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1401W7/JR1NKNW7SO QRP 15M26,795152115  
1402DL8UFODLSO HP ALL26,69510995  
1403N6EEW6SA HP ALL (T)26,67510897  
1404JE9RROJA9SO LP 15M26,57210691  
1405PR2CWPYSO HP ALL25,97210086PY2GG 
1406OK2BJTOKSO HP 10M25,584116104  
1407JA1WHGJA1SO LP ALL25,57110091  
1408UN4PGUNSO LP 40M25,5687368  
1409JA1JSVJA1SO LP ALL (T)25,4878377  
1410N0UUW0SO LP ALL25,38210698  
1411SP3FARSPSO LP ALL25,30010092  
1412YU7SFYUSO LP 10M25,132115103  
1413I5OQVISO LP 20M24,428134124  
1414JJ4PPKJA4SO HP ALL24,3199383  
1415IK5RLSISO HP ALL23,58410088  
1416K6ROW6SO LP ALL23,38711591  
1417EA7CAEASO LP ALL23,2058576  
1418HA0GKHASO QRP 10M22,98910797  
1419WA6FGVW6SO QRP 10M22,700122100  
1420JN7OJAJA7SO HP ALL21,9839389  
1421OH3BUOHSO HP 160M (T)21,78011590  
1422LZ4BULZSO LP ALL21,7569884  
1423ON4CASONSO LP ALL21,71610089  
1424EA1BAEEASO HP ALL21,614129107  
1425W6MILW6SO LP ALL21,28510999WF6O 
1426AF8CW8SO HP 15M21,2449486  
1427W4OGGW4SO HP ALL21,12010080  
1428T92ME7SO LP 10M20,93010791  
1429JA1GSJA1SO HP 20M20,80012364  
1430SP4TBMSPSO QRP ALL20,70010092  
1431UA4PTUA-4SO LP ALL20,6369177  
1432K0OALW0SO LP ALL20,41211263  
1433DL6UAADLSO LP ALL20,2519577  
1434VE2FFEVE2SO LP ALL20,0769484  
1435RA6ARUA-6SO LP ALL19,86610486  
1436RX3APUA-3SO HP 40M19,53610288  
1437KU6TW6SO LP 40M19,14010187  
1438K6ETM/4W4SO LP ALL19,1069082  
1439K1VSJW1SO LP 15M18,87910193  
1440HB9AYZHBSO QRP ALL18,69010889  
1441YL2KFYLSO HP ALL18,62010495  
1442JA1PSJA1SO LP 10M18,45013082  
1443AK9YW9SO LP ALL (T)18,3208480  
1444T94YTE7SO LP 160M18,17011179  
1445LZ3ABLZSO HP ALL17,9209780  
1446JA1NLXJA1SO LP 10M17,7399081  
1447OK1ANSOKSO LP 40M17,71610386  
1448OK1FTWOKSO HP ALL17,6869474  
1449S51US5SO LP 15M17,46011097  
1450SP5FKWSPSO QRP ALL17,42510885  
14519A3GU9ASO QRP 10M17,42411199  
1452SP3JSPSO QRP 80M16,74810979SP3NGB 
1453K4WWW4SO LP 40M16,5907070  
1454SP2FWCSPSO LP ALL16,4788677  
1455PT2HOPYSO HP 80M16,4165957  
1456ZZ4WASPYSO QRP ALL16,1177671  
1457JR1UMOJA1SO LP 15M16,0937777  
1458OE1BKAOESO LP ALL16,0009280  
1459OH7DKOHSO LP ALL15,7478787  
1460JJ1RMV/6JA6SO LP 20M15,4667974  
1461KA8NRC/TW8SO QRP 15M15,3928374  
1462K9CJW9SO LP 40M (T)15,3406059  
1463DK5ZXDLSO LP ALL15,0898979  
1464PA3BEJPASO LP ALL14,90410092  
1465JA2FSMJA2SO HP ALL14,6887668  
1466SP4TKOSPSO LP ALL14,62510275  
1467SM0GYXSMSO LP 20M13,84610186  
1468K0COPW0SO LP ALL13,72510075  
1469SP3MEPSPSO LP 15M13,45210359  
1470SP9LASSPSO HP ALL13,4407160  
1471KC6AWXW6SO LP ALL13,2448477  
1472UU2JZURSO HP ALL13,1327467  
1473SQ9DXNSPSO LP ALL12,9208276  
1474JA9KUGJA9SO LP ALL (T)12,7056454  
1475UA9OSVRA9SO LP 15M12,4448168  
1476PA0JEDPASO LP 10M12,3759075  
14779A3ZG9ASO LP ALL12,31210081  
1478EA7AGWEASA HP 80M12,0907565  
1479HL5APHLSO LP 10M12,04512373  
1480OH1UPOHSO LP 15M12,0327064  
1481AD6ZW6SO LP ALL11,61610088  
1482AD8J/3W3SO LP 40M11,3165046  
1483YO2AQBYOSO LP 10M11,1728576  
1484ZS5RONZSSO LP ALL10,9766156  
1485JA2VQFJA2SO HP 10M10,9488068  
1486RU9UGRA9SO LP 10M10,8996663  
1487SQ8BGJSPSO LP 20M10,85710177  
1488JA5CDLJA5SO QRP 40M10,6706355  
1489WP4LNYKP4SO LP ALL10,2606360  
1490W8AEF/7W7SO HP 80M9,9008066  
1491W8IDMW8SO LP ALL9,8585353  
1492JJ2TKXJA2SO LP ALL9,8046357  
1493AK7OW7SO LP ALL9,7769052  
1494IZ2DAYISO LP ALL (R)9,6758575  
1495W7AYYW7SO HP 15M9,5205756  
1496F5NLXFSO LP ALL9,48710553  
1497UR4IIIURSO LP 160M9,4387366  
14988J1RLKC4SO LP 15M9,3965854JA9BOH 
1499OK2ZVOKSO LP 160M9,3947361  
1500UR5EITURSO LP ALL9,370136123  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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