15,6917771  
1536WA0IYYW0SO LP ALL15,594776927.3  
1537SP5JSZSPSO LP ALL15,47882717.0  
1538E20HHK/6HSSO LP ALL15,19083705.2  
1539EF7AMDEASO LP 10M15,1381028710.4EC7AMD 
1540AF8CW8SA LP ALL15,11174696.7  
1541RA1ACJUA-1SO HP 80M (T)15,09698743.0  
1542YO2BEHYOSO HP 160M14,688100725.8  
1543WA0OTVW0SO LP 15M14,44810186  
1544OZ4RTOZSO LP ALL (R)14,40073728.7  
1545RN6AHUA-6SO LP ALL (T)14,1811078727.4  
1546SP6LVSPSO LP 160M14,04013572  
1547G4OBKGSO HP ALL (T)14,0141009127.8  
1548F2FXFSO LP ALL13,0209860  
1549UN7EXUNSO LP 10M12,9787563  
1550W0RA/5W5SO LP ALL12,95080744.5  
1551W9CMW9SO LP ALL (T)12,9209076  
1552KK1WW1SO LP 15M12,851787129.0  
1553DL5HFDLSO HP ALL12,792918214.7  
1554DK7ANDLSO HP 10M12,7657369  
1555K2CSW2SO QRP 10M12,654777430.8  
1556NT2WW2SO LP ALL12,627806928.4  
1557PA2DGRPASO LP ALL12,312938130.1  
1558EA1AAAEASO HP ALL11,52974639.6  
1559UN7LTUNSO QRP ALL10,944665726.0  
1560SM5HJZSMSO HP 160M10,416766228.8  
1561UA9XCRA9SO LP 10M10,37066614.2  
1562JF5FGYJA5SO LP 15M10,2066363  
1563KE3MXW3SO HP ALL10,1487043  
1564SP2QVSSPSO QRP ALL10,1258265  
1565EA2CREASO LP ALL10,0088272  
1566AN4UBEASO LP ALL9,80470579.6  
1567UT1POURSO QRP 80M9,728766428.3  
1568UA3QIXUA-3SO QRP ALL9,5008676  
1569OE1TKWOESA HP ALL9,39466613.7  
1570WZ2TW2SO QRP ALL9,38773634.2  
1571DJ5OKDLSO QRP ALL9,3848169  
1572YO9DQYOSO LP ALL9,10062503.2  
1573OH3KOK/MOHSO LP ALL9,0887871  
1574KF2OW2SA HP ALL9,02863615.1  
1575YC3MMYBSO QRP 15M8,64056549.5  
1576WD3PW3SO QRP ALL8,56860514.3  
1577SP2FWCSPSO LP 10M8,4946562  
1578LY2GWLYSO LP ALL8,2625554  
1579JA2RPJA2SO HP 15M8,1655454  
1580RW0LZRA0SO HP 10M8,11399619.6  
1581NV0UW0SO QRP ALL7,991676111.7  
1582YO7BBSYOSO LP 15M7,9206260  
1583KM5WRW5SO LP ALL7,60052507.2  
1584YU1ATYUSO HP ALL7,392746625.7  
1585IK3SCBISO LP 15M7,353715727.0  
1586VE4MGVE4SO LP ALL7,2485148  
1587JI1BBNJA1SO LP 15M7,100505026.9  
1588JG1EIQJA1SO QRP ALL7,072705217.5  
1589K5OIW5SO QRP ALL7,040675530.6  
1590YO6EZYOSO QRP 15M6,8605549  
1591DL3JRADLSO HP ALL6,84464594.0  
1592SP9WUMSPSO LP ALL6,84054454.2  
1593N0IBTW0SO QRP ALL6,69667545.6  
1594W4NZW4SO LP ALL6,66450491.0  
1595JA6BWH/3JA3SO LP ALL6,6445744  
15967K2GMJJA1SO LP 15M6,60064556.7  
1597YO2AQBYOSO LP 160M6,5914339  
1598CT1FNTCTSO LP 10M6,5796551  
1599AD6ZW6SO LP ALL (T)6,3648574  
1600N2WKSW2SO LP ALL (T)6,33648482.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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